Troy McQaugge Crowned the Most Innovative CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc., is the Gold Winner in the One Planet’s CEO of the Year Award. The prestigious award is a highly reputed award that honors business leaders across the world for their professional and business excellence. Business from all over including private and public the world big, small, for profit, nonprofit, and new startups are eligible to participate.


Troy McQaugge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. It didn’t take him long to make the first step towards accomplishing his successful career at the firm. Rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency was the first step towards success that Troy took immediately after joining USHEATH Group.


After successful restructuring the distribution agency, in 2014, Troy McQaugge was promoted to serve as the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, the organization has achieved significant milestones as well as strengthening its position in the highly competitive health insurance industry.


Troy expressed his gratitude for being honored with the celebrated industry award. He further dedicated the award to the entire team of USHEALTH Group suggesting that receiving the award is as a result of the company’s cumulative efforts. He further stated that winning the award is a manifestation of the company’s commitment towards ensuring affordable healthcare solution to their clients.


One Planet Awards


One Planet Awards is a coveted award that honors companies for their professional and business excellence. The categories honored by the award have been evolving. Currently, One Planet Award recognizes teams, new products, and services, executives, PR, corporate communications, marketing and enterprises from all over the globe.

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Who is Troy McQaugge?


Troy McQaugge is a decorated entrepreneur and corporate executive. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The Panama City, Florida born entrepreneur resides in Coppell, Texas. Since joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, he has managed to turn things around achieving remarkable success. He is honored for his ability to turn USHEALTH Advisors into the largest captive sales company in the Under 65 health insurance market.


Troy McQaugge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. Before joining USHEALTH Group, Troy McQaugge has worked for several other firms. His career began in 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance. He later moved to UICI/Health Market in 1995 before joining USHEALTH Group in 2010. Troy has over 30 years of experience in the health insurance sales where he has spent a bigger part of his career. He is highly experienced in health insurance, leadership and term life insurance.

Don Ressler Launches JustFab in 2010 With Fashion And More

When JustFab has launched, a new way of shopping for clothes was born. Also, a lot of customers were given hope that they can dress in ways that are stylish. One thing that customers have been faced with for a long time was the fact that a lot of the stylish clothes that they see celebrities wear were out of their reach. For one thing, they were very expensive. Another thing is that a lot of the items are not available in every market. Therefore, customers are often stuck with clothes that they find to be boring and bland. Fortunately, the internet and JustFab has changed things.


When Don Ressler launched JustFab for his customers, he has sought to provide people with more than just clothes. He has also wanted to provide tips to customers that are interested in upgrading their style. Among the tips they were given were on how to find the right size through the internet. They were also given tips on how to care for their clothes and make them last longer. JustFab has started off with a wide variety of people on their team. For one thing, Don Ressler has consulted people from all areas of the world of fashion for his team.


Among the people that he has gained for his team are fashion experts and stylists. They are very eager to provide advice to the customers on what they can do in order to make sure that they are getting the styles that they want. Customers get to learn about all of the different types of fits and how to dress for the body type. One thing that they will learn is that one can actually influence the image of their body with the clothes they wear. This is one of the pieces of information that experts are willing to share with customers.


There is a lot of content that is available on the TechStyle website that allows people to understand not only how fashion works in general but how it works for them. Customers can learn how to get the effect they want through their wardrobe.

The Skills And Background That Led To Brian Bonar’s Professional Career

Brian Bonar is the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp. He is in a position to supervise the company’s activities including employee and employer benefits and aftermarket goods. The company specializes in providing employee products to increase business productivity. This includes employee benefits, risk management insurance, business and promotional management services and financial management.Brian Bonar is additionally the CEO for Imaging Technologies Corporation. The company develops software for color management and digital imaging hardware. His leadership has transformed the company into a successful marketing organization. Through his knowledgeable acquisitions the company has expanded their marketing of services and products.Brian Bonar’s background in financial leadership has made his career path solid. His success is a combination of his ideologies and personal traits and his flexibility has made him invaluable to the firms he has led.

