How Technology Is Influencing Fashion

Over the years, fashion and technology have gone hand-in-hand. To meet fashion demands, technology companies have been compelled to redesign their gadgets. A testament to this id the evolution of the music players, transforming to the huge boom boxes to the small, portable and stylish that are a common figure in the 21st century.


On the other hand, stylists are nowadays fusing technology into fashion. Ideas that were previously inconceivable, such as robotic garments, have been brought to fruition. Designers are excited by this amalgamation, as it presents them with a myriad of possibilities to explore.


A notable invention attributed to this fusion is the development of bicycle airbags. An improvement on the traditional helmet, this device is designed to protect the cyclist in the event of an accident. When closed, it does not obscure the field of view, a problem associated with conventional helmets. Also, integration of fashion and technology has seen the production of Frontline Gloves, specially designed to ease communication among firefighters.


Moreover, worn out gadgets are being recycled to create fashionable products. Outfits have been created from bicycled tubes as well as recycled radiator copper. Further, energy harnessing apparels have been realized, thanks to the incorporation of style into technology. Currently in the works ae shoes that can charge small appliances such as phones and mp3 players while running.


The achievements realized by the fusion of these two industries has been amazing. However, the future holds an even better and tantalizing prospect.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an esteemed businessman, with hugely successful entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion industry. He is accredited for inaugurating Tory Burch, LLC, a prominent fashion label. Currently, he is the boss as well as the proprietor of Burch Creative Capital, a renowned branding firm, operating from the east coast of the USA, in New York.


An alumnus of the famous Ithaca College, Burch started off his entrepreneurial career while on the campus. He would but clothes and sell them to fellow students at a profit. It was from this business that Chris acquired knowledge, which he later used to create his companies.






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