The “Bootiful” Halloween Makeup Options from Lime Crime

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to amp up your makeup selections for a “bootiful” -er- beautiful October! So where will you get some ghoultastic and spooktacular makeup? You could always check out Lime Crime Makeup! With it’s highly pigmented colors and myriad of lip colors Lime Crime is almost a given place to start to shop for some great Halloween makeup to makeup your October that much more fangtastic.

New Lime Crime Fall Makeup
Lime Crime’s newest makeup additions for the fall time are two new Velvetines lip colors. Lime Crime’s Velvetines are one of a kind lip colors that go from liquid to a matte finish. Jinx -also called Witchberry Purple- is one new Velvetines lipstick from Lime Crime. It’s deep purple color is perfection for a witchy Halloween vibe. The other new Velvetines lip color was Squash -also titled Glow Stick Orange- that has a lovely squash or pumpkin-ish hue to it. It too would be amazing for Halloween. Each of these lip colors would be great paired a full Halloween costume or just with plain clothes or party clothes. No matter the outfit they will give off a haunting Halloween feel.

Special Mentions for Halloween Makeup from Lime Crime
Of course Lime Crime has many, many other lip colors, eye makeup and nail polishes to select from to get nearly any Halloween costume looking marvelous. We’ll note a few special mentions, but it definitely is worth checking out the Lime Crime website to find the perfect makeup colors for your needs of course.

In the famous Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick there is a shade called Poisonberry that has just the right amount of purple and brightness to fit a witch or vampire costume marvelously. Velvetines also have an on point brown lip color titled Salem and a black lip color called Black Velvet that would fitting spook the all Hallow’s Eve night air.

Lime Crime’s many different colors of their glitter -dubbed Zodiac glitter- would also be all the rage at any Halloween party. Just remember to use a bit of the Lime Crime Glitter Helper to help hold it in place.

The Makeup Genius Behind Lime Crime
So who is the makeup genius behind Lime Crime makeup and the myriad of colors that would rock so well for your Halloween? Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Makeup Company. She was born as Xenia Vorotova in Russia. Doe Deere is actually a stage name she created for a disco-pop project she was working on in 2007 and the name stuck as another moniker for her. She grew up in New York City and moved to Los Angeles as an adult. She still resides there with her husband and cats. Along with being the CEO of Lime Crime, Youtube Star Doe Deere is also a model and a musician. She enjoys giving her “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” motivational speech at the PHAMexpo in Los Angeles to inspire future female entrepreneurs.

Purina Can Make A Huge Difference In The Life Of A Pet

Purina Petcare is a brand that has been showing its care for pets since the very beginning. Since first starting up, this brand has made it a point to show to pet owners that it wants their pets to be as healthy as possible. The brand on Purina news has proven to pet owners that choosing the right brand of food for their pets is very important, and many people have come to start using solely this brand because of that. They feel that when they purchase products from this brand alone they are doing what is best for the health of their pet.

It’s a good thing for every pet owner out there to be able to feel that they can trust one company or another when it comes to the products that they are purchasing for their pet. It’s great for people to see Purina Petcare and what it is doing, and for them to feel great about it. There is so much that can go wrong when someone picks up some pet food from a brand that just does no care about what is put into it, and that is why every pet owner that truly cares for their pet is going to want to go with the same, good brand every time that they go out to the store to make a purchase.

There are many ways that pet owners can go wrong when they are purchasing food for their pets, but there is also a way that they can do things right. Pet owners can make an easy choice of their pets when they choose Purina Petcare. It is a choice that will not make them have to do any more work or put in any more effort than they would otherwise, but it is still a choice that will make a huge difference in the life of their pet.

Deere Helps Others To Be Individuals

There are many of us out there who struggle with being ourselves. That’s because society is constantly telling us that we should fit in. Society tells us what we should wear, how we should act, and what we should be like. With all those messages coming from all forms of media, it’s hard to be ourselves. Sometimes, we just need a little reassurance that it’s okay for us to be a unique individual. Doe Deere is a woman who provides that reassurance.

