Fighting the War on Drugs with Securus Technologies

My job as a corrections officer in a very crowded jail is dangerous enough with adding drugs into that volatile mix. Each day we are trying our best to keep drugs from getting to the inmates, because even the most calm inmate can become difficult to handle when under the influence. We have a few ways that we attack this problem head on in an effort to win this war on drugs inside our prison.


We begin each day like always, setting up in the visitor center so we can carefully screen visitors and inmates. This is a very important procedure because it is the only place where the inmates get to interact so closely with people outside the jail. If we do not have our heads on a swivel, things could easily change hands all day long. Even after the visit, we search each inmate to make certain they are clean.


Some days we try to surprise inmates with surprise cell inspections, but they always seem to be just one step ahead of our efforts. When we discovered that Securus Technologies was installing a new updated version of our inmate call monitoring system, we realized quickly that we had yet another resource for uncovering drugs inside the jail.


Securus Technologies is in over two thousand jails around the country, and the company objective is making our world safe, something we can all rally around. Soon after listening to calls, we heard conversations about inmates hiding drugs inside the cells. There was one call where an inmate talked about putting drugs in the yard so he wasn’t responsible for them in his cell. One call revealed exactly who was being asked to bring the drugs to the facility, and which inmates were taking the drugs and selling them to other inmates.


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