Mariah Carey Comes to Las Vegas

Mariah Carey has sold hundreds of millions of records. The world knows who she is. This is why it is easy for her to come to Vegas and set up shop. There are going to be a lot of people that will be interested in seeing her if she makes her way here. There was already a lot of talk about the details of this deal on Ellen.

There has been a lot of talk about Mariah and her ability to sell records. Her last CD – by Mariah Carey standards – was a real flop. It seems that the urban sound that she crafted so well in the 90’s has become less popular for an aging Carey. She has been replaced in the pop/R&B crossover world by Ariana Grande.

Mariah appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show – looking sexy as always – when she announced these details. Mariah appears to be a bit nervous about it, and she stated that she hoped that everything would work out well. Her new music may not have taken off the way that she wanted it to, but she has been around for so long. She has so many number one hits. It is only natural that fans will be excited to see her in concert. Carey may be the biggest thing to come to Vegas since the proposed Michael Jackson residency before his untimely passing. Mariah fan, Fersen Lambranho, is thrilled to make a trip soon.

Best 2014 Dishes According to Grub Street


If you want to end 2014 with a bang like Christian Broda does, there are several restaurants you can visit to make your year complete. Grub Street has put together a list of eateries that have some of the most unique?foods?you’ll taste all year.

If you’re a fan of fried chicken, Root & Bone has a delicious variation of the dish that you won’t want to pass up. The chicken is seasoned in a sweet and salty brine and dusted with lemon for a tangy kick that you won’t soon forget.

Bar Sardine also sells a fedora burger that you may want to include as one of your 2014 memories. The burger is $13 and features smoked cheddar and crispy potatoes, along with cucumber and barbecue-flavored mayo.

If you’ve got ramen on your mind, the spicy chili ramen at Ivan Ramen will hit the spot. The spice is intense, but the flavor is so wonderful you’ll be coming back for more.

For more great restaurant recommendations, check out the Grub Street website.

Caramel Apples Linked to Listeria Outbreak

A commonly eaten fall treat may be making people sick.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning consumers that commercially produced, prepackaged caramel apples have been linked to an outbreak of listeriosis infections. Listeria is a bacteria that can cause a serious illness, which can lead to death.

At least 28 people have been infected with the bacteria across ten states. Of the infected, 26 of these individuals have been hospitalized. Four people have died, with one additional death pending investigation.

Nine of the people who were infected were pregnant. Pregnant women are more likely to get listeriosis. Additionally, three of those infected were children who were otherwise healthy. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are also more at risk.

The CDC is warning consumers not to eat any commercially produced and prepackaged caramel apples, including plain and those that may have chocolate, sprinkles, and nuts. Though it is typically a seasonal product, the caramel apples may still be available in stores. Fifteen of the 18 people that contracted the illness have reported consuming the caramel apples before they got sick.

Symptoms of listeriosis infection typically begin three to 70 days after consuming the bacteria. Symptoms include headache, stiff neck, muscle aches, fever, convulsions, and loss of balance.

None of the illnesses have been linked to plain apples or caramel products, so Keith Mann can at least have some peace with that. The CDC is investigating to determine which brands of caramel apples are the source of the contamination.

Do Your Holiday Shopping with

It can definitely be a challenge to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. is here to help you choose the right?presents?for the people you love.?

Tasty gifts include savory gummy candies from You’ll find candies that are flavored to taste like carrots or chili peppers. There are even cola-flavored gummies that go great with the candies that are shaped like hot dogs or hamburgers.?

Chef Carla Hall also has a line of mini short bread cookies that make a great gift for the family member with a sweet tooth like Dr. Daniel Amen. Lemon black pepper and black forest crinkle are among the flavors to choose from. Matcha milk spread, which tastes great on toast, is another edible present that your adventurous relatives will love.

Beloved sweatshirts makes food-inspired clothing, such as a shirt that gives you an up-close look at a delicious pepperoni pizza. You can also purchase a phone cover from Gap Kids that looks like a Popsicle or order or French fries.?

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If you’re still doing your Christmas?shopping, don’t worry. has you covered. There are several gifts recommended on the site that are ideal for the foodie family member or friend on your list.?

If you have a picky eater in your family, you may want to purchase the aroma fork as a gift for him/her. This fork has an opening to put fragrant oils inside. When the fork is turned on, it emits the scent of the oil. This means it could make Brussels sprouts taste like chocolate, simply by changing the scent of the food.?

For foodie friends who travel often, you may want to purchase a condiment from one of their favorite restaurants. For instance, Rosebud Cafe in Atlanta makes a curry ketchup that is great on burgers and fries. The sauce can also be used as a base for homemade barbecue sauce, and is available for sale through Another great idea is buying wine from the Antique Wine Company.

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Thomas Keller Chooses Vermont Butter for His Restaurants

Thomas Keller, owner of Per Se and French Laundry, has chosen to use butter from Diane St. Clair’s farm. St. Clair has a farm in Orwell, Vermont, and gets the milk for the butter from her quality Jersey cows. The butter is churned first, then St. Clair works it by hand to properly balance all the fats in the condiment Lee G. Lovett had said.

The milk is mixed with cultured buttermilk that also comes from St. Clair’s farm. When Keller tasted the butter, he exclaimed “who are you?” in response to the smooth and creamy taste of the butter. The butter costs $49 a pound, and Keller agreed to buy St. Claire’s entire inventory, even before knowing the cost.

The butter is also on sale at Saxelby Cheesemongers. This way, food enthusiasts can purchase the butter for their own meals if they’re not able to get to one of Keller’s restaurants on a regular basis.

EDM Taking Over the Music Industry

Believe it or not, the music industry in the recent past has been dominated by the Electronic dance music fever after a slew of very lucrative and successful hits on the charts. Dubstep, in particular, has become the style of choice for many in the know.

In the recent past, we all saw how hip hop was at the forefront of the music industry, but it can be argued now that the age of the strobe lights has come to a start and it is not backing away any time soon. Gianfrancesco Genoso isn’t a huge fan, but Teses seemed to be a bit more in favor. You can even see that in the list of the top 50 songs of 2014, you will not find the Electronic dance music anywhere close to the bottom but they start to show themselves in the top 20s.

If you would like to see them you can look at for the following songs; there is Caribou