At first glance, many would commend Doe Deere for her unique look while others might judge her. She is what she is, though. Doe Deere is an individual and she’s proud of it. She marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t buy into how others say she should act or what she should look like. Doe Deere likes to make big and bold statements with her makeup because that is who she is. Doe Deere likes to rock bright colors. Normally, she is seen with bright colored hair and matching lipstick or eye. Deere loves makeup. She has discovered the unique power that makeup has.

Deere has her own makeup line because she feels that everyone should be able to express themselves the way that they want. Her makeup line is called Lime Crime makeup. Simply put, it’s makeup for unicorns! Her makeup line literally offers something for everyone. There is glitter eye shadow and every shade of lipstick that a person could imagine! Of course, if a person doesn’t want to make as big and bold of a statement as Deere, there are other options. Deere sells softer colors of foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and more. Her makeup is both for boys and girls. She doesn’t discriminate! Her makeup is produced with care and it’s all animal friendly! This is because Deere cares about animal rights. She makes her makeup vegan friendly because she understands just how important this is for herself and others.

Deere understands the power of hard work. Makeup wasn’t her first choice in career path but that’s what it turned out to be. It’s a wonderful thing because she’s so passionate about makeup and helping others to express themselves. Deere created her business from the bottom up. Therefore, she’s very humble. Deere helps others who hope to start up a business. Deere is always ready to offer advice about her success.

Overall, Deere is a unique individual that makes a statement. She really cares about being unique and magical. Not only is her makeup stylish but her clothes are as well. Deere knows how to rock the whole package while being herself. She’s truly an inspiration to all of those out there who hope to make a statement with their makeup.

Shaygan Kheradpir Combines Technological Knowhow With Business Sense

Each time we make a call using the latest mobile device or make an Online payment using a mobile banking system we owe a debt of gratitude to the former Verizon and GTE Labs technology expert Shaygan Kheradpir. The developer of many of the latest and greatest technologies used in many different forms of mobile devices and banking, Kheradpir is a name that should be on the lips of the many people who enjoy the technologies he has had a hand in creating. The work completed by Shaygan Kheradpir at Barclays and Verizon has made a huge change in the way people conduct business in the 21st century via Online platforms.

Shaygan Kheradpir looks upon the world with an international perspective, which is largely due to the fact he spent his childhood and years in education in various parts of the world. The leader in many different forms of technology was born in London, U.K., spent his formative years in Iran and completed his education in the U.S. After completing his college years at Cornell University, Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet was quickly identified by GTE Labs and its burgeoning mobile devices business as a leader for the future. At GTE Labs the first steps were taken in the career of the Doctor of Electrical Engineering and his role in creating new technologies was defined.

In his early work with GTE Labs, Shaygan Kheradpir had already made something of a splash for his management style and attitude towards negotiating for the cheapest contracts with suppliers. After Verizon and GTE merged together the role Kheradpir would play was expanded to include his work as the head of the research and development department at the company. As the mobile device and wireless networking became ever more popular, Shaygan Kheradpir introduced a number of policies at the company, which included the need for a brief 30 day prototype testing period that allowed the small research teams working under him to stay within specified budgets.

As the Verizon group continued to grow into one of the largest in the U.S. technology industry, Shaygan Kheradpir’s role also grew and his innovations allowed for a drastic cut in the costs for information technology within the company. Other industries and institutions began to take an interest in Kheradpir, which eventually led to his move to the Barclays banking group. This move saw the innovations continue to be developed by the executive and his research team, this time to include the creation of the Pingit mobile payments software. The work of the first technology executive to sit on the board of Barclays allowed the different offices of the banking giant around the world to be linked for an easier movement of funds.

