In America drinking tea made of mushrooms is definitely not the norm. However, in other parts of the world, mushroom tea is used for all types medicinal or health purposes. But the process by which mushrooms are prepared and then used for teas is vitally important to having the potency of the benefit be effective. This is because mushrooms store these benefits locked in certain cell walls which humans cannot digest, hence the tea.

In an article on, the for major mushroom types are discussed for their benefits. Keep in mind that because mushrooms are so absorptive organic is best to ensure you aren’t ingesting pesticides. Susan McGalla curated a list of all the major teas here:

Reishi – this mushroom is considered to be the most famous. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, reishi is used to combat cancer, viruses, and all kinds of inflammatory related conditions.

Chaga – this fungus takes approximately 4 years to mature and prefers growing on trees over 40 years old. Best known for promoting internal balance. It can help eliminate toxins from the body.

Turkey tail – this odd shaped fungus has its roots as far back as 200BC. Due to its healing properties and helping to promote appetite it is being tested on chemotherapy patients.

Cordyceps – overall, this fungus promotes vitality, increases energy and helps promote quality sleep. It grows as a parasite on insects and only became known to the West starting in around 1993, though be used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

Eating in the Spring

Have you ever wondered where you want to go eat at in the winter only to come up with a restaurant that serves the same food that you ate the previous week? When the warm weather of spring arrives, there are often more choices when it comes to places to eat, including restaurants that take their service outdoors. Eating outdoors can sometimes put you in a better mood as you get the fresh air and the sunlight that you don’t get in the winter. When it’s warm, you don’t have to worry with all of the extra layers of clothes. You can enjoy the time eating at a picnic table or sitting in the grass while eating a sandwich. Dan Newlin agrees that these are things that can make you want to spend more time with friends and get outside to view nature. Many restaurants will set up a small booth on sidewalks or in parks so that customers can get something to eat instead of going inside the main restaurant.

Study: Hunter-Gathers in England Imported Wheat

AAAS has an article on their website about a study published recently by scientists in England who believe that hunter-gatherers on the Island of Wight were trading for wheat approximately 2000 years before agriculture is thought to have begun to have been practiced in England.

The scientists did DNA analysis of remnants of a hunter-gatherer camp, which is now submerged underwater, and found traces of wheat plants which have been at the site for 8,000 years. This is much earlier than Britons are thought to have practiced agriculture, so probably the wheat was traded for and imported. The site, called Bouldner Cliff, was discovered in 1999 when lobsters were seen with early human tools in their claws. Archaeologists have been excavating their beneath the surface of the water ever since. Agriculture is thought to have developed in the Middle East and then spread to the mainland Europe and eventually what is now Great Britain.

I thought this was a fascinating article. It is always interesting to hear about how human civilizations developed. Marcio Alaor BMG ( knows that the advent of agriculture is always cited as progress, but in a sense it might be better if humans were still hunter-gatherers. It is farming that made a large population of humans living in cities possible, and it is that large population which is leading to resource depletion and environmental destruction today. Just something to thing about.

Danny Meyer Opens New York City Bar

Famous New York City restaurant owner has opened a new place in the heart of Manhattan. The bar, called Porchlight, features a southern food theme and many kinds of new and unusual cocktails. Diners can pick from many kinds of drinks as well as food choices that include light entrees and sweet treats. The bar is located on West 28th Street, a short walk from the Javitz Center in an area known as the meat packing district said a recent expose.. ?Ricardo Guimar

Lil Wayne Still Promises New Album Soon

As the drama continues to escalate in the form of lawsuits and more trash talk, Wayne insists that the new album is still on the way. Lil Wayne is telling fans to hold on because a album will be hitting the shelves very soon.

He has already released a mix tape, but he appears to be going through a lot of transition right now. He has so much on his plate. There is a new relationship. He also has his hands tied to major artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj. The fact that they are still on the label makes everything very difficult right now. It doesn’t help that many fans have become somewhat tired of Lil Wayne. He isn’t at the top of his rap game anymore. Wayne has climaxed. Fans like Bernardo Chua knows that there is a need for him to grow as an artist, and so far none of his new mix tape material represents growth.

