ClassDojo App Conquering the Challenges of Classroom Management

Classroom management is one of the top pillars of success of any educational program. Accordingly, an educator should be ready to try a wide of strategies that can help him or her overcome some of the challenges that come with classroom management. Crafting strong relationships with students, patents and other educational stakeholders; designing lessons that are student-focused; and setting up clear expectations for your students can all go a long way in constructing an effective and successful classroom management structure.

One of the best apps in the market today that makes classroom management a breeze is ClassDojo. Launched in 2011, the app provides a communication platform for teachers, students, and parents by allowing them to share information, events, pictures, and important announcements among themselves. The app also helps students develop important behavioral skills such as teamwork and empathy by enhancing instantaneous teacher to student feedback.

How it works

To use the program, the school administrators need to register for a free account, and then create what is referred to as ‘classes’ for their students. Initially, the students can access program using passwords; after creating accounts, however, they are allowed to use customized avatars, access classes, and see their individual progress.

Additionally, parents and other educational stakeholders can also access the app whenever they are invited by the school administrators or teachers, and can visualize the progress of the students and other important information as shared by the teachers. This means that teachers not only have an opportunity to reward their students with positive feedback in real-time whenever they complete or excel in certain activities but can also communicate directly with parents and other interested parties through the platform. What’s more, the app is customizable, and teachers can always change the skills that they need their students to adapt at any given time.

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