Susan McGalla, Consultant, and the Pathways of Businesswomen

The businesswoman in today’s society has a wall of politics, gender discrimination and not receiving the proper attention and promotions for their efforts. The corporate world has built-in glass ceilings that the businesswomen are slowly but surely bringing down. Many women entrepreneurs are following their dreams and starting their own business, so they don’t have to fight the corporate rat race.

The Workforce is Expanding

Studies show that by 2018, females will own and manage over half of all small businesses and they know that their time has come. Whether a female is in the business world or starting a business of her own, it requires an independent streak and complete commitment to show the business world that women are not quitters, and they will rise to the top.

A Successful Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman who worked her way up the corporate ladder to president of American Eagle Outfitters. After attending the University of Pittsburgh, she was hired in marketing management. American Eagle was predominantly male when Susan came on board, but that wasn’t a concern for her because she had brothers

It wasn’t long before she had been in every management position in the company. Ms. Susan McGalla was dedicated to her position, and she stayed out of company politics. She kept focused on her work and was always judged on that. This is a major step in her strategic plans for success.

Suggestions for Success

There is a flood of suggestions for women who want to advance in their careers, but Ms. Galla keeps it simple. Susan left American Eagle in 2010, and with the experience and knowledge she had acquired from her career in the corporate world, she founded the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This is the consulting firm where she uses her skills and talents as an expert consultant sharing with her clients on subjects such as branding, marketing, talent management and operational efficiencies.

Susan finds that her approach to success is one that every businesswoman can use on the pathway to success. She is invited to speak regularly at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, and she uses them daily in her firm.

Ms. McGalla has always centered her attention on her work leaving all the gender issues and other discriminations aside. She says that by being excellent in what you do, you will gain the recognition for your work and not for being a woman. It is difficult to ignore someone who is advancing the company with their actions, so be that person says Susan McGalla.

The Wonder that is Skout Organic, Proud to be a Portland Organic Food Company

There is quite a lot of hype floating around the internet about Organic Food Companies and how healthy their products are. I would like to point you to Skout Organic. We were created and inspired by the great Pacific Northwest. Many consider the Pacific Northwest to be one of the best outdoor recreation areas in the world. I am proud to report all Skout Organic products use organic and gluten-free ingredients.

Once you sample our products, you can tell us what makes us different from the rest of the pack. Our mission is to provide tasty, healthy, organic foods to not only sustain those with a love for outdoor adventure but the busy family on the go as well, be it city or country folk. We love all of you and are serious about our commitment and excellence of our product. We remember our roots and never stray from them.

Skout Organic Trailbars were proudly born in Portland, Oregon, made with a carefully chosen handful of organic ingredients. I invite you to view a list of our natural products here. Please leave a comment. We would love to know you visited. You can find us on facebook. We are on Twitter We are active on Pinterest and you can find us on Instagram.
Also by skout on zendesk. You can also visit our blog post here.

We strive to have a significant media presence so we can interact with those using our products and to keep in touch with you, our dear customers. We listen to your suggestions so keep them coming!

We have many flavors to choose from and urge you to experiment to discover your favorites. If there is a flavor we don’t currently have, send in a suggestion for it, and we will see what we can do.

Also, by popular demand, we now offer gear you can order. It is found in the same catalog listed above. We hope you enjoy these items as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. If you would like to see us expand our catalog, please let us know and we will look into it.

Skoutorganic is a company for the people, by the people. Our founding team is a father and his two sons Jason, Tony, and Denny Pastega. The sons, Jason and Tony, graduated from Oregon State University and call Portland, Oregon home. The first Skoutorganic trail bars were made in Jason’s kitchen in 2008.

You can contact us through this website. You can email us or call us direct. As I said, we love hearing from you!

Tracing the footsteps of renowned business executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir, recently appointed the Chief Executive of Jupiter Networks has had a remarkable journey making it to the top echelons of the corporate world. An alumnus of Cornell University, he pursued his undergraduate, masters and doctoral studies here in electrical engineering focusing on control systems.