Prior to serving ITEC, Brian Bonar was the secretary, treasurer, director, CFO and CEO of Trucept Incorporated. He has worked for a laser printing operation in San Jose called Adaptec Incorporated. He worked for the Rastek Corporation in the Sales and Marketing Department as their Vice President. He spent time with QMS as their Executive Director of Engineering and worked for IBM Limited in the United Kingdom for 17 years.Brian Bonar has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University and has become an exceptional business consultant. He is highly skilled in strategies for sales and marketing, lead generation, mergers, acquisitions, locating venture capital and process improvement.Brian Bonar began his career as a procurement manager at IBM. He was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for personal computers. He next worked for QMS for four years and managed a team of 100 engineers in the field of hardware and software development. He moved to Rastek in 1989 and helped in the sales and marketing of printing technology worldwide.

After he went to work for Rastek he worked with Japanese and Asian printer manufacturers.About a year later Brian Bonar went out on him own. He founded Bezier Systems in 1994 with his experience in the printing segment and created the first SCSI based printer. One year later he was working with the Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers. He continued for four years and then went to work for Allegiant Professional Business Services. As the company’s president he made improvements in their sales and marketing.Brian Bonar founded and aided in the management of AMS Outsourcing in San Diego, California. He additionally held the position of CEO for Dalrada Financial Services which he had founded back in 1999. Brian Bonar increased his responsibilities in 2011 when he went to work for Trucept as their CEO and Chairman. The company provides temporary staffing and insurance products for companies located in San Diego.

Fighting the War on Drugs with Securus Technologies

My job as a corrections officer in a very crowded jail is dangerous enough with adding drugs into that volatile mix. Each day we are trying our best to keep drugs from getting to the inmates, because even the most calm inmate can become difficult to handle when under the influence. We have a few ways that we attack this problem head on in an effort to win this war on drugs inside our prison.


We begin each day like always, setting up in the visitor center so we can carefully screen visitors and inmates. This is a very important procedure because it is the only place where the inmates get to interact so closely with people outside the jail. If we do not have our heads on a swivel, things could easily change hands all day long. Even after the visit, we search each inmate to make certain they are clean.


Some days we try to surprise inmates with surprise cell inspections, but they always seem to be just one step ahead of our efforts. When we discovered that Securus Technologies was installing a new updated version of our inmate call monitoring system, we realized quickly that we had yet another resource for uncovering drugs inside the jail.


Securus Technologies is in over two thousand jails around the country, and the company objective is making our world safe, something we can all rally around. Soon after listening to calls, we heard conversations about inmates hiding drugs inside the cells. There was one call where an inmate talked about putting drugs in the yard so he wasn’t responsible for them in his cell. One call revealed exactly who was being asked to bring the drugs to the facility, and which inmates were taking the drugs and selling them to other inmates.


The Outstanding Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a renowned professional in the Brazilian financial industry. He has specialized in offering guidance to businesses such as public and private companies, start-ups, multi-billion organizations, and private equity funds. The primary fields that Audi has qualified in include business planning, financial management, controllership and decision support, investor relations, fundraising, IPO, and resource management. He is a financial advisor who is dedicated to his work.

Apart from his success in the finance, Cassio is a renowned musician in Brazil. He started off in the mid-1980s by being a drummer for a top metal band that was called Viper. Audi left the band in 1989. During his time at Viper, he wrote a song that was featured in the Soldiers of Sunrise Album. Cassio was celebrated by heavy metal fans for his outstanding drumming skills. He is among the people who helped in popularizing heavy metal in Latin America. The drummer was recruited by Viper during his teenage years, and he played for it for nine years. Cassio left the band after his finance career had blossomed, and he had to focus.

