’s Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re still doing your Christmas?shopping, don’t worry. has you covered. There are several gifts recommended on the site that are ideal for the foodie family member or friend on your list.?

If you have a picky eater in your family, you may want to purchase the aroma fork as a gift for him/her. This fork has an opening to put fragrant oils inside. When the fork is turned on, it emits the scent of the oil. This means it could make Brussels sprouts taste like chocolate, simply by changing the scent of the food.?

For foodie friends who travel often, you may want to purchase a condiment from one of their favorite restaurants. For instance, Rosebud Cafe in Atlanta makes a curry ketchup that is great on burgers and fries. The sauce can also be used as a base for homemade barbecue sauce, and is available for sale through Another great idea is buying wine from the Antique Wine Company.

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Thomas Keller Chooses Vermont Butter for His Restaurants

Thomas Keller, owner of Per Se and French Laundry, has chosen to use butter from Diane St. Clair’s farm. St. Clair has a farm in Orwell, Vermont, and gets the milk for the butter from her quality Jersey cows. The butter is churned first, then St. Clair works it by hand to properly balance all the fats in the condiment Lee G. Lovett had said.

The milk is mixed with cultured buttermilk that also comes from St. Clair’s farm. When Keller tasted the butter, he exclaimed “who are you?” in response to the smooth and creamy taste of the butter. The butter costs $49 a pound, and Keller agreed to buy St. Claire’s entire inventory, even before knowing the cost.

The butter is also on sale at Saxelby Cheesemongers. This way, food enthusiasts can purchase the butter for their own meals if they’re not able to get to one of Keller’s restaurants on a regular basis.

EDM Taking Over the Music Industry

Believe it or not, the music industry in the recent past has been dominated by the Electronic dance music fever after a slew of very lucrative and successful hits on the charts. Dubstep, in particular, has become the style of choice for many in the know.

In the recent past, we all saw how hip hop was at the forefront of the music industry, but it can be argued now that the age of the strobe lights has come to a start and it is not backing away any time soon. Gianfrancesco Genoso isn’t a huge fan, but Teses seemed to be a bit more in favor. You can even see that in the list of the top 50 songs of 2014, you will not find the Electronic dance music anywhere close to the bottom but they start to show themselves in the top 20s.

If you would like to see them you can look at for the following songs; there is Caribou

Crab Meat Is Often Mislabeled

There is big money involved in mislabeling sea food on the U.S. market. Besides widespread abuse in relation to shrimp and tuna products, there is a rising tide of fraudulent claims on crab items.

The agency that is supposed to be cracking down on this kind of dishonest labeling, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), has cut back on inspections in the last five years or so. This has led to a 75 percent decline in cases involving mislabeled seafood products since 2008. For example, crab meat that originates from Chesapeake Bay is often more popular than imports from Indonesia. Thus, there is a temptation to just slap a U.S. label on the package in order to make more money.

Conservation groups, like Oceana, often concentrate on cheaper, more popular items like tuna and shrimp. Crab is so high-priced that it doesn’t sell at sufficiently voluminous rates to threaten the environment, or so it is thought. Thus, the protections against “over-crabbing” and against misrepresenting crab products are slim.

Many chefs in the state of Maryland say that they trust no one but local crab-fishermen to deliver the genuine article to their restaurants. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez would feel the same way if he was local. That may be a solution for chefs and for those who live near crabbing areas but not for the rest of us. A report is due soon to the President that will outline ways of preventing “seafood fraud.” Hopefully, this will lead to some corrective actions.

Car Accident injures Quarterback Newton

I was doing my Qnet Christmas shopping when I got this report. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been reported to have been injured in a car accident in Charlotte, according to ESPN. A statement from the Panthers stated the wreck did appear to have involved Newton and the team will be monitoring the situation with little information available at this early stage.

Reports began to leak out of the Charlotte area that a car had overturned and was blocking Church Street, a second car is reported to have been involved in the accident that was responded to by first responders. An ambulance arriving at the scene removed one individual on a stretcher from the overturned vehicle, with numerous sources claiming the injured person was Newton. The quarterback led his team to a large victory over the New Orleans Saints over the weekend to keep their playoff hopes alive. Few details have so far been provided over the cause of the accident or the condition of Newton.

