Fabletics: A Winning ECommerce Success Story

The world of fashion has evolved hugely in the past decade or so, as shopping for clothing has moved from shopping in physical stores and onto online sites.

Today the e-commerce fashion world is highly competitive, which means that new startup companies must work even harder to find a place in this glamorous yet hard-charging business arena.


Today, e-commerce fashion companies that want to stay competitive must do more than just deliver great, high-quality fashion at good prices. This is even more true as today Amazon has a 20 percent share of the online market. All of this is driving up competition and making new companies work triple time to get an edge. New companies are expected to deliver quality customer experiences, last mile service and unique branding in order to get into this market and become profitable. It isn’t easy, but some companies are doing it and thriving.


Fabletics Makes a Name For Itself


Fabletics is the activewear line launched by actress Kate Hudson and her partners three years ago. Since then, this fashionable yet affordably priced activewear company has grown and is now valued at $250 million. That’s an impressive figure for any company, but especially for a young startup in a highly competitive industry.


What’s behind this company’s success? The wearability of the Fabletics line is one major attraction. These workout clothes are beautifully designed, so they can be worn in a gym or at a track, but they’re pretty enough to double as outfits for work or social events. Add to this the company’s unique VIP subscription membership, and that’s a formula for real success.


The monthly Fabletics subscription is a service that takes in information about the customer’s workout regime, and applies it to choosing a set of workout clothes that are sent out monthly. Kate Hudson selects the clothes herself, and Hudson’s acute fashion sense is proving to be a major asset.


A Great Spokeswoman


Kate Hudson’s presence as a spokesperson for the clothing line is a major asset as well. With her active lifestyle and athletic looks, Hudson symbolizes the type of customer Fabletics is appealing to. Customers are responding to her and the high quality of the clothing line, as well as its affordable pricing.



There’s no doubt that this ingenious startup has come a long way in the past three years, but this company is showing no signs of slowing down. Be on the lookout for more great fashion from Fabletics coming your way soon.

Jose Borghi Talks About How Design Is Incoporated Into Marketing

Jose Borghi, who is the founder of ad agency. BohhgiLowe, now known as Mullen Lowe, has summarized an interview with creative producer and marketer Jaakko Tammela. The Brazilian born and raised creative expert of Finnish descent has recently been awarded a Cannes Lions award for the area of product design. It was unbelievably for a water pump project and shows just how creativity can help propel a project into the eyes of the viewer. Below are some important take aways from Jaakko Tammela’s interview.

According to Jaakko Tammela, designing should be centered on people. A person centered approach when it comes to design and marketing will create a stand out brand and one that will actually deliver a solution that people will care about. Tammela continues by stressing that this is a key aspect of design and marketing. It is what makes his business sustainable in the long term and that connects people with marketing campaigns. If you take the human element out of it, then you really just have an abstract idea or process. The creative design that uses a person centered approach empowers organizations and get a product out in the market much better than one where the focus in solely on the product.

Both Mullen Lowe Brazil and Jaako Tammela agree that creative design is wedded to branding. Design is vital in order to brand a product and to communicate its specialty. Without design the two marketers agree that you would just have products that created an expectation and not a promise. When creative design and branding are incorporated together in an ad campaign the result is a product that seems real, tangible and that can be interacted with people. That is the groundwork of a successful campaign already in the making points out Jose Borghi.

Creative design can be broken down into three “layers” according to Jaako Tammela. The first layer is the external layer. It involves what we see and hear or our senses. How we relate to a product or service is the second layer of a creative design marketing campaign. The third layer is the meaning we give to something.

To create a successful ad campaign says Jaako Tammela, a creative design must go through and deliver on all three layers. This will ensure that the advertisement has an impact on the viewer and is not just ignored. It is too easy to ignore one of the layers of design when creating an ad. All three must be considered and delivered for a truly successful campaign says Jose Borghi and agreed upon by Jaako Tammela.