Audi was a major contributor to the growth of the Viper band during its first years. He was featured in the recording of the group’s demos and the first two albums. His last contribution was in the Soldiers of Sunrise album, which was launched less than one year before he quit. Cassio’s music career was inspired by a heavy metal band in Britain that was called Iron Maiden. The Viper band released good music, and they were praised in Brazil for their excellent skills and talent. Their first album was loved by most metal fans in the country. Soldier of Sunrise has been one of the most popular albums since the late 1980s. Audi is currently not an active musician, but he still loves singing.

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Lime Crime: A Cruelty-Free makeup brand out of LA

Lime Crime, started by Doe Deere in Los Angeles, California is a young, online makeup brand that sells brightly colored cosmetics to customers globally. Started in 2008, the company was initially created because its founder had a difficult time trying to find makeup products to match up with her one-of-a-kind fashion sense. Despite its young age, the brand boasts that it started the liquid lipstick trend that has since influenced others in the beauty aficionados.


Lime Crime produces a range of beauty products from lipsticks, lip glosses and highlighters. The latter is makeup that can be brushed on to the eyebrows, cheeks, or other parts of the face. They also sell hair color and nail polish and makeup brushes (called Aquarium brushes, complete with handles filled with glitter). The brushes can be used for many makeup application needs as they include eyebrow, shadow blender, pencil, angled brow, fan, lip, and powder brushes.


Lime Crime is very clear on its stance regarding use of animals in its products. Its beauty products and accessories are not tested on animals (cruelty-free), nor do they contain animal products(vegan). The makeup has been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program as well as PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


It should be noted that cruelty-free and vegan products are unique, unregulated terms. Products labelled as vegan have no animal products in them. Therefore, they are free from beeswax, collagen, albumen and other ingredients that one might find in cosmetics or health products labelled as natural. Cruelty-free cosmetics are those in which the final products have not been tested on any animals. However, intermediate products may have gone through animal testing. Additionally, due to the laws in which a particular product was made or developed, it may be required that a product be tested on animals. Since neither vegan nor cruelty-free are FDA regulated terms consumers should look for certain labels to ensure their product is free from animal products and cruelty. These include labels showing that the product has been certified by The Vegan Society, Vegan Action or PETA.





Cruelty-free vs. Vegan





Water, Concessions and More

To comment on any indexes that factor quality among numbers of private or public companies, Brazil represents satisfactory performance among the greater population. Carlos Edison makes this fact clear in a recent interview with the Brazilian press. The precise nature of the administration is not as important as its organizational efficiency, and that is the point altogether. As a manager of any popular institute can believe, motivational operation and chosen utility must always relevantly factor into alignment with the needs of the particular population in demand. In this case, it’s Brazil and its government.


Numerous costs were listed that deserve proper observation in their course, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, the interviewee. Favoring implemented partnerships through concessions is important to keep clear goals in mind when drafting any proper solution as is the importance of adopting inspections by public agencies in a proper and timely manner. Representative Edison considers government review activity as no less important than activities performed during any concession, make making notes that any top Brazilian leader should keep in mind, especially in days to come.


Felipe Montoro Jens, a true expert in wastewater management systems and solutions, has nearly seen it all. He has lived in Brazil his entire life and lived to tell many a tale. He has seen good waste levels and bad ones as well.


Jens has also assisted numerous growth sector initiatives in his lifetime. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in management and has only furthered both his education and his experiences ever since, leading him to the top executive management role that he holds today. He is proud of his current standing but also claims that there is always more to learn in this life and that he is only beginning. Such a level of humility distinguishes him from the competition.

ClassDojo Is Building Bridges


Education helps lay the frame work for who our children will be as the transition into adulthood. It helps shape their goals and dreams, and also has a significant effect of the way they view themselves. Because education plays such an important role in a child’s development, parental involvement is of extreme importance. Most children place priority in making their parents proud. School is not an opportunity for growth, but a time for students to show themselves and their families what they know. In an ideal world, parents would have schedules that allow them to be hands on as it pertains to their child’s education, but that world is non existent and being present during the school day seems nearly impossible for most families.

