Steps taken by Avaaz Organization

Avaaz was launched in 2007 as a civic organization intending to promote global activism on matters like human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. Avaaz was cofounded by Res Publican and MoveOn Organization. The Service Employees International Union supported the organization, which was among its founding partners. Ideally, those who worked together and cofounded the organization included Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser was is the Executive Director of MoveOn, Tom Perriello who is the former Virginia Congressman. David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse also took an essential part in co-founding the organization. Currently, Ricken Patel stands in as the President of the organization.
Avaaz has not been taking any form of donations from corporations or foundations instead it relies on the fundamental generosity of members willing to contribute to the group. Ideally, various foundations have funded Avaaz’s start-up cost and staff since the year 2009. Focusing on global campaigns is Avaaz’s major project in which individuals from more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Lebanon and the United Kingdom take part in the global campaigns. Avaaz may use commissions and advertisements to ascertain which initiatives are best for campaigning. The organizations claim to be uniting practical ideologists who come from various places in the world.
Avaaz supports progressive causes like advocating for global actions to be taken against climate change, helping the refugees by building greater global support etc. Avaaz has been offering global support to various countries around the world. The organization seeks to administer peaceful initiatives at all costs regardless of the country it adopts. This has allowed it to gain more popularity through the years.

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