Jeremy Goldstein Credits His Success To The Amount Of Commitment He Gives To Each Client

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading attorney in the area of providing legal advice and counsel to CEO’s as well as being an expert in the areas of executive compensation and corporate governance. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

He is a senior partner with his own firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates which is based out of New York. Jeremy’s firm itself was inspired when he noticed that a lot of these legal areas where himself and his partners now covered were, at the time, in need of being filled.

Jeremy Goldstein also serves in key roles in several major legal organizations including holding the position of Chairman of Mergers and Acquisitions with the American Bar Association. Jeremy Goldstein was a partner with the well known and highly regarded law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz prior to starting Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Jeremy credits his successes as an attorney to the fact that he is specific about which clients he takes on. When he takes on a client, he wants to always be able to go in-depth into their needs and the specifics of their careers. In order to do these needs justice, he has to limit himself to the number of clients he takes so as to give the ones he does take his very best. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

When Jeremy Goldstein takes on a client, they are literally getting an attorney who is willing to be there for them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Jeremy takes this personal touch with his clients even further and makes sure that there is a real relationship there.

He makes a point of keeping in touch with his clients regardless of whether there is an active matter at hand or not. It is this active interest in his clients that Jeremy Goldstein believes has been the most significant contributing factor in the growth of his law firm.

Jeremy Goldstein is also brought in as a frequent speaker on the issues of executive compensation and corporate governance as well as writing regularly about both of these issues that are critical to his own law practice. Jeremy is a graduate of New York University’s law school. Prior to earning his J.D. he earned his M.S. from the University of Chicago and his B.A. from Cornell.

Jeremy Goldstein is known for his passionate representation of his legal clients but he is also known for his passionate contributions to philanthropy.

He is particularly passionate about contributing to awareness and treatment of mental health issues. To this end, he is a major contributor to Fountain House charity.

Why everyone is Signing Up with Dr. Walden

We all want to maintain a beautiful look all through our lives. To do that, we need the services of expert cosmetic surgery to help get rid of our ‘’ defects’’. Cosmetic surgery is great and has helped many women regain their dignity and self-esteem. However, sometimes when done by the wrong professional, it may end up turning out different from how you anticipated it would turn out for you.

Fortunately, the residents of Austin do not have to deal with such ugly incidences. There have Dr. Walden who has been in the profession for eight years. There are many positives as to why many patients are signing up for her health care facility.

One factor is the hospitality of Jennifer Walden and her staff. The patients who have been in her facility say that the moment you get in the facility, you become their responsibility.

Dr. Walden holds counseling sessions with her patients before any surgery. She helps her patients decide what the best option for them is. The session helps see that the patients are sure they are ready for the process, and it’s what they want. This helps because patients who are ready and optimistic during a surgery get well faster than those who are afraid and unsure of the process.

Dr. Walden is also thorough based on the reviews her patients leave on her website. One patient says that she underwent a breast augmentation, which went wrong. She was distressed until she met Dr. Walden. After she went through the fixing process, the results she got were best then she had expected when she first went for the cosmetic surgery. She urges those who may want any cosmetic surgery or underwent one that needs revision to sign up with Dr. Walden, for results they won’t regret. She is now satisfied with her body structure.


Great Tips From Upwork for Completing Your Todo List

I discovered a great blog from UpWork, featuring ten useful tips for breezing through your to-do list with less stress.

If you’re not familiar with UpWork, they’re an international platform for digital freelance work — one of the world’s largest. About three million jobs are posted on UpWork each year.

Let’s get back to that blog. The first tip tells you how to free your mind, by giving you the power to forget, and thus to relax. What’s the secret? Write, don’t remember. If you don’t write, you have to remember — that’s stressful.

Another tip: Get tomorrow’s to-do list written down the night before. That way, you’ll start doing real work immediately in the morning, when you’re most productive.

UpWork advises keeping all your to-do lists and calendars in one place. They strongly recommend the ClickUp app.

Break tasks down by time required, and break sub-tasks down further yet by the time needed per component. Again, ClickUp shines in this regard.

Tip five is to prioritize your to-do list. Don’t finish your day only to realize you did the trivial and ignored the urgent.

The sixth tip suggests re-evaluating your to-do list, especially those items that keep getting put off. If you put off a task repeatedly without consequence, drop it.