When education enthusiast Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary stepped back to take a look at today’s classrooms, they saw much room for improvement. Of the many obstacles educators face, there seemed to be a fireproof barrier between parents and the classroom. Because of conflicting schedules and lifestyles, it is not always possible for parents to be as hands on as they may desire. Understanding the importance of partnerships between parents and the classroom, Don and Chaudhary began working on a plan to knock down that barrier.

Riding the wave of the recent technology boom, the young entrepreneurs built an interactive communication app for teachers and parents. Much like today’s mo popular social media sites, users have the option to upload, share and comment on school work and projects. Parents will now have access to their child’s classroom though the convenience of tablets and mobile phones. This not only opens the door for communication between parents and the classroom, but also gives students a chance to share their achievements with their parents. These accomplishments are often overlooked or simply forgotten about, and other achievements made throughout the school day can get lost in the shuffle of the evening rush. ClassDojo bridges the gap between parents and teachers, bringing them on step closer to the classroom.

UKV PLC investment grade wine company

Wine is a product that will never be out of style. This makes is a good product to invest in. UKV PLC is a company in the United Kingdom that focuses on delivering an exceptional services and guidance to clients who wish to purchase high quality labels. They are committed to providing prestigious labels from the best vineyards worldwide including Italy and Spain. They not only sell to people who buy purely for pleasure but also to those who aim at selling them in future for financial gain.

UKV PLC are specialists in this industry and offer a wide variety of wines. They carry wine from the Bordeaux region in France and also Burgundy wine. Their wine is obtained from valuable sources. For those who love experimenting with different varieties of these products, UKV PLC is the place to make an investment. This is because of their ability to provide very many different types.With the advances in technology today, it is possible to access this company from wherever location in the world. They are well advertised on social media and also have web pages that are very helpful when it comes to customer care services. This company has a team of advisors that are available full time. They contact clients personally or through emails. Any questions posted on social media get answered and any advice needed is normally provided.

There are several benefits associated with contracting with UKV PLC. For example, wine being a tangible product, it will require storage space. UKV PLC provides a convenient warehouse for the wine collection to be stored. This is a big advantage to the customers as they are saved the trouble of looking for storage means. The other advantage is that it is possible to avoid speculations by consulting with a wine consultant. The company offers advice that will help investors make the right choices based on the conditions in the market at that moment.This list is not exhaustive. There are many other benefits including experiencing excellent quality of wine, getting 12-15% return of investments among others. UKV PLC has made the investment process much easier and enjoyable. Follow them on Twitter :

Cassio Audi the 80’s Musician

Cassio Audi is a professional in Brazil’s financial sector. He has operated in this industry with much success as clients and employers can testify. His advice on investments and growth in the private sector has helped many a client.

Musically Inclined

Although Cassio Audi has made a name for himself in the financial sector in Brazil, his career trajectory would have been different. Cassio, as a young man, was a drummer for a music group: Viper. Together with his friends, they had started the band in the early 80s. Cassio was in the band for a time, playing drums and contributing to other band matters. Together, they made music before Cassio decided to pursue other things.

Cassio left Viper in 1989, opting instead to go to college. He went to Sao Paulo’s ‘Pontifical Catholic University’. Here he graduated with a BA degree in 1994. In a bid to gain competitive advantage, he decided to get a masters degree at ‘The State University’.

Viper the Band

Viper was a rock band that had its time in the sun during the 80s. Their first album was such a success that they were catapulted to stardom. Unfortunately, Cassio was not with the band at this time to bask in the glory of their music. He had already joint University. Even though Cassio was missed terribly in the band, the individual talent of members was still a marvel.

The original members of the group were: Pit Passarell and Andre Machado. Other members were Yves Passarell and Felipe Machado. Of course Cassio Audi was also a founding member of the group. The group drew inspiration from Iron Maiden, a sensational music group of their time.


Viper’s ‘first demo recording’ was done in 1985 when Cassio Audi was still a member. The title was Killer Sword. The actual first album came shortly after Cassio had left for university. It was titled ‘Killera Sword. This album was received well: 4 star rating.