Anthony Petrello- Leader, Philanthropist and Father

Anthony Petrello, current CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. has served in leadership roles in the company since 1991. He began by being elected to the Board of Directors, and to the Executive Committee in 1991, and has served as the COO and President in the same year, as the Deputy Chairman since 2003, and continuing as President, became chairman of both the Board and Executive Committee. Prior to that, from 1979 to 1991, he served as the Managing Partner of Baker and McKenzie Law Firm’s New York office, where he specialized in international arbitration, corporate law, and taxation, a perfect background for the leadership roles he has taken on in companies since then, such as his role as Director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and a Masters and Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics from Yale University.

Mr. Petrello holds three Board Memberships: Nabors Industries Chairman of the Board and CEO; Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LCC since 2011, and Director of the Board of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have committed $7 million to the hospital’s Neurological Research Institute, to ensure that children with neurological and developmental conditions can reach their full potential.

Their daughter Carena was born barely past the gestational age of viability and drastically underweight, and was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a common defect in premature children due to inadequate oxygenation or blood flow to the brain. Consequentially, she developed cerebral palsy, and other developmental disorders. Per Texas Children’s Hospital website, the Petrollo’s investigated pediatric research institutions around the country and abroad, and found that none of them were conducting research that would make any difference in these children’s lives. They have committed the $5 million upfront, and $2 million to come, for the Neurological institute to ensure that this research is done, not only for Carena, but for all children like her.

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UKV PLC Is A Great Choice Of Wine

UKV PLC is a French wine company that has been renowned as being a reputable provider of wine beverages/products in its respective industry. If you’re not quite sure about exactly what it is offering, please don’t hesitate to read about its reviews and related articles. You may find that it is one that has been reviewed and dated positively by its connoisseurs.

If you are acquainted with fine wine and how it is produced, etc., then it is highly recommended for you to know that the fruits that are used to make the wine will have an impact on the overall taste and quality of it.

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What you may not necessarily know is that many wine products are not made with their fruits completely settled. Meaning, the fruit that is in the liquid of the wine during the manufacturing processes do not sit for as long as they really need to. Due to the improper manufacturing processes of wines, the taste will not be as it was intended to be. Be sure to invest in a wine producing company that has attained an adequate amount of positive reviews like UKV PLC, thus, giving you assurance of knowing that you will be given the product that you had intended on purchasing. The French wine maker has been given great recognition in its respective community of connoisseurs. If you are someone who enjoys comparing tastes of wines, be sure to include this in your choices of samples.

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Dr. Greg Flinch Offering Patients Suffering Musculoskeletal Conditions Excellent Treatment

Back pains, joint dislocations, sports injuries and arthritic knees are some of the common musculoskeletal conditions experienced in modern times. The patient must seek the services of a specialist to ensure successful treatment. The orthopedic surgeon offers a range of services that include diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the affected body part


Arthroplasty is a conventional orthopedic process. Otherwise referred to as joint replacement, the surgical process is carried out on affected body joints including shoulders, knees, finger joints and the spine. Wear and tear of joint ligaments either from an injury or a result of arthritis are among the leading causes of musculoskeletal problems that require arthroplasty. Patients in need of this service undergo an extensive examination process to ascertain the extent of the damage to the affected joint before the creation of a treatment plan. An artificial joint known as prostheses replaces the affected part through a surgical process.


Treatment for bone fractures, infections, and broken bones take the process of infusion. In the process, the surgeon uses bone grafts and metal rods fused within the affected area. The treatment also referred to as a welding process results in the fused parts healing into a single bone.


Dr. Greg Flinch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon affiliated to Rockhampton Hospital. He is a graduate of Auckland Medical School and Royal College of Surgeons in Melbourne. Gregg is a registered member of the Australian Orthopedic Association who has a wealth of experience that spans over 15 years.


Alongside offering his services in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Greg Flinch is an active contributor on the Doctoria’s website. On this platform, patients pose questions and receive guidance on different conditions affecting their health. The platform acts as a fast and convenient solution for better management of health conditions affecting the body.

James Dondero Donates $1 Million Grant to the Dallas Family Place

James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P gave $1 million to the Dallas Family Place, a leading charitable agency that supports family violence victims in the greater Dallas. The donation was granted during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Luncheon Family Place Awards held at the Dallas, Texas Hilton Anatole.


The donations were administered through the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., a charitable division of Highland Capital Management. This contribution is planned to part of the raised capital campaign funds for the next two years. Before this donation, The Family Place had a shortage of $200,000 that needed to advance its Legacy Campaign of supporting family violence victims.


In a declaration, Dondero said that his donation was part of the answer to the cries expressed by Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to help work out family violence life-threatening problems in Dallas.


James Dondero was amazed at how The Family Place was implementing its philanthropic campaign; he expressed great joy and promised future help. He said that his company was contented with putting money in one of the most thoughtful and generous community programs.


Dondero also issued a call to action plan among other stakeholders to help support the Family Place’s tremendous efforts in providing family violence victims with life-changing services and lifesaving shelter.


