A Glance at Eric Pulier and His Uncommon Varied Tech Profession

Eric Pulier is just more than a graduate from Harvard and at first look; nobody would ever guess that such a young face would achieve so much. He is a published author, a columnist, a publish speaker, a generous philanthropist, a brilliant technologist and a business person who started and developed several victorious startups.

Early Life & Education

Pulier was conceived in New Jersey and while getting to understand his early life; it is a proof that education was just a sharpening tool for his great natural intelligence. He started programming computers when he was a fourth-grade student and by 1984 after completing his high school studies, he commenced a database computer firm.

Entrepreneurial Success

One of the Pulier’s most revolutionary startup is XPrize. The program entails various competitions and prizes targeting people who are interesting in exploring their full potential to another level. The vision of Pulier towards the program was to assist dedicated and potential teens and adults who sought to achieve their dreams with many getting rewarded for their achievement. Akana is also among other several achievements of Pulier which is a SOA software program he established in addition to acquiring other SOA vendors using the same brand.

Philanthropy Work

Pulier is an active philanthropist with one of his major efforts being recognized at Painted Turtle; a camp for kids suffering from chronic diseases where is the cloud operations VP in the organization. He has willingly offered his money and time to make sure the kids in the camp get special medical needs.

Published Works

Another key achievement of Pulier is his book “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. Within the book, he provides an easy-to-understand and concise introduction of his agendas. The book is also greatly rated for its significance, easy readability and depth insight. Pulier has also been a writer in Forbes whereby he exercised his writing skills.

From establishing the initial interactive live feed stream within a space shuttle to assisting individuals with medical necessities, Eric Pulier has left a recognized positive world footprint. He plans to proceed in offering his helping hand, enhancing computer innovation and helping innovative new companies achieve their dreams.


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