Goettl Air Conditioning Reinventing Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a U.S based service company began in the year 1939 by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. The company offers high quality air conditioning services, maintenance, repair and heating services to their clients. The company has expanded its services in Tucson Southern California and Phoenix. The company’s dedication and commitment to their clients has been commended for years for their ability to know what is best for them and how to install it and make their homes more comfortable.



Goettl Air Conditioning works alongside various companies to make sure that they give their clients the best services they can offer. They have partnered with the Sunny Plumber to provide their clients with plumbing services. Moreover, they take care of drainage systems for their clients throughout the areas mentioned that they operate in.



Previously, when the company was still young and starting, they developed evaporative coolers that helped cool the homes and buildings around the country. They sold and installed more than 40,000 homes in Northwest Valley before they became strictly a service provider company and stopped manufacturing.



Goettl has also partnered with other companies in the industry to bring more and better services to their clients around the country. Recently, the company made a public announced about their merge with Las Vegas Air together with the Paradise Air. The merge will involve sharing of resources and employees to better take care of their clients. The companies will also be able to tap opportunities and markets in different areas where the others operated.



Goettl Air Conditioning has more than seventy seven years delivering services to their clients. With all these years, they have learned a great deal of customer service and satisfaction. The company continues to show their excellence and high end commitment to giving their clients comfortable homes to live in.

Brown Modelling Agency; A Hybrid of the Best & Platform For the Rest

Since the summer of 2015 a full-service model and talent agency has been formed by the same individual who created Wilhelmina Austin according to Marketwired. Thanks to the help of Wilhelmina Models network, which at this point in the game has become wildly renown to the point of world infamy, some of the best faces in the modelling game including Talent-South have come together to create the hybrid now known as Brown Agency.

With an extremely fast paced level of development, thanks to their brilliant idea of teaming up so that their many differing talents and skills could properly compliment each other and form an unbeatable force, Brown Modelling Agency has become a true leader in the modelling industry. Because of this ingenious plan, Brown has forged a path to wonderful work opportunities, being able to give their many unique models a chance to work with high end brands such as Toyota, Dell, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, and countless others. But Brown Modelling Agency isn’t actually just for models. Justin Brown, the creator, with the help of Talent-South has come to create one of Austin’s most achieved acting agencies known to this day.

Obviously, Justin Brown would knows a lot about modelling, but what may surprise some is where his interest began. Studying business management in his higher education years, Justin Brown had to figure out a way how to afford his initial adult years. Because of this all too common situation, Brown decided to take up a job in modelling which soon sparked a light bulb in his head that he could do more than just become a classic suit. Growing passionate over the years in the idea of working behind the scenes, Justin Brown decided to change his geared focus and dive straight into the mix of things, going on to work in Development and Placement where he would teach models how to hone their skills and learn how to be the best models possible before Brown would place them into actual working careers.

To say the least he fell in love with it all and we who appreciate the art of fashion and fine photography can’t help but be eternally grateful that he decided to take up that day job so many years ago, for without him and his incredible taste and talent for training models we might not have such an incredible team as that which makes up the Brown Modelling Agency. Justin Brown and his amazing creation that is the Brown Modelling Agency truly is a wonderful creation and a constant inspiration to those everywhere no matter their dreams, but best of all it is one of the best platforms in America today for actors and models everywhere. For more information, visit the agency’s crunchbase page.


The Career of Todd Lubar

In 1995 Todd Lubar attained a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. After graduating he decided to go into the real estate market and make his career in that field. He has over the years worked at a number of different companies and, exercising an entrepreneurial spirit, has founded his own companies as well.

His first position once he graduated from Syracuse University was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a bank that is based in Shreveport, LA. While there he was able to build a large network of business contacts with various people such as insurance agents, financial planners, and real estate agents. After acquiring four years of experience there he found a new position with Legacy Financial Group. At Legacy Financial Group Todd was able to greatly increase the companies’ volume of loans.

Using the experience he gained from these positions Mr. Lubar decided to go into business for himself and so opened his own company, Legendary Properties, LLC. This was a company that focused on residential structures, ranging from single homes to large multi-unit properties. Todd would buy homes that needed work done, had their issues fixed by qualified building trades experts that he had networked with, and then selling the homes for a profit. In this business he was able to again expand his contact list with more real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, and the aforementioned people in the building trades.