Part of the donation is meant for constructing a new facility.


Part of the donation is aimed to help create new family violence victims Central Counseling Center. This new building is already under design by the leading design firm and architect Corgan.


The structure is planned to house dental and medical clinics, several emergency shelter bedrooms, multiple groups and individual children counseling rooms among other functions. The structure is intended to help thousands of annual victims who seek for emergency space and shelter.


The real emergency shelter at The Family Place already served under maximum capacity. But this new structure is meant to provide other emergency provisions for teen dating and bullying violence prevention campaigns supposed to target thousands of students. The facility is also planned to have a ground child development center.


Vincent Parascandola Helping AXA Advisors To Achieve Success

The job of AXA Advisors is to help families as well as all kinds of businesses in taking manageable steps and achieve financial security. This kind of service is being provided by them since 1859.


They are well aware that financial security is the biggest goal for everyone even today. They also know that it is a complex situation as various parameters play a role here. Hence the meaning of financial security differs for businesses and individuals. The parameters would be lifestyle requirements, retirement needs, further aspirations, besides current income and the family goals and so on. This is why careful planning has to be done to take this forward.


To ensure financial security, it is important to be able to achieve an early start. It helps to plan well. This can act as a real boost for attaining the financial goals.


A budget needs to be set here. Next step is to stick to that budget to make it work. Next step is to manage debt. This means knowing when credit is to be used and when not. There has to be an emergency fund which should be kept aside for meeting the unexpected needs at all times.


All this requires proper guidance which is provided by Vincent Parascandola. Currently, he is serving as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC.


Vincent Parascandola looks into various portfolios here. These include sales, recruitment, in addition to management development. He is looking after retention, productivity along with the training and development of new financial professionals.


Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years of experience. It was in 1987 that he started his career. This was with Prudential as an agent. At that time he won the award for being the National Rookie of the Year. He moved on in 1990 to join MONY Life Insurance Company. Over here he held several field management posts that were at local and even at regional level. Vincent Parascandola moved on to join AXA Advisors in 2004.


Vincent Parascandola became the president of The Advantage Group. This is a unit of AXA Equitable. He is known for his leadership skills.


How Securus Technologies Is Making Communities Safer on a Regular Basis

Securus Technologies is doing what it can to make communications better between inmates and their respective visitors. Unfortunately, there are still many different correctional facilities that have yet to have it installed into their communications platforms. It is highly recommended for everyone to do what they can to encourage their local courts to have Securus Technologies installed in their respective cities’ correctional facilities’ communications systems, as it has been shown to be a great catalyst of solving crimes. Although it is a great catalyst for solving crimes, it is also important to note that it provides several benefits for both inmates and their visitors.


If you are not quite sure about exactly what Securus Technologies is offering, then please go to the website to read through its press releases, as they do their best to keep people updated on their current missions. It is a wonderful platform that is bringing people and communities together by enabling inmates to remain connected to their loved ones while simultaneously giving courts capabilities of solving crimes by utilizing the conversations that are conducted in its systems.


Securus Technologies consists of a video conferencing method of communications in which the “visitor(s)” communicate with an inmate, whether they are their friend, relative, and/or significant other, from the comfort of their very own residence if that is where they prefer to utilize the program at. It is a safe and secure platform of communications that is offering communities great benefits as it is keeping people connected and safe simultaneously. It is highly recommended for correctional facilities to have Securus Technologies installed into their methods of communications for inmates, as everyone essentially benefits from it. Securus Technologies is a system that has been trialed, tested, and it now being utilized as an ordinary form of communications in select correctional facilities today.


Dr Jim Tananbaum, a Force to Reckon With

Jim Tananbaum is a healthcare guru having been in the industry for more than 25 years. He is currently the chief executive officer and the founder of Foresite Capital that was founded in the year 2011 and is based in San Francisco. Foresite Capital comes in handy to many upcoming healthcare leaders by providing growth capital, both public and private entities. The company has $ 1.1 billion dollars in form of assets. This year (2017), Jim Tananbaum has been listed by the Forbes magazine in the Midas list as one of the 100 best tech venture investors for the third year in a row. The Midas list strives to recognize venture capitalists who go out of their way to create remarkable and extraordinary service for their entrepreneurs. He is an alumnus of Yale University, Harvard University and MIT. Visit Peloton Therapeutics for more details.

Dr. Jim has sat in many advisory boards in various universities. He is a founder of many healthcare firms and has subsequently presided over managerial positions in the firms. Dr Jim Tananbaum was a cofounder of GelTex pharmaceuticals that was later sold for $ 1.6 billion. GelTex pharmaceuticals has been credited for having brought useful drugs to the market. Currently, the drugs inject a total revenue of $ 1 billion. Notably, Jim has taken over board duties and advisory roles in many firms like Jazz pharmaceuticals, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Tarsa Therapeutics and Ameri group. He has been paramount to the success of these ventures.

