Cancer Treatment Centers of America adopts new system

Treating cancer is difficult even for the most talented of oncologists. Research on the disease focuses on many different areas. The previous sentence needs some clarification. Cancer is not one signal disease, but a collection of diseases. All of them have different causes, and vastly different success rates. Cancer is caused when cells mutate and the cells in question start dividing out of control. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on using cutting-edge research. It can be difficult for doctors to keep up with all of the latest research. The organization has introduced a new system to help deal with this. Clinical Pathways tries to clear out all of the clutter and give the doctors access to the information that they need.

Although the center is patient centered, the doctors who work their deal with dozens of patients during a day. They have to make sure the patients are being treated properly and oversee their care. There are times when they may need to provide some medical need for the patient personally. It may not be able to met in any other way.

Doctors receive ongoing education, but no one can keep up with every single paper published in all respected scientific journals and manage patient care at the same time. Clinical Pathways is a new health informatics system that makes keeping track of all these things easier. It can manage all of the professionals, from the doctor down to the certified nursing assistant. It allows doctors to focus on what should be their core business: treating patients.

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