He is renowned for being at the fore of numerous innovations in the different companies he has worked for. This has been enabled by his drive to build teams that are mission driven in order to drive change that matters to the whole of humanity be it consumers, investors, the employees etc. This has seen him push the innovation limits past the traditional discipline’s boundaries over multiple industry segments worldwide.

His career started at GTE Labs. Working on network management, routing and control, Shaygan Kheradpir would later on head the software systems lab. During this period, he is credited with recruiting talent and turning the company into a world-class organization. This then led to the development of TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control Systems) the country’s first national network management platform.

Later on, Shaygan moved to Dallas to GTE’s head office. He worked as the lead systems developer for all GTE’s units of internet working, wireline and wireless. In the process transforming the company’s GTE’s core to align with modern computer science trends. This proved to be extremely cost efficient for the firm and also drove up operational excellence.

With the formation of Verizon, from the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE Corp in 2000, Shaygan was to serve as Verizon’s Chief Information Officer for eleven years. Under him was 7000 man team working to support the IT systems and develop new products including Lobi and Verizon one. Through outsourcing to India, negotiating with suppliers as well as improving on IT asset utilization he was able to reduce the firm’s technology spending by over 30 percent.

In January 2011, he moved to Barclays as their Chief Operating Officer responsible for the Global Retail and Business Bank. While here, he made contributions toward development of products for the consumer such as Pingit. A mobile payments software. With time he was promoted and became the first tech executive to have a seat at the Barclays executive team. This as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

With his new post, he became a driver of cultural change with an aim of transforming the bank to be in line with the 21st century needs. This was achieved through entire digitization of the bank’s processes with industrialized control systems to boot as well as innovations that made an impact on people’s lives.

His most recent appointment as the CEO of Juniper Networks in 2004 has seen him an Integrated Operating Plan. This with an aim of fulfilling investor recommendations to buy back stock, reduce expenses and increase dividend. The appointment was cut short though with his resignation from the post citing management differences between him and the company’s ownership.

Only time will tell what challenge he will take on next. But from his past encounters, it is bound to be big.

Modern Day Dogs Are Living The Life

We have to admit, dogs in modern times really have it made. Technology and pet advocates have really paved the way for this and future generations of pups to live longer and healthier than previous generations have done. I know that my dog, Riley, whos the most lovable Border Collie Ive ever met, really wants for nothing in his life.

A popular trend lately is for cities and towns to build and maintain dog parks. In the past, parks were for people and dogs were not allowed. My town recently invited dog owners to help open up our first dog park. Many pet owners came out to help landscape the area and assemble fencing and doggy playground equipment. My dog has never been happier, or more physically fit, since we started visiting the dog park. Riley has his own group of friends he gravitates toward. Its really a sight to see.

Another great advancement in recent times has been the availability of wholesome and flavorful foods for dogs from Beneful on purinastore. Some of the food I buy for Riley looks and smells better than my dinner! I usually feed him a mix of dry and wet Beneful dog food. Riley absolutely loves the Beneful Prepared Meals wet food. His favorite flavor, by far, is the Simmered Beef Entre, though hes never turned his nose up at any of the Prepared Meals Ive given to him. Because our veterinarian is concerned about Rileys weight, I only give him a small portion of the wet food. For most of Rileys meals, he eats the Beneful Playful Life Dog Food. I found that the ingredients would support his playful lifestyle while controlling his weight at the same time on

Riley is two years old right now, and our vet estimates he could live fifteen long, healthy years. Riley goes in to the vet for his yearly checkup and any time he isnt feeling well. I make sure I keep him on his vaccination schedule so he wont catch any preventable communicable diseases while playing with his pup friends at the park. I try to be very sensitive to how Riley is feeling so we can call the vet for advice if something doesnt seem right. Im a firm believer in not waiting too long to see a doctor for an illness. Plus, its always better to err on the side of caution.

Riley has the best life I think he could have ever hoped for. We take regular trips to visit his doggy pals at the puppy park in my town, he eats better than I do, and hes got access to the best medical attention possible.

