What Clients Have to Say About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. Over the past decade, they have worked to acquire a number of companies that are involved in solving and preventing crimes. The company has become one of the largest providers of detainee communications along with parolee tracking.


Serving over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states, Securus Technologies specializes in meeting the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities. They provide options for family and friends to communicate with inmates. The software is also able to identify potential problems by reviewing the calls using advanced features.


Facility managers who use Securus Technologies have said that the assistance provided by the advanced technologies help with searching phone calls for information and collect information regarding selling drugs, use of alcohol, and various incidents past and present.


Facilities are impressed with the vision of the company, the covert alert features, and the aggressive investigative mindset that Securus Technologies has. It’s what sets the company apart from other communications and software development companies. They are extremely focused and their clients understand the emerging capabilities are what is needed in their day-to-day operations. Many clients have been using Securus Technologies for over a decade because of the software solutions that are offered.


An Insight into the Life of Jason Hope

Jason Hope feels that he has a moral responsibility to change the lives of the people around him. He then mentions that since he has been blessed with resources, he has the ability and capability. He says that his main goal in life is seen the Arizona community thrive. This is why he spends some considerable amount of his money helping reverse the effects of the aging process. He also mentions that he is currently looking for companies that embark on this mission. In this field, Jason Hope is currently involved with a company called the SENS foundation that focuses on reversing effects of aging. In his own words, Jason Hopes says that he just doesn’t want to get a cure for aging, he is looking for a way that he can reverse the process. He is one in a kind as the other organizations just focus on finding a cure for aging.

Jason Hope is also enthusiastic about technology. This might be the reason why he is called a futurist. According to Jason Hope, technology is the future. He says that he focuses in different areas in technology, especially in his research and development. At the moment, Jason Hope mentions that he is involved with gaming software, desktop software as well as mobile apps. He mentions that he focuses on technology that has the ability to connect people. This means that he wants to make life easier and enjoyable through this technology. For instance, Jason Hope says that his technology can be used to improve infrastructure.

When adopted by enterprises, they have the ability to look at trends and develop state of the art solutions and services. Jason Hope says that business opportunities begin with a simple idea. However, according to the investment guru, this is just the beginning, and more is to follow. Jason Hope then says finding way to get your idea of the ground is the toughest thing. This is why Jason Hope prides himself in acting as a mentor to upcoming entrepreneurs. For instance, Jason Hope is known for offering starting capital to college and high school students who have a good business idea.

Jason Hope Social Media: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Avaaz Civil Organization of The Future

Avaaz is a US based Civic Organization which derives its name from Persian word Avaaz meaning voice or song.The organization was launched in January 2007 and co-founded by Res Publica. The organozation aims to resolve issues such as animal rights,human rights,climate change,conflict,poverty and corruption through bringing people-powered politics to decision making.

Avaaz has no clear ideology but aims to bring into realization the world we want .Although it is only 5 years old it has an online activist network of around 44,928,679 members.Remarkably it also has campaigns in 17 different languages on 6 core continents.

Through its petitions platform it supports the starting and winning of campaigns.It also gives members a decision whether or not to join a campaign instead of straining for consensus.The organization mainly takes action through petitions,funding media campaigns.Also direct actions such as sending emails,calling and lobbying.

As it is fully member funded and rejects funding from cooperates and governments, it is not easily swayed or influenced by them.

Avaaz has continually made efforts for a better world.So far it has helped in the establishment of a no fly zone over Libya which assisted to bring military intervention in Libya.In 2009 it set up Proxy servers in Iran to help Iranian presidential protesters send videos.It has also given support to the Syrian Civil uprising which preceded the Syrian Civil war in various capacities.

Though some of its methods have been criticized it is widely praised for bringing many people globally together and uniting them for a common cause.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz

Nick Vertucci And His Real Estate Expertise

There are quite a lot of people who are hoping to find affordable housing in California, and there are many who cannot find it. Nick Vertucci has a strong opinion on hos the California real estate market must be corrected, and he is running a real estate academy that helps people learn how to manage their own investments. This article explains how Nick is helping people become more successful in real estate.


#1: The NV Real Estate Academy


There are many people who come to NV Real Estate Academy to learn about investing, and they are studying how to become more profitable because of the investments they have made. It is much easier for a student to learn how to manage their money when they study with Nick, and they will learn how he believes they should work in the California market.


