Patty Rocklage is a Leading Marriage and Family Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a seasoned marriage and family therapist. She has experience and excellent communication abilities that enable her to establish meaningful connections with his clients. She feels privileged to help families, couples, and individuals in overcoming their struggles in life. She attended USC and attained her degree in 1981. Patty has been practicing for more than two decades ago. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, a recognized healthcare management guru.


MIT celebrates Dr. Scott and his wife, Patty


Patty Rocklage came up with the idea of giving back to MIT. The idea impressed Dr. Scott, who is the alumnus of the prestigious University. The couple moved swiftly and donated a record $250,000 to subsidize the cost of renovating a chemistry lab. Dr. Scott stated that MIT offered him a strong foundation for his career and personal life. He felt honored to donate towards the MIT’s Chemistry Department.


Dr. Scott and Patty Rocklage received a warm welcome at the chemistry department on July 18, 2016. On that day, the Department hosted a ceremony to celebrate the couple for their contributions towards the upgrading of the chemistry lab space. Professor Bawendi and two of his masters’ students, He Wei and Whitney Hess, gave Dr. Scott and his wife a tour of the newly upgraded lab space. Eventually, Bawendi’s team and the faculty assembled in the vestibule of the chemistry lab, where an engraving in honor of the couple lies. Various professors and department heads paid tributes to the Rocklages for their commitment to the development of research.


Renovating the Rocklage Home


Scott and Patty Rocklage had an opportunity to enjoy a mind-blowing experience after visiting the Kitchen & Bath showroom that currently is the design center for Sudbury Companies. The couple had several renovation projects, which they needed to carry out in their home, and they were in the process of recruiting the best sub-contractors for the job. However, they were not conversant of the house renovation abilities of Ed Freedlender and experienced employees at The Sudbury Companies. The couple was unaware of the capability of the Sudbury Companies to evaluate the whole home and develop a unique synergistic plan that allows the control of all parts from one particular source. They were unaware of the in-depth knowledge that enables Ed Freedlender to avail budget friendly ideas while enhancing the renovation goals of his customers. In addition, they were surprised by the amount of money, time, energy, and resources that they would save by contracting The Sudbury Companies to carry out their full house renovation.


Upon hiring The Sudbury Companies, the Rocklages were impressed with the finished product that consisted of a completely new farmer’s porch, a repositioned front door, a three-season porch, and an overturned front foyer. The exterior landscaping consisted of eco-conscious and cost efficient walkways, a driveway, and Stonewall.


Break Into Wine Industry As Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard

The global wine market did $303 billion worth of business in 2016 alone. Market forecasters are also predicting the expansion of the wine industry going forward. The middle classes of India and China are demanding better products, including wine. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see the wine industry pass the trillion dollar mark in the near future.

Wine is a growth industry, and it is the perfect industry to start a career. It only has room to grow. But in order to break into this incredibly competitive environment, you need education and experience. If you add a little bit of passion on top of that education and experience, the sky is the limit for you in this industry.

There is a perfect position waiting for you at Traveling Vineyard. This online company offers a position called a wine guide. The wine guide is the frontline of sales for the company. Working as a wine guide gives you an incredibly high standard of living because you get to set your own schedule while driving up an endless amount of sales.

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Wine guides are encouraged to start with their own inner circle of friends. Simply make an excuse for a party together some of your friends over. Use the education that Traveling Vineyard gives you to host a wine tasting. You get to pour some of the best wines on planet Earth for your friends. You then get to guide them through the entire wine experience from the look to the aroma to the flavor. It is here that you are getting hands-on education in the wine industry.

Simply relieve your friends some ordering information for the wines of the tasted of the end of the night. Every single order that comes out of your wine tasting makes you money through a commission. You can host as many parties as you would like while making as much money as you can. And all the experience gathered from selling wines to groups of friends and parties is invaluable for a future in the wine industry. After all, that wine won’t sell itself.

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Wen Hair Care is Natural and Beneficial

These days, the main concern of many consumers when it comes to hair care is finding shampoos and conditioners with all-natural ingredients. The Wen hair care system is free of synthetic and harmful chemicals, and features essential oils and plant extracts. The line of products was created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist. Several famous people have even endorsed WEN hair and confirmed that the products do wonders for improving the health of the hair.

The cleansing conditioners are some of the most popular products Wen has to offer. The conditioners are available in pomegranate, sweet almond and lavender varieties, and work to thoroughly remove dirt from the hair and sooth the scalp. These conditioners can also be mixed with water to be used as a leave-in conditioner.

