Wen to Use It?

It is unlikely these days to not have come across a QVC infomercial for the popular hair product line Wen. Created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist, Wen is touted as an all in one cleansing conditioner. Rooted in the philosophy of using all natural ingredients while taking inspiration from nature, Wen promises it can meet any hair’s needs through various formulas available.

An article by Emily McClure was featured on Bustle in 2016. A lover of beauty products, she documented a her first time experience using Wen over the course of a week. With her naturally fine hair, she chose to test out the Fig formula which caters to frizzy and damaged hair.

Day 1 brought the opportunity to try out WEN hair as McClure’s hair was in bad shape. Having a preference to shower at night, she applied the recommended amount to use which is much more than her usual amount of shampoo. After blow drying her hair, she found an improvement in quality.

Day 2 came along with a surprise of greasy hair roots which normally take a few days for her. Again, she showered at night applying Wen and received the same satisfied results as the previous night.

Day 3 began with slightly oily hair. She used Wen along with heat protectant and texturing paste in the morning, but still had the shine and volume like previous uses.

Day 4 was disastrous as she was unable to shower in the morning and left with greasy hair.

Day 5 offered the chance for a morning shower. She stated the softness Wen provides does not lend well to curling.

Day 6 it was determined the best use of Wen is in the morning.

Day 7 followed the same routine.

When to use Wen? It’s the morning according to McClure. http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589


Mike Baur’s Business Career

Mike Baur has been a successful business professional for over two decades. He first began his career in the banking industry in which he would help businesses find ways to raise capital. After two decades in the banking industry, Mike decided to get involved in startup investing. This would allow him to invest money in new emerging companies on a regular basis. Once Mike experienced a lot of success as an investor, he decided to pursue entrepreneurship and co found his own company. His company is called Swiss Startup Factory. It helps a number of businesses get the help they need in order to make their companies as successful as possible. By starting up his own company, Mike has been in position to add yet another successful venture to his career resume.


At the very beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in the banking sector for a number of banks. When working at banks, Mike was responsible for helping entrepreneurs gain access to the capital they needed. Many entrepreneurs were looking to either start up a company or expand it and therefore needed loans to accomplish this. Baur helped businesses achieve this objective by providing loans to a number of businesses throughout his career. Mike would use his business and finance knowledge to evaluate companies and determine how much they needed and their potential for success.


Although Baur had a successful career in banking, he wanted to move on to another activity in his business career. He would begin investing his money in a number of startup companies. This allowed Mike to use his own capital to make high returns on a frequent basis. Investing in startups proved to be a very successful venture for Mike as he would regularly earn high profits from the startup companies he invested in. This experience with investing in startups also prompted Mike to eventually start up his own business.


After investing in startup companies for ten years, Mike decided to start up Swiss Startup Factory. With this company, he would be able to help businesses by applying the expertise he used in banking and investing. The company holds an event in which entrepreneurs are able to present their idea for a business. Baur and his company then evaluate it and then decide to work with the business owners. Swiss Startup Factory helps businesses by providing advice and guidance on things such as marketing, finance and product development. As a result, many entrepreneurs are in position to improve their chances of building successful companies.



Comparative Law Leader, Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law allows people to compare the legal systems of different societies. Understanding the legal system of different societies is important because it helps people who are doing business in other countries. When doing business in other countries it is important to know the laws of that country so that you can understand wat is illegal and legal. It is also important in the transitioning of laws. In societies that are going through a period of transition, such as a constitutional transition, comparative law is used to understand other legal system so that it can be used to gain knowledge and insights on how to go about the transition. Comparative law is a tool that can be used to gain knowledge that can be used to help people when navagating other legal systems.  Source:  tech.co


Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. Through his education and experience, he has become a leader in the comparative law field. Sujit Choudhry has worked with former Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, who was a judge for the Candian Supreme court. He also serves on the board of multiple organizations and boards including the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law, the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, and the Board of Advisers for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. His education and experience has helped him in beginning an authority on comparative law, as well as a sought-after consultant.


Sujit Choudhry has worked as a consultant for multiple organizations and countries who needed a leader in comparative law. He was helped multiple countries who have undergone a constitutional transition. Such countries include Sri Lanka, Libya, and Jordan. Through his knowledge of legal systems, he was able to develop tools and ideas that help with the transitioning period.

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Comparative law can be used as a tool to understand legal systems. Understanding legal systems is imperative when working within a foreign society. Sujit Choudhry has become an authority figure in the field of comparative law. Through his work, he has been able to help countries and people gain knowledge of other legal systems to meet the specific needs they have.

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Sujit Choudhry and Comparative Law

The world over, the field of comparative law has seen growing interest among a big number of people. This fact has further been boosted by increasing globalization and the widening complexity and intertwining of international public and private law. Thus, it is important to obtain relevant information from the reputable and reliable sources and people who have vast experience in the field. One such person is Sujit Choudhry.


Sujit Choudhry is a world renown professor of law on matters pertaining to Comparative Law. He has a vast wealth of experience the field of comparative law and has acted on various capacities and as an advisor in various countries around the world such as Ukraine, Nepal, Jordan, Egypt and South Africa among many others. Professor Sujit Choudhry advises on a wide array of issues including semi-presidential, rights as well as proportionality.


Professor Sujit Choudhry has also written widely which has seen him publish many articles in the field of comparative law. Professor Sujit Choudhry is also a member of an organization that deals with matters pertaining to comparative law. The organization also partners with global partners, among them, research organizations together with some universities.

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Before he came to Berkeley, professor Sujit Choudhry was a professor in Canada at the Toronto Faculty of Law.


The field of Comparative Law has attracted numerous professionals some of them including lawyers, political scientists and also sociologists. This has led to the fragmentation of research on the field due to the emergence of divergent views and objectives and also compatible methodological approaches. Thus, Comparative law plays a major role in the harmonization and unification of laws internationally, which directly translates into an increased international cooperation and a stable world order.


According to en.wikipedia.org, the field of Comparative Law studies different fields including Islamic law, Chinese Law, Jewish Law, Canon Law, Civil Law together with Common Law. It also borders on the description and in-depth analysis of foreign legal systems, even when there are no comparisons.Its origin can be traced back to the 18th century in Europe although even before that time legal scholars had always practiced comparative methodologies.The purposes of comparative law are as follows:


  1. To perfect the legal systems in effect.
  2. To contribute to the unification of legal systems.
  3. To attain a deeper knowledge of the legal systems in effect.


The Bottom Line.


In order to obtain relevant information on comparative law, it is is good that you seek them from reputable sources, authors and professors.One such key personality with vast knowledge in the field of comparative law is professor Sujit Choudhry.

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