At this point the “Carter V” may never come out. He is suing Cash Money for $51 million, but the possibility of that happening is very unlikely. There is not a big chance of him getting that money because the contracts that he signed were consensual agreements. No one forced him to sign his name to those contracts. He didn’t get paid the way he wanted to, but he did not make the decision to do something when this occurred.

Bernardo Chua And The Organo Gold Brand

The Organo Gold brand was launch in 2008 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Colombia. It is known worldwide for products of exceptional quality. This is because Bernardo Chua, Founder and CEO used his formidable experience in network marketing to make it happen. His philosophy for Organo Gold is to provide excellent products which facilitate a transformational lifestyle for its customers. Organo Gold is available in a variety of items such as its main staple of coffee, tea and personal care. The primary ingredient is Ganoderma Lucidium, which is a mushroom with antioxidant properties. The mushroom has been used for centuries as part of the holistic approach in Chinese medicine. Since its inception, all the products have been received with committed enthusiasm.

According to PRNewswire, Mr. Chua is a native of the Philippines and was recently recognized for several prestigious awards by the Dangal ng Bayan Awards. It was created by the Philippine National Consumer Affairs Foundation in 1981 as a platform to recognize premier Filipino products and individuals whose vision inspires their fellow countrymen. The Gold Organo Company received two People

Study: Olive Oil Kills Cancer Cells

A recent article on Environment News Service explains a study published recently by scientists regarding the effects of oleocanthal, an ingredient in extra-virgin olive oil on cancer cells. The scientists found that oleocanthal kills cancer cells.

Zeca Oliveira knows that it is long been known that oleocanthal can help prevent heart disease, and this revelation that it kills cancer cells as well is very welcome news. The scientists believe that oleocanthal goes after a certain protein in cancer cells.

The scientists found in their laboratory experiments that oleocanthal kills cancer cells while putting other cells temporarily “to sleep” without permanently harming them. It is not known why oleocanthal affects only cancer cells this way. Researchers have long noted that countries in the Mediterranean region of the world – where olives are a staple of the diet – have lower cancer rates than in the western world.

All of this is clearly good news and hopefully these same scientists will be able to follow up on these findings with even more discoveries. The article notes that around eight million people died of cancer 2012. While progress has been made fighting this deadly disease, we still have a long way to go.

John Textor: Revitalizing Digital Imagination

John Textor is one of the few people in Hollywood that is consistently turning silver into gold when it comes to the world of digital FX and entertainment in general. Since getting his start as a co-founder of an investment firm by the name of Wyndcrest Holdings, Textor has been a force in the world of entertainment. He helped develop one of the greatest digital effects studios in the business before moving on to improve his own brand by extending his reach to an entirely new company. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that John Textor has succeeded where others have failed.

Upon graduating college Textor went on to invest his future in an investment firm by the name of Wyndcrest Holdings. When he bought into the startup the value of the company was sitting around $40 million. After his work was done, and when he was ready to move on, the company was sitting at over $700 million of value. The total elapsed time of his employment there was only six years. Insane, right? That is sort of how Textor operates. He comes in, fixes things, and blows out before anyone really knows he had anything to do with it.

Textor specialized in technology investments while a part of Wyndcrest but his passion had always been entertainment. Textor saw a possible opportunity that could change his fortune while revitalizing the industry so he took it. That opportunity was the ailing company, Digital Domain. Digital Domain has always been a power house in the entertainment industry but it had been struggling in recent years. Textor, along with Michael bay and Dan Marino, purchased the media giant. Textor then went on to help revitalize the studio. They played a part in epic films like ‘Transformers’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End’, ‘Zodiac’, and the digital media masterpiece ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. From 2006 to 2012 Jon Textor made sure to give everything he had to the company and it culminated in a “Best Visual Effects” Oscar win for ‘Benjamin Button’.

From Digital Domain onward Textor did not seem intent on slowing down. He moved on to start his own company, Pulse Entertainment, and it is there that he currently resides. John Textor may not be a celebrity and he may not have a name in the industry like Bay or Marino but he is without a doubt one of the few innovators around.