The mousse and styling creme from Wen are best to use after washing and conditioning the hair to lock in moisture and get rid of breakage and split ends. The intense treatment from Wen can also be used after washing and left on for about 20 minutes to repair hair that has been severely damaged through heat or chemical styling. For more information on the hair care routines that are available through the Wen hair care system, visit More product information also available on the WEN Facebook page and Twitter.

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Eric Lefkofsky Uses Data to Improve Health

There is a lot of data out there, isn’t there? But doesn’t life seem to be a bit stuck? Shouldn’t we have a higher quality of life with all of this data? Thankfully, Groupon founder Eric Lefkofsky has created Tempus to use data to help solve modern health problems.


“Making Data Valuable”


GIGO is the acronym for “Garbage In and Garbage Out.” If your data is corrupted or worthless, than the final analysis will also be useless. With all of the data available in the modern world, there should be no starvation, sickness or crime.


Take CCTV video cameras as a simple example. The City of London has the most cameras per square mile of any location on earth. Has the London crime rate fallen?  More on his page.




In fact, the London crime rate has fallen by -10%. Theft and burglary rates have fallen dramatically as the “deterrence” of having so many “eyes” on the streets has made it hard for criminals to hide. Unfortunately, the violent crime rates have not fallen dramatically. As a result of the London results, Chicago has added 22,000 CCTV surveillance cameras, around the city.


“Creating Healthy Lives”


So, with so much data, why can’t all of the world’s health problems be solved? Groupon entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky had found that small merchants were not using data as efficiently as they could have. Could the same concepts used to turn Groupon into a success, be applied to health?


How much health data did doctors have at their fingertips? Many times, the most important inventions arose in different parts of the world, at the same time. Why was that?  Check


Science requires that thinkers share data to increase the mental energy working on a problem. The World Wide Web is a good example. If you have one computer, it can only process so much. When you connect the computers together, you can create a powerful network.  More on this


Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky explained, “You can collect lots of data, but you can’t necessarily analyze all the data.” Cooperation has advanced science before, now Mr.  Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus is following that template to improve health.

The Responsibilities of Litigators Like Karl Heideck in the Administration of Justice

Karl Heideck helps his clients fully understand the litigation process.
Attorney Karl Heideck will walk you through the entire litigation process.

A litigator, also known as a trial lawyer is an advocate who represents the complainants and the defendants in civil cases. Anyone who aspires to become a litigator must have bachelor’s degree in law from an accredited law school, and pass the bar exam.

In addition, the person must also have knowledge of legal research, legal software’s, excellent communication skills, critical thinking, and attention to details, honesty, and responsibility among other key skills. Litigation is a very diverse process which involves various phases like case investigation, pleading, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal. Below is a summary of this processes.

Initial case investigation/Assessment: the trial lawyer conducts a preliminary investigation in order to determine whether there is enough evidence on the complainants’ side to file a lawsuit or what evidence exist on the defendant’s case to defend a possible lawsuit.

Discovery: this phase involves the exchange of relevant information between the parties. The litigator employs various methods to access information relevant to the lawsuit.

Pre-trial: this happens a week to the trial. The litigator finalizes the discovery process and prepares for the final trial. The litigator consults with and gives directions to his clients, preserve expert witness, and develop a trial strategy based on the collected facts and evidence.

Trial: in this stage, the litigator selects a judge or a jury and presents the case in court. The trial lawyer also presents the opening and the closing statements, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and compose an interesting story for the judge through testimony and evidence.

Settlement: most cases are settled long before they reach the trial stage. The litigator may settle a case anytime during the litigation phases. The litigator meditates between the conflicting parties to find a solution.

Appeal: if any party is dissatisfied with the outcome of the trial ruling, they may file an appeal. During an appeal, the dissatisfied party as a higher court to evaluate the trial court proceedings. Under normal situations, the appeal courts only review a case for legal errors only and do not interfere with the evidence.

Karl Heideck is a well-established lawyer with key skills in risk management and compliance practices. Karl Heideck possesses additional skills in the field of legal writing, legal research, product liability, commercial litigation, corporate law, and employment law. Karl Heideck has been practicing law for more than 10 years and resides in Philadelphia Area.

Karl Heideck initially studied English and literature at Swarthmore College and then later enrolled at the Temple University Beasley School of Law where he graduated with honors.