Advancements in technology have allowed for many of his comforts, but I owe it all to the tireless efforts of pet advocates around the world to bring issues concerning animal well-being to light time after time. Please, continue the good work so future generations of dogs can live even better than the dogs of today.

Organo Gold Opens a New Branch in Turkey

Organo Gold has opened a branch in Turkey. This brings the number of countries the company operates in to a total of 39 countries; establish as an international firm. The new branch will focus on the gourmet coffee area of the companys business.

The announcement was made by Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua. His deep knowledge in multi-marketing marketing has helped to push the company to success. His effort has not only seen rapid expansion of the company, it has also earned him a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. He has been present during the opening of all the 39 Organo Gold branches.

Organo Gold started a Global Footprint Initiative some few years back. The initiative focuses on identifying new potential markets and expanding the companys business into those markets. The initiative has been quite successful. Currently, the company operates in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Turkey has a large appetite for coffee. Facebook said the first coffee house ever in Turkey was opened in the country back in 15th century. This is a clear indication that the country has a long history of love for coffee which makes it an ideal location for the gourmet coffee outlet. Coffee drinking is part of Turkeys national culture and it continues to thrive as quality and healthy products such as Organo Gold continue to arrive in the country.

Organo Gold decided to expand into the country after noticing the increase in active lifestyle in the country. The country also has an actively growing nutraceutical market. This has also contributed to the continued demand of Organo Gold products. Organo Golds products in Turkey will be Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Black Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso TRE, Espresso DUE, King of Coffee and Gourmet Hot Chocolate.

PR Newswire, from where I read the original articles, also talked about the benefits of Organo Gold coffee. Continued drinking of the coffee is believed to help build a strong and healthy body. It also ensures long life. The coffee is derived of a mushroom called Ganoderma. This mushroom has been used by Chinese as medicine over a long period of time and is considered the highest ranked herb. Shi-Jean Lee, an ancient Chinese doctor, was involved in making the use of the mushroom popular. Organo Golds products in Turkey will be Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Black Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso TRE, Espresso DUE, King of Coffee and Gourmet Hot Chocolate.

Doe Deere; Always original, and ever inspiring

On First glance it is easy to see why the lovely Doe Deere is a perfect match to be a spokesperson for a makeup company. With her porcelain skin and doe eyes she is youthful and beautiful, definitely. But, I think it is the slight edginess in her look that motivates the young to look to Doe Deere as something inspiring. There is something just a little rock and roll about her that keeps her look edgy and fun.
She is modern and fashion forward to say the least. And I don’t think it is just her ever changing pastel haircolor that keeps her look new and original. She has something innately fun that makes the young want to emulate her. It is not hard to see why Doe Deere has popularity and a huge following. Both her appearance and her personality are intriguing. She is a true original.

Doe Deere is all about allowing a young person to be young and to have fun. She has been noted as saying to fans, “don’t quit your daydreams” and “I, Doe Deere, hereby pronounce myself the Queen of Unicorns” When following Doe Deere you will always be amused and entertained by her and never bored. She lives by her own rules most unapologetically.

Doe Deere first developed and created her line of designer, organic cosmetics in 2008. She first moved to New York from Russia with literally nothing but the shirt on her back and a dream. She was young and free and nothing was going to stop her. A dream and a fabulous sense of style is what led to the development of Lime Crime. Lime Crime was first created with the young girl in mind to develop a unique makeup line that would not be used just to cover up imperfections, but to allow a young person to be original and to artistically express her personality. A brilliant concept for marketing that has worked very well. Doe Deere as the CEO and spokesperson should be commended on her successful marketing, as she started off with very little capital for her enterprise which today is an amazing success story. Her,”Magic dust” eyeshadows in a kaleidoscope of funky colors is a favorite. As is her,”Candyfuture” lipsticks. My own young teen daughter loves her makeup and follows her every move and I would not have it any other way. She really is always original and ever inspiring.