Jose Borghi Talks About How Design Is Incoporated Into Marketing

Jose Borghi, who is the founder of ad agency. BohhgiLowe, now known as Mullen Lowe, has summarized an interview with creative producer and marketer Jaakko Tammela. The Brazilian born and raised creative expert of Finnish descent has recently been awarded a Cannes Lions award for the area of product design. It was unbelievably for a water pump project and shows just how creativity can help propel a project into the eyes of the viewer. Below are some important take aways from Jaakko Tammela’s interview.

According to Jaakko Tammela, designing should be centered on people. A person centered approach when it comes to design and marketing will create a stand out brand and one that will actually deliver a solution that people will care about. Tammela continues by stressing that this is a key aspect of design and marketing. It is what makes his business sustainable in the long term and that connects people with marketing campaigns. If you take the human element out of it, then you really just have an abstract idea or process. The creative design that uses a person centered approach empowers organizations and get a product out in the market much better than one where the focus in solely on the product.

Both Mullen Lowe Brazil and Jaako Tammela agree that creative design is wedded to branding. Design is vital in order to brand a product and to communicate its specialty. Without design the two marketers agree that you would just have products that created an expectation and not a promise. When creative design and branding are incorporated together in an ad campaign the result is a product that seems real, tangible and that can be interacted with people. That is the groundwork of a successful campaign already in the making points out Jose Borghi.

Creative design can be broken down into three “layers” according to Jaako Tammela. The first layer is the external layer. It involves what we see and hear or our senses. How we relate to a product or service is the second layer of a creative design marketing campaign. The third layer is the meaning we give to something.

To create a successful ad campaign says Jaako Tammela, a creative design must go through and deliver on all three layers. This will ensure that the advertisement has an impact on the viewer and is not just ignored. It is too easy to ignore one of the layers of design when creating an ad. All three must be considered and delivered for a truly successful campaign says Jose Borghi and agreed upon by Jaako Tammela.


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