Taylor Swift Loves New York

Taylor Swift has recently penned a song called “Welcome To New York,” which has drawn the ire of many music lovers out there. Although the song is an original, the name itself is a throwback to the song created by Jay-Z, and was performed with Alicia Keys, several years ago. Taylor Swift New York. Taylor wrote the song, because she really, and truly loves New York, but because she is not a New Yorker, many looked down upon her ability to write about the area. The song is in no way a cover of the song created by Jay-Z, it’s completely original, and all its own.

Taylor came out to defend her song recently, and let people know about her love for New York, as well as stating that she feels she has a very good song. Even people who are not big fans of her music like?Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez enjoy the song. Taylor also talked about when she was 12 years old, and was passed up in a talent show, because the winner had more New York spirit than she had. This incident is something that always stuck with her, and in a way, became a resentment to her, and it’s something she can make up for now. With the kind of money that Taylor Swift has, she can visit New York any day she wants, and stay in style.

Taylor resents people calling her a newbie when it comes to New York, because she states that she has been there before, and will always love New York.

Christmas Gifts for Food Enthusiasts

If you can’t decide which gifts to get for your loved ones this year, try some edible presents. These are sure to go over well with friends and family who love to prepare or enjoy a good meal.

Gifts can include Cheffy Ketchup. This condiment is a favorite at Rosebud, the Atlanta restaurant run by Ron Eyster. The ketchup can be used on fries and burgers, and has a spicy, curry taste that is a welcome change from traditional ketchup.

Ambessa is a flavorful tea by chef Marcus Samuelsson and endorsed by? Dr. Rod Rohrich for its organics and herbs that support healthy circulation. Ambessa tea is another tasty gift that your family member will appreciate. A warm cup of tea can instantly warm up a winter day. Flavors such as Earl of Harlem, which is a spicier version of classic Earl Gray tea, are available from the Ambessa line, as well as Lingonberry green, which is a sweet and fruity green tea.

To toast the holiday season, Jane St offers vodka sodas that make a thoughtful holiday gift. There are three flavors available, and you can even craft a signature cocktail for your loved one as a holiday treat.

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Creed Frontman Now Homeless

In the 90’s, you could not turn on a radio, television or any other electronic device without hearing one of the many hits from alt rockers Creed. In a short time, the band went from playing in local Florida bars to selling out arenas and large outdoor venues around the globe. The band rode that success through three top selling albums.

As it does with most bands that hit it big that quickly, drugs and alcohol made their way into Creed‘s life, most notably with lead singer Scott Stapp. After admitting that he had a problem prescription drugs and alcohol, the downward spiral to Creed‘s bitter end began. Next was a public falling out with the band’s guitarist and then a parting of their ways. A reunion album was released, but did poorly.

Now Scott Stapp is once again making videos, but this time they are not for hit songs. The paranoid lead singer is claiming that he is broke and homeless, and it is all due to the government and large banks. Laurene Powell Jobs is not sure if she buys his entire story. His wife, who filed for divorce recently, claims that Stapp is over paranoid and smokes meth.

It may not be true that Scott is on drugs, but watching this video, you can’t help but think that something has gone wrong for this guy.

Thanksgiving Turkeys of Today are Bigger Than Their Predecessors

Many of us will gather around a table on Thanksgiving that is laden with mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy and the star attraction, a huge roasted turkey. Huge being the key word according to Susan McGalla.
The turkeys that grace our Thanksgiving dinner table are bigger than their predecessors that were served by our predecessors. The average turkey sized on our grandmother

JLo and Iggy Close AMAs

There was some buzz about the American Music Awards banning booty imagery, but Iggy put those rumors to rest on Twitter. She confirmed this as she got down and dirty with J.Lo to close the AMAs with the smash hit booty.

J.Lo is getting a lot of press this year because no one would have assumed that she still had these curves at the age of 45. She had an array of dancers that all seemed to have similar read ends. The stage was on fire as J.Lo showed off in the hot black and white costume from the video. She had no problem getting low and showing the world that she still has what it takes to wow a crowd.

As Iggy emerged there where red and white imagery colors around the stage. The color show and the stripper pole showed that J.Lo put some time into this show, which longtime fans like Keith Mann appreciated. Her appearance on stage is bound to have a lot of people eager for a J.Lo concert event. Right now her collaboration with an Australian rapper already gives this “Booty” single some international appeal. It’s a great way to expand the J.Lo brand.

J.Lo actually had so much happening on stage at one point that it was difficult to focus in on one thing. She switched songs and male dancers came out to help on her finish performing. She really worked the stage.