A Baltimore City Worker Acquires a Home through Kevin Seawright’s Company, RPS Solutions LLC.

He has served various industries such as real estate, education, and local government. Mr. Seawright is the proprietor of RPS Solutions LLC, which a company that supervises developments, acquisitions, asset management, selling of property in low-income areas, and government contracts. The company was established in 2015, and it is currently based in Baltimore. RPS Solutions LLS started off by building and refurbishing homes to offer the first cheap housing for the residents of Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Founding the company had been Kevin Seawright’s passion for a while. He wanted to make property ownership simpler for the residents of Baltimore.

According to him, the pleasure of owning a home is a significant feature of wealth expansion, and he also believes that homeownership adds the worth of a deteriorating neighborhood. RPS Solutions has formed an affiliation with the Housing & Community Development and the Baltimore City Officials to recondition buildings that home buyers could not consider purchasing.

The latest renewal achievement of the firm involves Seawright’s old friend. Jerel Brown’s mother was Kevin’s workmate at the Baltimore City from the time Jerel was young.

Jerel then approached Mr. Kevin Seawright to help him in solving the problem, and he was advised to buy a renovated home in the Baltimore Metro region. Brown took the opportunity since he wanted to have his first house and make it look like the ones he sees in magazines. Kevin Seawright was excited to assist a young person that was striving to own a home. According to him, it was a great accomplishment to help someone that he has mentored from the time he was a youth.

The RPS Solution LLC is a combined business partnership that renovates houses and sells them at affordable prices for individuals who are purchasing homes for the first time. The company is dedicated to increasing the number of homeowners in the Baltimore region to be more than 48.3 percent, which is the present rate of home ownership. They aim at equalizing or surpassing the number of homeowners in the state.

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