A Review on Jose Borghi’s Career Life

Jose Borghi is an award-winning advertiser who runs an award-winning advertising agency based in Brazil. He is a self-made and self- accomplished entrepreneur who has risen from grass to grace. He has been ranked by GQ, a fashion and culture magazine, as one of the top 20 advertisers in Brazil.

Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente, a small town in Brazil. Having grown in a town with little exposure, Borghi had no clue about what career he wanted to pursue. Well, not until his sister took him to the Castro Neves theatre and gave him an experience that turned his life around. He watched some of the best ads that had won the Lion Cannes Awards. From that day on, he knew that he wanted to be in the advertising industry and he never turned back. So a few years when he joined The Catholic University, Campinas, he pursued an undergraduate degree in advertising.

When Borghi graduated college, he started out by being employed in some of the leading advertising agency in Brazil, at the time. He planned on first getting adequate experience that using that to start and run his own ad agency. So he worked for some years before collaborating with his long-time friend, Errh Ray, and together they began BorghiErrh.

When BorghiErrh started, Borghi and Ray had not enough funds, the banks wouldn’t lend it to them and investors weren’t that interested in their idea. So, with no money, they had to do everything by themselves- From serving coffee to managing sales. But, that never killed their hopes. The company started to grow with time and Ray decided to buy back his shares. Today the company continue to expand its market share in Brazil, UK and in the USA. Overall, the company, that is now Mullen Lowe Brazil, serves over 65 nations.

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