A Customer’s Big Break in Waffle House

Waffle House is usually a typical spot to stop and eat. However, on this particular day, it was a more delightful day than the others for this one customer. A child decided to be merciful on this poor homeless man; after the act was done there were tears everywhere in this quiet Waffle House. What had happened was truly a sight to behold as it will move you to tears.

The child was a curious sort; asking his mother what the man was doing outside of Waffle House. The mother had to explain that the man was homeless and thus is why he appeared dirty to say the least. The child had a brilliant idea and that was to invite him into the restaurant and see if he could get his mother to order the poor man some food. The mother agrees and it was an order of a burger with bacon. Then the boy started to chant a prayer which immediately spurred a response from the other customers in Waffle House. That response came in the form of tears according to FreedomPop. All eleven customers were incredibly moved by this boy’s selfless actions that brightened the day in Waffle House.

After it was said and done the mother was extremely proud of her son. She mentions she will always remember it as one of her son’s greatest accomplishments for a long time to come.

Beneful Dog Food has the Perfect Balance of Real Ingredients

If you are a dog owner and concerned about the ingredients in your pet food, rest assured that the Beneful brand is committed to only incorporating both wholesome and healthy ingredients in all their products. Beneful is a brand that has literally reinvented dog food, making it more about fun and delicious flavors. This brand food will not only provide your dog great tasting and nutritious food, it is blended with wholesome ingredients that provide your pet a healthy diet. Plus, they’ve got some?great pictures on Facebook?and Twitter too :)

Why Beneful is Taking Charge
When it comes to no longer settling for average ingredients that your dog may enjoy, Beneful has transformed the way the dog food looks and tastes. Whether you feed your dog the dry or wet food, they are now available in 20 different unique flavors your pet will certainly enjoy every day. These wholesome meals are a rich blend of distinct flavors that every dog craves. Each meal has been developed to provide your dog a healthy alternative to meals with artificial ingredients.

How Beneful is Different
Within each of the 20 different varieties of wet or dry dog food, you can to choose from several different proteins like beef, pork, chicken, or lamb. Not only are these ingredients your dog craves, they will certainly enjoy either the thick hearty chunks or thinly diced blends. If your dog is a picky eater, consider getting them the hearty roaster variety, with real ingredients that your dog can see easily. Accent flavors like green beans, rice, and carrots, help create a healthy alternative to the bland and boring choices at your supermarket.

Treat Your Dog Today
Once your dog falls in love with the delicious flavors of Beneful, treat them to some fun and healthy dog snacks during the day too. These incredible dog treats are all crafted with love, and oven baked to perfection to create tastes and textures they will certainly enjoy. Treat your special pup to some delicious snack flavors including peanut butter, beef, cheese, or bacon. All of these oven baked treats are available in either crispy crackers or savory shortbread. All of the dog snacks are bursting with flavors that your dog loves, and the best part is they are made with wholesome ingredients that are beneficial to their long-term health.

Beneful is dedicated to only using wholesome ingredients in their dog food products, providing your pet the appropriate blend of nutrients to help them thrive everyday.

The BRL Trust rides to the rescue of the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games are often seen as a poisoned chalice with the nations awarded the right to host these global events often burdened with the economic and social costs of staging such huge events. Not only do large stadiums need to be constructed, but the infrastructure of an entire country is often placed under the microscope and marked for updates and improvements. one of the major ways these projects are completed is through the use of loans given to companies by major banks and government bodies, but these loans are often only provided when a loan administrator like BRL Trust is employed as part of the construction team.

BRL Trust now offers a wide range of financial services, but was originally created as a loan administrator looking to handle the loans provided for large and small projects alike. This skill in the administration of loans was one of the major reasons why the company became popular and well known in the buildup to the 2014 FIFA World Cup staged in Brazil. The Sao Paolo soccer team Corinthians had been mired in financial and legal disputes for many years when the World Cup approached and the dilapidated stadium was highlighted for a new stadium to be constructed in time to stage the opening match of the event. Decades of disputes and problems had seen the stadium never come to fruition until BRL Trust became involved in the construction and planning phases of the project.

The new Corinthians Stadium was constructed on time and delivered to FIFA in time to stage the opening match of the 2014 World Cup. BRL Trust assisted by administering the many loans used to construct the stadium and surrounding projects to update the area used by fans. By securing the construction of the stadium BRL Trust proved themselves to be a major force in the global financial industry and one of the top financial services companies in South America.

Excessive Salt in the Seemingly Healthy Japanese Diet

People all over the world see the Japanese diet as one of the healthiest. However, it has recently been found that they use a large amount of salt in many of their dishes. The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare conducted a survey and found that the average Japanese adult takes in approximately 13 grams of sodium each day.

Satoshi Sasaki, a professor of social and preventive epidemiology at the University of Tokyo, was the one who spearheaded this research. His group found this out based on the levels of sodium in the urine of these adults.

These study results were published in the British Journal of Nutrition, as well as the Post Gazette. The study was done on 760 adults, between the ages of 20 and 69, so Susan McGalla likes the results. Every participant collected all of his or her urine for a given day, and this was done twice during the survey time. Using this, the researchers would measure the average amount of sodium in a day’s worth of urine.

Previous findings were based on assessing sodium content in food rather than urine, and these turned out to be an underestimation. Curiously, though the American diet is thought throughout the world to be extremely unhealthy, the average American only ingests 3.4 grams of sodium per day.

Clearly, the amount of sodium in the average Japanese diet is excessive. The researchers urge the people in Japan to watch their sodium intake from now on.

McDonalds: Are Americans Disliking It?

McDonalds slogan, Im Lovin It may not be true for many Americans. This is evidenced by McDonalds decline in sales.

