Kim Dao Gets A Total Hair Makeover In A New Vlog

In one of Kim Dao’s more recent vlogs, she takes viewers on a journey to a hair salon in Harajuku. Kim Dao had been getting a bit tired of her pink/purple hair color, so she decided to get a completely new hairstyle in a salon called Number76 Nalu. If you want to follow Kim Dao’s Harajuku adventure, be sure to check out her video

TIME FOR A CHANGE – New Hair! + Wego Event.”


Before Kim Dao goes to her hair appointment, she says she needs to attend a WeGo event in Harajuku. As Kim Dao enters the event, she says that the WeGo organizers told her to pick any tee shirt she wanted for free. Kim Dao chooses a mustard yellow shirt for summer. She then stops by to see all the free food and drinks offered at this special event. Learn more here:


After the WeGo event, Kim Dao rushes to her appointment at Number76 Nalu. She films her hair transformation from start to finish. Also, Kim shows us a cute bag of goodies Number76 gave her.


As you can see from Kim Dao’s final look, the hair stylists tried to get all the pink out of her hair. Kim’s hair looks somewhat ashy color, which she absolutely adores.


Later on, Kim Dao grabs a bite to eat with a friend in Tokyo. She says she feels like a different person with her new hairstyle. Learn more here:


At the end of the video, Kim Dao sends a shout out to Yoshiatsu Iijima who styled her hair at Number76 Nalu. She also says she’s extremely tired and should really go to bed before work tomorrow.

Learn more here:


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