Delegate to remove stress. If something’s worth a comment on your to-do list, assign that comment to someone. UpWork recommends the UpClick app.

Tip eight is to break down larger tasks into smaller subtasks. Then they won’t look so formidable.

UpWork recommends doing similar tasks in batches when possible. If you’re going to get on the phone and interrupt another workflow, do those calls one after the other so that you can get back in a state of flow.

The last tip given is a great one — plan your tasks by the amount of mental effort required. If you have a couple of hours during the day when you can unfailingly get into a flow state, schedule your difficult tasks for that block of time.

Doe Deere Talks Lime Crime And Being A Unique Brand

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime and she is showing major extraversion with her daring hair and eye colors. It is obvious that her makeup brand is made for extroverts as well. Loyal Instagram users should be very familiar with Lime Crime by now. The glitter and bold color combinations give this line a charming vibe. Doe Deere spared a few minutes with Stylist to dish on the opening of the Feelunique X Lime Crime boutique in London.


About The Brand

Doe says to her the whole idea of having a cult brand or product simply means it is unique. It means a lot to her to be able to stand out in such a crowded market like cosmetics. Doe is proud she has been able to produce a brand that is 100% vegan and has no animal testing history. Lime Crime also does charity work where animals are related, so it was important to her to stay true to her personal values. Doe admits to everyone having made mistakes as entrepreneurs but she says what matters most is the lessons that are learned and growth. Lime Crime has grown well for the experiences it has undertaken as a company.


Beauty Trends And Advice For New Entrepreneurs

The beauty trends we should be looking out for this year include all shades of purple. A new shade has just launched from Lime Crime this week. Doe advises young entrepreneurs to analyze the market and look for spaces to fit in. The big idea could come from you. Listen to your gut and then go for it. Doe says Lime Crime has a team of talented people who work to get the products perfect and they are true to themselves, if they don’t think a product will do well, they don’t create it. Doe says all of the glitter and unicorn looks are popular today because social media has paved the way for self-expression. Being different is celebrated today and the idea of uniqueness is what Lime Crime brings. Lime Crime looks at its makeup palettes as stories. Each one focuses on a specific look and yet has enough neutrals so you can wear the shades daily. Doe says anyone trying to add more color to their routine should wear it at home first to build confidence. Once you get used to it you can then share it with the world.


Lime Crime Is Innovative And Also Listens To Customers

The idea for the Pocket Candy Palette came from toys. Lime Crime believes that packaging is equally as important as the product inside. The housing helps sell the quality product. The name was a team brainstorming effort based on the design, shape, and contents of the product. Lime Crime looks forward to social media comments about its products. The company listens to customer feedback and comes up with a joint solution that includes the company’s idea and the customer. Lime Crime shares new products well before they hit the market to get the customers excited about them and ready to try them.


Hair Dye And Makeup

Branching out into hair dye was an idea that was authentic to Doe because she had been dyeing her hair for so long. The brand is about self-expression and it doesn’t matter if it’s through makeup or hair. For Doe, individuality means not being sorry or afraid of being yourself. If Doe could talk to her younger self she would tell her to embrace both makeup and hair color and to not be afraid. Learn more:

Jason Hope Takes a Bold Stand Against Aging

The vast majority of humanity long have perceived the unpleasantly deliberate process of aging as an inevitable constant in life, but Jason Hope believes the gradual deterioration as we grow older does not necessarily have to be regarded as commonplace in society. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in finance and followed up with a master’s degree in business administration at W. P. Carey School of Business. After graduating, Jason Hope founded a number of technology-based companies, most notably a text messaging company named Jawa; he currently possesses a considerable amount of recognition throughout the technology industry. As a result of multiple successful business ventures, Jason Hope has generated enough wealth to make substantial contributions to scientific organizations that have the potential to positively impact human life and its longevity moving forward.