McDonalds Restaurant is transitioning to new leadership. McDonalds hired a new CEO, Steve Easterbrook. This new era of management is trying to turn around the recent slump in sales.

Part of their struggle is a competitive market. There is other fast food restaurants competing with McDonalds for a share in the burger war. People also have more of awareness, and a desire to eat healthier. The change in philosophy has left many burger joints with little to offer customers looking to eat less fat and leaner meals.

One of McDonalds newest goals is to simplify their menu, and Gianfrancesco Genoso can understand why. Another goal is to provide quicker service, as some on TopLawyers.com have complained during their lunch break. Offering local food items is another possibility. This new focus is aimed at earning customers trust and their repeat business.

Your Fast Food Diet is Slowing You Down

Chances are that every person on earth has had at least one fast food meal. For others, fast food is a daily meal. These on-the-go people who don’t have time to cook a meal may be rushing through their day, but at the cost of their health.

According to an article on the IFLScience website, the carbohydrates, fats, preservatives, and added chemicals in fast food damage vital microbes in the digestive system. When these microbes are damaged or destroyed, the body becomes lethargic and gains weight.

The infamous McDonald’s dieter Morgan Spurlock designed his own experiment regarding these digestive microbes. After his experiment with eating nothing but fast food for a month, he suffers from medical issues concerning his liver, weight, and addictive withdrawal symptoms. Now investigating for his latest book “The Diet Myth,” he is putting himself through a number of different diets. This book researches and analyzes the effects of each diet on these tiny microbes.

Considering his current diet was compromised, Morgan enlisted his college son Tom to be the guinea pig for the research. They tracked the active microbes in his system over the course of a week according to Alexei Beltyukov. (Check him out on vimeo!) His health steadily diminished as the number of microbes also diminished.

We all are aware that fast food is not the best for us, but the ignored truth is that it is actually a silent killer of our healthy digestive system microbes.

Are Our Warehouses Safe Anymore?

I don’t know about you, but when I told my son about the man who fell into the tuna cooking plants operation and lost his life, he no longer wants to eat tuna. Is our safety issues becoming lax in the factories these days? Shouldn’t there be some sort of precaution that wouldn’t allow a human being to fall into a cooking apparatus? I knew that something would come out that it was not an accidental death like they originally thought. Still, they shouldn’t have been able to get a human into something like this.

I worked At General Mills for several years. It wasn’t one of their exciting plants, it was the one that made Totinos pizzas. I would come home with pizza rolls smashed in my boots and the aroma was overpowering. However, I will say that while we had the minor cut and scrape, we never had anyone lose their life. I think this is due in part to the rigorous safety board that we had in place. I was a first responder and helped to ensure that all was well within the plant.

With everything being so dangerous these days, manufacturing work and these big machines need to have more safety than they do. ?Brazilian entrepreneur Fersen Lambranho believes safety is of the utmost importance. This could have been a total slip-up on the companies part, or they safety in this plant could have been lacking. Time will tell what the real story is, but for now we are going to steer clear of this brand of tuna.

Chipotle Goes GMO Free

As more and more restaurants are struggling to maintain support in this health crazed world, there are some that go above and beyond the rest in meeting the health food challenges before them. Chipotle is one of those companies. Chipotle is one restaurant that is working hard to make sure that they supply their customers with food that is healthy and ready for their enjoyment.

Chipotle has made a big change recently, one that goes above and beyond what is expected from such a restaurant. It seems that Chipotle has eliminated all GMO foods from their restaurants. That’s right, this restaurant is not GMO free in all that they serve. They are offering healthier options to their customers according to Forbes, and this means options that are free of genetically modified organisms. Chipotle is making a big change when it comes to being healthier, and their customers like Bruce Karatz will thank them for that.

Girl Scout Cookies saved Stranded Sisters Lives

Two sisters who became stranded in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for two weeks survived by eating Girl Scout Cookies. Their SUV got stuck in the snow and in a remote area near Lake Superior.

They were driving to Mackinaw City, where they had hotel reservations. They never made it to their destination.

The two sisters were Leslie Roy, 52, of Valley Nebraska and Lee Wright, 53, from Depew, Oklahoma. They were rescued by a police helicopter which spotted their SUV in the snow.

Their cell phones would not work, because there was no reception at their location. They kept warm by heating the car up occasionally, until the cars battery died. They were able to survive by eating cheese puffs they had packed in the car, along with eight boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Brian Torchin can’t believe how lucky they were to have those around. He first read about the story on Wellness.

Supporting the Girl Scout’s was more than just a kind gesture. In the case of these two sisters it saved their lives.

The Frank Ocean Album Wait is Almost Over

Fans of Frank Ocean are almost able to stop holding their breath. The Grammy winning singer has revealed that a new album is on the way. He is getting the anticipation in the air because he said that it will be this summer.

That is big news for fans that have waited patiently for Ocean to deliver. Frank has been in the background with few appearances. This is what has made the album so highly anticipated. He worked with Beyonce on a track and released music on SoundCloud. There was a parking lot fight incident with Chris Brown, but this was just some entertainment headlines. No new music came out of this. Now fans can stop wondering when they are going to hear something new from Frank Ocean. He has promised that this summer will be the summer that Ocean fans can look forward to.

Frank has managed to draw something of a cult like following because of his alternative lifestyle. He is known for that almost as much as he is known for the music. He was behind the scenes for a long time. He wrote and produced for others much like singer and songwriter Ne-Yo. Now he is slowly crafting a career for himself. He has worked with Kanye and Jay-Z. He has penned music for Beyonce. He already has connected with the greats. He just has to avoid the sophomore jinx.