Furthering his entrepreneurial spirit Todd Lubar opened another company in 2003 that was called Charter Funding. He became affiliated with First Magnus Financial Corporation which gained him access to a large amount of products and programs that company offers.

Today Todd is the President of TDL Global Ventures, Inc. since 2013. This is a company that is focused on helping people in need. He lives his two children in Bethesda Maryland. Besides his children one of his greatest joys in life is traveling and exploring new places.


Wikipedia releases a list of the most edited Wikipedia articles of 2016

In today’s world, fake news has become so prevalent that many people are posting fake information on websites. For that reason, Stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that the Wikipedia contributors provide you with the best information. Wikipedia does not allow contributors to post biased information. That may be the reason why different articles have been edited severally so as to provide the required information. Listed below is a list of the most edited articles in 2016;

« Deaths of 2016; in 2016 the world lost some of the most renowned celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Prince, Fidel Castro, John Glenn are among the people who passed on n 2016. The article was edited 18,230 times

« Donald Trump; after the 2016 elections, many developments have occurred, and that is why the article was edited 8,933 times, and this is about to change. Trump will take the oath of office on January 20th, 2017. So you should expect much more edits.

« Vincent Van Gogh; this article was edited by the registered Wikipedia editors for the sole reason of clarifying any misunderstanding.

« Fake news website; this is an article that has received a lot of attention for the public. It has received over 1000 edits so far.

Why you should consider Wikipedia

The above-mentioned articles were edited so that they could meet the Wikipedia page editorial standards and also provide worthwhile information. That should however not make you shy away from having your Wikipedia page. If you have a business, then having a Wikipedia page can boost your traffic into your site. Potential clients will be in a position to get access to your company’s information easily.

Did you know that having information about your company on Wikipedia improves your credibility? Yes, people will trust your brand if there is information available about you on Wikipedia. You will also be able to enhance your visibility on your search engine. It is easy for people to notice your company if you take the time to create a page on the site.

You can easily create a business Wiki page for your company. However, if you want it done professionally, you need to hire the experts. Get your wiki is a site with professional writers and also editors who will help you create a significant and credible article about your company.

You know some of the people may choose to edit your content, and you need to nip the problem in the bud. When you hire to get your wiki, you will get their monitoring services. They can monitor your page to avoid any malicious contribution from different people. They are also able to translate the page into any language that you may require.

Get Reliable Healthy Hair That Builds Your Confidence

There are thousands of women around the world that rely on a all natural hair care system that revitalizes and gives their hair resilience. Do you wrestle with your hard to manage hair? Are styling products costing you a fortune? Wen hair by Chaz provides an 95% organic hair solution that is infused with natural ingredients that are known to be highly active on the hair. Their cleansing conditioner has been very popular among women because it has a fast acting dirt removal technology. They unclog your pores to ensure that your hair is allowed to breathe, promoting growth.

Wen by Chaz Products

Wen hair by Chaz is packed with eleven essential vitamins that promise to nourish your hair from root to tip. They provide a rich glow to every strand of your hair with their amazingly, priced products. Most of their products are priced at under $40, reasonably priced for all budgets, http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care. You can get wonderful fragrances that include Mendarin Italian fig and sweet almond to relax you after a long day. Experience the highest industry standard of hair luxury for your locks. You won’t want to go back to your regular hair care regimen once you feel the effects of Wen by Chaz.

Hair Care Products

– Styling products

– Hair therapy system

– Styling creme

– 5 day hair care system

– Moisturizer

– Shampoo

– Deep cleansing conditioner

and much more…

Immerse you hair in a rich aromatherapy that consists of Winter Cranberry or Tea Tree Cleansing Oil. Wen by Chaz makes it easy to get their products to your front door with an easy online ordering process or you can get their products from select retailers which includes Sephora. You’re invited to revitalize your hair today with Wen by Chaz.

Follow Wen hair care on Twitter to get notifications. Also check out WEN hair care on crunchbase.com.