#2: His Opinons On The California Real Estate Market


Nick believes that the market will correct itself quite a lot in the coming months, and he hopes that the state government will take quick action. He believes that it is much easier for the state to have legislation passed that will solve many of their problems, and he knows that many investors such as himself will be pleased to see these things change. Anyone who has concerns about how they will invest must wait and watch to see what will happen.


#3: There Are Many People Who Invest


The California market is quite large, and someone who is hoping to invest will find that they may must make changes to the way that they are investing. They must adapt to the market as Nick has, and he is training people to ensure that they will make more money. The person who is making the most money from the real estate market will study Nick Vertucci and how he has made his money.


#4: Nick Is An Expert


Nick Vertucci is known as an expert in California real estate, and he wants to ensure that the people he works with know the proper information that is required for their investments. He knows that there are many people who will need his expertise, and he reaches out to clients every day for help.



Steps taken by Avaaz Organization

Avaaz was launched in 2007 as a civic organization intending to promote global activism on matters like human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. Avaaz was cofounded by Res Publican and MoveOn Organization. The Service Employees International Union supported the organization, which was among its founding partners. Ideally, those who worked together and cofounded the organization included Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser was is the Executive Director of MoveOn, Tom Perriello who is the former Virginia Congressman. David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse also took an essential part in co-founding the organization. Currently, Ricken Patel stands in as the President of the organization.
Avaaz has not been taking any form of donations from corporations or foundations instead it relies on the fundamental generosity of members willing to contribute to the group. Ideally, various foundations have funded Avaaz’s start-up cost and staff since the year 2009. Focusing on global campaigns is Avaaz’s major project in which individuals from more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Lebanon and the United Kingdom take part in the global campaigns. Avaaz may use commissions and advertisements to ascertain which initiatives are best for campaigning. The organizations claim to be uniting practical ideologists who come from various places in the world.
Avaaz supports progressive causes like advocating for global actions to be taken against climate change, helping the refugees by building greater global support etc. Avaaz has been offering global support to various countries around the world. The organization seeks to administer peaceful initiatives at all costs regardless of the country it adopts. This has allowed it to gain more popularity through the years.

More info on Avaaz can be found by following them on Twitter.

The Success of Lori Senecal

There are certain people who’ve had brilliant careers; careers that inspire generations to come. One such person is Lori Senecal. Over the course of her career, her name’s become synonymous with corporate expansion. In some cases, the company she worked for created brand new positions just for her.

Senecal’s career was born of success. For her, it all started at McCann Worldgroup. McCann was the first big company that gave Senecal a chance to prove herself. Very quickly, she excelled passed her coworkers, earning herself a promotion to Global Chief Innovation Officer. She later moved to the New York office of McCann Erickson. Visit Business to know more.

While working her way up the ladder, she earned herself and the company numerous awards and recognitions. She was named one of AdAge’s “Women to Watch”, and the company was listed as one of the “Best Places to Work in NYC”. She also won a Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards event.

After leaving McCann, she joined KBS. By this time, she’d built an impressive resume for herself; earning her both the Global Chairman and CEO roles at KBS. As it is her specialty, she grew KBS on an international scale. KBS went from a domestic firm to employing over 900 people worldwide.

Nearing the end of her career at KBS, she joined CP+B. Almost immediately; she began making an impact on the company and its culture. Lori turned CP+B into one of the most inventive, agile, and collaborative firms in the business.

According to Adage, her leadership and strong focus did not go unnoticed by the company’s Board. She was named Global CEO shortly after fully dedicating herself to CP+B. Before Lori Senecal, CP+B never had a Global CEO. One of her first accomplishments was being named as one of four “Agency Executives to Watch”.

As Global CEO, she’s in charge of the entire company’s international development. Her biggest tool used to achieve this goal is coordinating with ten of the firm’s international offices. Along the way, she’s also collected high-profile clients.