Brown Agency Reshapes Austin’s Modeling Industry to New Standards

Brown Agency is a modeling and commercial talent firm. The company ventured the Austin market in the spring of 2010, and since then, the agency has continually developed to become a leader in the modeling and talent market. The company has continuously strived to establish significant market standards and bring a new expectation to the people of Austin. The firm represents models and actors in various areas such as commercials, industrial video, film, print, catalog, television, trade shows, fashion, voiceover, promotional events, conventions, runaways and corporate events.

Since the opening of the company in Austin, Models and other talents in Austin have grown to work for some of the biggest brands such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Loreal and other big companies in the world. Brown Agency has helped Austin models to grace some of the most significant events such as Fashion Weeks in Austin, New York, Dallas, and Miami Swim Week amongst many others. According to the firm’s president, the company selects the best and prepares them for a larger market level to deliver professional, beautiful, and dependable talents in Austin.

To ensure sustainability, Brown Agency is always searching fresh faces in talent and modeling divisions. The sections are held every Thursday, and anybody who is talented or has the desire to be a model is always welcome. The firm recently acquired Heyman Talent South and its captain Michael Bonee. This move placed Brown Agency at a position to compete with the top agencies in the United States. Currently, the firm is handling over 450 talents.

About Justin Brown

Justin Brown is the owner and president of Brown Agency. The 35-year-old modeling mogul was born in Reno, Nevada and grew up in Susanville California. As a little boy, he wanted to understand what happens behind the cameras. After excelling in other agency jobs, Brown, who studied business management in college, landed in the field of development and placement. In that position, he trained models on how to become pros and placed them in different positions. Once in the modeling business, he worked for several firms in California to beef up his tricks in the industry.


Insurance Company And Former Hawks Ownership In Legal Battle Over Ferry Settlement

The former owners of an NBA outfit have sued New Hampshire Insurance Company. In the lawsuit, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC claim that there was a breach of contract involving settlement claims by Danny Ferry. Ferry, is the former general manager of the group. The former owners also included Bruce Levenson as the controlling partner. However, the suit does not include the current ownership of the group. The current owner’s spokesperson said that they are aware of the complaints, but the principle parties no longer have ties with the team.

The suit was filed in the Superior Court of Futon County. The breach of contract, as well as insurance bad faith claims against the company, also relate to employment practices. This lawsuit has been seen by analysts as just a representation of the many conflicts that usually go unreported among teams that participate in the NBA.

Bruce Levenson’s Background

Bruce Levenson is a former owner of the NBA outfit, Atlanta Hawks. He is also the co-founder of United Communications Group. Although most people know him for his time at the helm of Atlanta Hawks,, he has been involved in many other companies in his career. For instance, he wrote for both the Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. His articles were widely read and that is how he created a following that made him a household name in the entire US.

Apart from writing, Bruce Levenson was a director of TechTarget Inc. and a board member of the Newsletter and Publishers Association. As the president of I have a dream foundation, Bruce Levenson got involved in many charity programs and philanthropy. He schooled at the Washington University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree before joining the American University for a J.D. He says that, he has enjoyed every bit of his remarkable career.

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A Review on Jose Borghi’s Career Life

Jose Borghi is an award-winning advertiser who runs an award-winning advertising agency based in Brazil. He is a self-made and self- accomplished entrepreneur who has risen from grass to grace. He has been ranked by GQ, a fashion and culture magazine, as one of the top 20 advertisers in Brazil.

Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente, a small town in Brazil. Having grown in a town with little exposure, Borghi had no clue about what career he wanted to pursue. Well, not until his sister took him to the Castro Neves theatre and gave him an experience that turned his life around. He watched some of the best ads that had won the Lion Cannes Awards. From that day on, he knew that he wanted to be in the advertising industry and he never turned back. So a few years when he joined The Catholic University, Campinas, he pursued an undergraduate degree in advertising.

When Borghi graduated college, he started out by being employed in some of the leading advertising agency in Brazil, at the time. He planned on first getting adequate experience that using that to start and run his own ad agency. So he worked for some years before collaborating with his long-time friend, Errh Ray, and together they began BorghiErrh.

When BorghiErrh started, Borghi and Ray had not enough funds, the banks wouldn’t lend it to them and investors weren’t that interested in their idea. So, with no money, they had to do everything by themselves- From serving coffee to managing sales. But, that never killed their hopes. The company started to grow with time and Ray decided to buy back his shares. Today the company continue to expand its market share in Brazil, UK and in the USA. Overall, the company, that is now Mullen Lowe Brazil, serves over 65 nations.