Moreover, throughout much of the life of Jason Hope, he always had an interest in staying informed about the latest advancements in medicine, in fact, he is an avid reader of books and online articles pertaining to the subject. Jason Hope is fascinated by the many intricacies involving ailments that coincide with old age such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and high blood pressure; he contemplates if there is a way to preemptively stop these conditions as opposed to simply treating them. While on his journey to enlightenment, Jason Hope came across a nonprofit charitable organization named The SENS Foundation led by London native and biologist, Aubrey de Grey. The subject matter of book The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging written by Aubrey de Grey served as a catalyst to the establishment of The SENS Foundation in 2009. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things. The book labels mitochondrial damage as a significant cause of degenerative aging but acknowledges it is not the only factor. The SENS Foundation has devoted its organization to researching methods of extending the human lifespan. Jason Hope has become one of the key investors of The SENS Foundation after making a remarkably generous donation of five hundred thousand dollars as support for their research. All in all, the half a million dollar investment made by philanthropist Jason Hope greatly emphasizes his credence toward The SENS Foundation and his faith in them to bring about ingenuity in the medical industry, definitively leading to a paradigm shift in the current healthcare system.

For details:

The Highly Experienced Emergency Doctor Eric Forstheofel

Dr. Eric M. Forstheofel is a graduate from Louisiana State University of Medicine whos MD practice is serving patients who are labeled trauma to be evaluated and treated in the emergency department. He has been practicing emergency medicine as a doctor within the ER since 2012 located in Tallahassee, Florida. While in the city, Forstheofel is also affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare being one out of a little over 25 in total working in the emergency department. Ultimately, what he is able to do is admit patients who are in need of care, and in some cases a life and death situation.

When there are people dealing with an emergency that involves the body, such as extensive trauma, heart conditions, or any other undesirable part of the body that needs immediate treatment, Dr. Eric Forstheofel is an emergency physician who is highly trained to assist in such a trying time avoiding life-ending circumstances. One of his main roles when a patient is being seen in the emergency department, is to verify that the patient is even in a stable state enough to leave on their own accord, or if the possibility is for a transfer to the proper department for care.

Forstheofel is able to diagnose a wide-range of ailments that need STAT attention and figuring out the most efficient way to treat it, even when time is of the essence. In addition to just having the title of a “doctor”, Eric Forstheofel is Board Certified, setting him apart, and making him a more potential candidate to treat a medical condition, rather than a who is not Board Certified. This makes him potentially more often recommended, with the fact that his skill set could be more extensive than a uncertified doctor who may not just have the knowledge as a result of not having so much personal experience.

Jorge Moll Spearheading New Developments In The Medical Industry

Jorge Moll is a medical professional and entrepreneur who has always held a goal of advancing world-class medical care, research, and education, in his home country. Jorge’s daily routine comprises of many meetings which cover a wide array of topics. He talks with a lot of scientists, students, associates, entrepreneurs, and researchers serving a large range of companies. Jorge considers it essential to maintain an open dialogue of ideas.

Jorge Moll allows his ideas to flourish by keeping the good components while getting discarding the rest. He likes to pick ideas which he can easily change to action and allow for efficient collaboration.

Topics Jorge likes are artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, regenerative medicine, and gene therapy. Habits that help his productivity levels are practicing his skills as well as practicing transparency and openness. Jorge Moll believes that a person shouldn’t become too attached to an idea without being able to think of new ones.

Jorge believes popular medical publications and career pathways in many fields, along with academia, hinder the nation’s innovation. We should make goals that can address the larger challenges and grant us the insight to pursue long-term visions and goals.

Jorge Moll has an extensive track record in the medical profession and earned his MD in Neuroscience from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (LinkedIn). In addition, Jorge Moll also earned a Ph.D. in Pathophysiology at The University of São Paulo.

Jorge always wanted to serve people suffering from conditions that have an adverse effect on their life. Today, Jorge Moll is, in addition to being the Director of the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit, he is a board member and president at D’Or Institute of Education and Research.

Jorge has been published in various journals like Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Neuro Image, and Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and Psychological Science. Besides his work, Jorge is a man dedicated to his family and he lives in Rio de Janeiro.

The Experienced Mentorship of Glen Wakeman

In 2015, Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, a company that had a simple purpose, help other companies succeed by helping them prepare a plan for the early stages of the business. At the same time, Mr. Wakeman also writes blog posts, articles, and creates videos explaining things about running a business and how a business can be successful in current and future markets (Thenewsversion). These activities have led him to develop a reputation of being a mentor to young entrepreneurs, a role that he has embraced fully.

To be a good mentor, however, the mentor must have the background knowledge and experience to earn the respect of the student, and Glen Wakeman has that. Not only does he have a wealth of academic knowledge, demonstrated by his M.B.A. in Finance and a B.S. in Economics, but also by having a long career in the finance industry.