Dr. Tananbaum spends quality time and finances trying to study the market trends and the companies he has invested in, thus making him a good role model to many investors out there. It is worth noting that Dr Jim Tananbaum has been the brain behind the formation of various franchises in the vast healthcare sector in the last 25 years. His zeal has enabled his growth through these years.

Notably, Dr Jim is a fan of contemporary art. His entrepreneurial skills is something to write home about, and many upcoming healthcare leaders should emulate Dr Jim Tananbaum and desire to make a change in the world.

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Leveraging Network Marketing Success to Drive Business and Charity

Talk Fusion is a business marketing communications provider famous for its groundbreaking video platforms. The company is based in Florida and provides innovative video communications platforms and digital marketing services. The CEO and Founder, Bob Reina started it in 2007. Talk Fusion was the first company to provide seamless full package video marketing solutions to businesses. The solutions help businesses accelerate their sales pipelines and positively influence lives.


Besides overseeing a rapidly growing company, Bob Reina is also an exceptional motivational speaker and author. Recently in April, he contributed two articles to HuffPost titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” He brings years of marketing and technology experience to the table.


In a news article posted recently, Bob Reina points out that a brand should be ready to innovate and evolve to achieve success regardless of its history. The partnership comes at an opportune time when HuffPost just rebranded from The Huffington Post and updated its mission statement. The new-look HuffPost is now focused on being the voice of the unheard and looking to foster discussions on culture and fulfillment.


Bob Reina, who has been publishing on the news platform since 2016 focuses on technology trends, marketing, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Bob Reina is set to leverage the success of Talk Fusion to enjoy a stronger relationship with HuffPost that opens the door to over two hundred million readers.


Video has become king as the media-marketing platform of choice. The Talk Fusion platform allows business to engage their associates through live video conferencing platforms that are scalable to any device. Additionally, a video chat app enables video calls between heterogeneous devices. This improves communications enabling quicker decision times. Video marketing solutions increase above-the-line visibility and enable businesses to extend their reach.


The service offering includes video-based chat, newsletters and email, sign-up forms, live meetings, and video conferencing. The firm has gained tremendous success utilizing innovative network marketing strategies to achieve a worldwide reach. It enjoys an affiliate network of independent associates in over 140 countries. It fosters a strong culture of giving with Bob Reina setting the pace and encouraging associates to make meaningful contributions that change people’s lives in their local communities.

Investing in HVAC

One of the most important aspects of owning a home is the HVAC. A lot of HVAC companies are just there to try and make some money off of them in the short term by over charging for simple services that are not expensive to take on. If you are ready to learn how to help others, this is a great company to work with. Goettl is a company that wants to change things in the future, and they are investing heavily in technology in a variety of ways.




From the time the company was started, Goettl has always been about adding value to their customers in a variety of ways. This is one of the leading ways in which you can take things to a new level in your life and career. Goettl is a company that is focused on helping others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but they are ready and willing to help people who will help themselves by investing in quality equipment. One of the most important factors that determines the life of your HVAC unit is how you treat the unit during the off season. Always make sure that you are able to work on your unit before things get bad. Finding a problem on the front end is one of the most important things that you can do in your part of owning a home. Overall, Goettl is a growing company that has a great reputation in this booming industry.


Clay B. Siegall’s knowledge of ADCs and Cancer Treatment

Clay B. Siegall is a science expert who is renowned due to the excellent research that he has conducted on cancer. He is a co-founder of a pharmaceutical corporation that is known as Seattle Genetics. Siegall also serves the company as its CEO and president. Since the founding of the enterprise in 1998, it has been dedicated to conducting detailed research, scientific discoveries, and creating new drugs. Clay has been working hard to develop various therapies that be utilized in treating cancer patients. The doctor has played a significant role in the developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) at Seattle Genetics. The first ADC that the company created was called ADCETRIS®. The drug was licensed by the FDA in 2011, and it is currently sold in more than 65 countries. Seattle Genetic collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to ensure that ADCETRIS® becomes an international brand. The company’s researchers have been striving to develop different types of ADC that can cure cancer.


Dr. Clay Seigall has assisted his company is getting different strategic licenses that have enabled it to manufacture and supply its drugs on a global scale. The primary medicines that have been developed by the firm include GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Genentech, and Pfizer. The corporation has currently raised revenue of more than $350 million from selling the drugs across the world. Seattle Genetic’s technology has been used in the formation of more than 20 ADCs. The company manufactures the drugs internally and also joins efforts with other corporations to develop them externally. Clay Siegall has established excellent strategies that have assisted the firm in securing funding. It has raised more than $1.2 billion since 2001.


Clay had an opportunity to work for different pharmaceutical firms before he established Seattle Genetics. His first employer was the National Cancer Institute, and he later moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has also sat on the management boards of corporations such as Washington Roundtable, BioPharmaceutica, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. Siegall is focused on the research that he conducts. He has to date written more than 70 publications and has 15 patents for the products that he has developed.