Reference: http://inspirery.com/lori-senecal/

Cancer Treatment Centers of America adopts new system

Treating cancer is difficult even for the most talented of oncologists. Research on the disease focuses on many different areas. The previous sentence needs some clarification. Cancer is not one signal disease, but a collection of diseases. All of them have different causes, and vastly different success rates. Cancer is caused when cells mutate and the cells in question start dividing out of control. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on using cutting-edge research. It can be difficult for doctors to keep up with all of the latest research. The organization has introduced a new system to help deal with this. Clinical Pathways tries to clear out all of the clutter and give the doctors access to the information that they need.

Although the center is patient centered, the doctors who work their deal with dozens of patients during a day. They have to make sure the patients are being treated properly and oversee their care. There are times when they may need to provide some medical need for the patient personally. It may not be able to met in any other way.

Doctors receive ongoing education, but no one can keep up with every single paper published in all respected scientific journals and manage patient care at the same time. Clinical Pathways is a new health informatics system that makes keeping track of all these things easier. It can manage all of the professionals, from the doctor down to the certified nursing assistant. It allows doctors to focus on what should be their core business: treating patients.

USHEALTH Group – Best Innovative Solutions for Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company that offers many different types of plans that are specifically tailored to each client. Their subsidiaries of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance which has been dedicated to providing life insurance, accident and disability, along with many more types. One of the valued qualities of USHEALTH Group is the options available. Their wide varieties of choices allow families, individuals and businesses to choose the best plan specifically catered to their needs. Their company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, where they proudly serve approximately 15 million customers.


USHEALTH Group has insurance options for everyone. Customers who have a specific budget and know exactly what they can afford will find a great plan that is valuable and less worrisome. They can opt for a plan with a smaller deductible, which is less they have to come up with in the event that they would need to use their insurance. They also have plans for customers who have a more extended budget, and are willing to exceed their expectations with a multitude of choices. No matter which type of coverage they choose, each advisor will ensure that you understand exactly what your plan includes. They understand that health insurance and its regulations can be confusing and hard to understand. They enter into a highly extensive training program, which involves a lot of experience, so they can work with you to get you set up with the right plan that is suitable to meet all of your needs.


USHEALTH Group works under two truths of business conduct. They realize that not every case is going to be the same, and each plan will be different. By understanding that each client is unique, it gives them the benefit to approach the case with the ability to provide an insurance plan with ease and confidence. USHEALTH Group takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and quick claim processing. They have been named as one of the top 50 North American call center’s in 2013 and are privileged to announce their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

White Shark Media Digital Agency Review

White Shark Media is a digital agency based in North America, the company has recently been ranked among the fasted growing companies nationally. White Shark Media is internationally renowned for its exceptional standards of services and high quality of services. Additionally, White Shark Media serves the primary role of supporting the growth of other related companies. White Shark Media has an impressive portfolio of boosting the sales of several small businesses by offering them intensive online marketing training.

Rapid growth realized at White Shark Media is directly attributed to their economical marketing campaigns. Further, the company has successfully used several marketing blogs to enlighten its clients on various digital products and services. Intensive innovations at White shark Media form the core pillar upon which success of the company is founded. For the record, White Shark Media has competently served as Google Adwords Premier and Bing Ads Elite SMB partner since 2014. For this reason, White Shark Media has gained popularity and competence in its line of work. Owing to the rapid increase in its scope of operation, White Shark Media resolved to build an extra facility covering 6,000m2 to accommodate the rise.

Experience and professionalism are two distinct attributes that have positively contributed to the success at White Shark Media. The dual have consistently resulted to high performance and quality in the company thus yielding quantifiable outcomes. Most important, White Shark Media has a good record of protecting its Net Worth. For this reason, the company has attracted a range of tributes from its partners and clients as well.

According to White Shark Media, Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program was particularly formed to foster the overall expansion of businesses that do not have the necessary resources and time to manage their business sales campaigns. Several companies admit having mutually benefited from this business program. A case in point, improved performance at printing service in Washington. On the other hand, automotive industries from Idaho greatly benefitted from controlled AdWords courtesy of White Shark Media.

E-commerce is yet another service offered by White Shark Media, particularly to startup companies to boost their online presence at relatively low costs. In summary, this improvements have been ultimately realized through Google analytics, shopping campaigns, SEO, and AdWords among others. Competence in web design, recognition of independent efforts by workers, good working condition and sound business culture have all positively contributed to the success at White Shark Media.