Glen Wakeman began working at GE Capital at a young age, and stayed with the company for a little over 20 years. At the end of this 20 year career, he would find himself as CEO of the Latin America division, managing a massive business structure that generated billions in revenue. Prior to becoming the CEO of that division, he worked in positions ranging from Operations to Regional Management, giving him experience in many different facets of the corporate world. By the end of his career with GE Money, he would have lived in six different countries, and worked in 32 different countries, giving him a rare, and extremely valuable, insight into the international market.

No one could reasonably doubt Glen Wakeman’s experience, nor doubt that his advice is unfounded. This is why he has been so successful as a mentor, and why so many young entrepreneurs trust him, and come to LaunchPad Holdings for help, and follow his blog and pay attention to what he says. Glen Wakeman is one of the most experienced mentors in the business world, and luckily for many, he is more than willing to accept that mentorship role.


Perry Mandera: A Chicago Business Icon With A Zeal For Philanthropy

Among Chicago’s wealthy businessmen, a few stand out among the rest for their commitment to helping their community and giving back. One name that always comes up in Chicago-area charity circles is Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera made his fortune in the transportation industry when he founded the Custom Companies in 1986. Since then, he has grown it into one of the leading transportation companies in the United States. The company includes both trucking and air freight, which expands the company’s operations internationally. After achieving success in his business, Mandera turned his attention to politics (Behance).

But Perry Mandera is known as much for his philanthropy as he is for his entrepreneurships. Much of his philanthropy has been focused on helping children, veterans, and cancer research. He has donated generously to the Jesse White Tumblers, a youth organization that uses sports as an alternative to drugs and crime for inner-city kids. He currently serves on the board of the Jesse White Tumblers, as well as many others. He also gives financial support to charities such as Toys For Tots, MADD, Girl Scouts of America, and the National MS Society.

Mandera does much more than just donate money and sit on the board of different charities. He also uses his business to help those in need. For example, Custom Companies has used its transportation resources to provide thousands of winter coats for children and disaster relief. During Hurricane Katrina, his trucks provided much-needed transportation services to help the victims.

Perry Mandera has been a pillar of the Chicago business community for over thirty years. And his involvement in the community by generously helping others is what sets him apart from many other business executives in the area. He continues to make inroads in the business community today. He has involved himself in other business ventures, expanding beyond the transportation industry that he started in.

Nick Vertucci Teaches His Proven Methods To Make Money In Real Estate In His New Book

Nick Vertucci is a businessman who made his mark in the field of real estate. He recently released a book, exclusively on Amazon, he named, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book is partially a personal account of his life and career and also lists six fundamental building blocks that it takes to succeed in business. He goes into detail about how he lost everything early in his professional career and how he was able to thrive and make millions by buying and selling residential properties.

After losing everything, Nick Vertucci says that he learned some lessons. This included learning how to push back against the fears that were holding him back and how to alter his mindset to be more positive and proactive. The forward in his book was written by Kevin Harrington who was the very first “Shark” in the tv show “Shark Tank”. It has also been endorsed by Dean Cain who is an actor and producer in Hollywood. Right off the bat his book sold more than a thousand copies and that total has been building in the intervening time. His book can be bought in both a paperback version and one for the Amazon Kindle.

Nick Vertucci relates that his first company was in the computer technology arena. He lost everything when that industry crashed and so he then tried to make money in the real estate industry. He says that he made a boatload of mistakes and he entered a period of severe depression. He then found a mentor who helped him learn to succeed in that industry and who taught him to change his mindset about how he approached things. He learned how to build a mental foundation that was strong and paired with his real estate company he started to really achieve things.

In writing this book, Nick Vertucci hopes that he can help other fledgling entrepreneurs also achieve similar success as he has had. The book is 350 pages in length and it shows readers the concrete steps they need to take in order to build a business that is both strong and sustainable. As he has explained, everyone really enjoys a rags-to-riches story. However, he thinks what is even better is his story which involves going from poverty to wealth, back to poverty, and then achieving wealth once again in a new industry.

He credits being persistent and willing to learn new things as what has helped him achieve great things. Today he has a school which teaches people across North America the methods and mindset it takes to make money in real estate whether that involves flipping houses, being a landlord, or investing in commercial real estate.