How Preston Smith Did So Well with What’s Become Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in Redwood City, California, in 2007 with help from business partner and fellow educator John Danner. The pair has wanted to please children from families with low incomes since Smith started teaching in poor areas of San Jose in 2001.

Mr. Smith knew he wanted to help Hispanic children living in San Jose alongside him, so he went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study their culture. He immediately traveled to San Jose to enroll his help in bringing top-notch educational facilities to deserving communities around the world.

Parents should tell their children that they are very proud of Rocketship Education becoming such a large network of public schools, rather than underperforming like many of those that have to adhere to the rules of local boards of school directors.

Teachers are evaluated with their inputs in mind, as they often take care of panel interviews that allow parents to see candidates up close and in person, rather than being handed down decisions from administrators that don’t value the opinions of each and every parent.

Some parents and educators, like Preston Smith, found charter schools with the help of concerned neighbors, friends, and peers.

Culturally responsible schools typically experience more success using a number of metrics. Students whose teachers are not of the same background as themselves are likely to block out things that teachers say and not value their opinion as much as others’.

Rocketship Education was founded with the vision of bringing quality educations to everyone, even if they were unfairly born to high-poverty areas that their parents are a part of.

Rocketship Education is consistently known as a leader in innovation in the world of education. Preston Smith often shared things about teaching, including lessons for educators, that he feels others should benefit from, hoping to better education even if they improve only by the smallest margins.

Sip, Savor, Repeat. A Night of Wine Tasting Hosted by The Traveling Vineyard

For those who love to entertain, hosting a full scale wine tasting can be a wonderful way for a variety of people from different social circles to enjoy a memorable experience without the hassle of a formal dinner.

Many people often shy away from hosting a wine tasting party because they think they need to be a highly sophisticated sommelier to host one. However, you can easily tap into the resources of the Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides to guide the entire tasting process. This leaves you, as the host, to sit back, relax and enjoy the tasting process without the typical stress of hosting.

Unlike a cocktail party or sit down dinner, wine tastings can be a surprisingly affordable way to gather friends in your home and they require very little preparation, shopping and even little cleanup, making them easy on the host. Many people enjoy this because the host can do the tasting at their own pace and guests can converse throughout the entire process both about the wine they taste and any other topic of conversation.

As a host, you decide exactly how you would like your wine tasting to be and the Wine Guide shows up to provide the tasting and to make your evening a success for your guests.

The Traveling Vineyard is a unique and fun company that uses a team of hosts to provide in home tastings of some of the best wines on the market today. These hosts are called Wine Guides and they connect with hosts to provide free in home wine tastings. They help the host prepare for their tasting and then lead the actual event, walking guests through a tasting of some truly great wines. At the end, Wine Guides collect order information and The Traveling Vineyard’s corporate headquarters manages the rest of the process. The company was founded in 2001 to share the love of wine with other wine enthusiasts and to make the experience of purchasing wine more unique and exciting than just a trip to the local merchant or grocery store. For more info about us: click here.

Interested in becoming a Wine Guide and having your own home based business? Who wouldn’t want to earn a great income while setting your own business hours? The Traveling Vineyard provides all of its new Wine Guides with a local mentor as well as a plethora of online resources to become a successful entrepreneur and share a mutual love of wine.

Greg Secker’s Interview with CEOCFO

Greg Secker is the founder and CEO of the world’s leading forex trading platforms, Learn to Trade. In addition to being an educator, Greg Secker is a philanthropist, international speaker, entrepreneur and master trader. He has made tons of wealth through his business and spends his time helping other people to learn the tricks of the game.

To get to where he is today, Greg Secker has lived by the philosophy “I am not a why guy. I am a why Guy.” He told the CEOCFO that during the times when people questioned his business moves, he would always ask why not. With this philosophy he has tried out most of his ideas and has been very successful.


Greg Secker is very successful in the finance industry even if he studied agriculture in school. Wondering how he got to the finance industry? Well, during his college days, Greg Secker used to sell computers. It was then that he got interested in computer programming and started coding. With time, he had become quite a geek and even got a chance to demonstrate his talent at a fair. It was during the fair that he made friends with an employee of Thomas Cook. Later on, the employee recommended him for a vacancy and he was considered.

Working at Thomas Cook, Greg Secker was asked to help build the first online trading platform. He would work with expert traders all day. In order to make the platform void of errors he had to learn everything about trading. And, that is how he came to know and love forex trading.

After working for Thomas Cook for several years, Greg Secker was admitted by Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. With the new job, he had a lot of time in his hands, which he used to start his own trading platform. Initially, he borrowed 5,000 Euros and by the end of the year, the money had multiplied 12 times. This gave him the courage to quit and start his own company , where he would not only trade but also train people how to trade.


Michel Terpins’ Soft Swift Rally Career

The pair of Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo has periodically participated in the Sertoes Rally championship competition. It seems expertise is always followed by fortune then success. The duo is are skilled in racing motors and know very well how to masquerade through stress, bad weather, and terrains of different nature. They have participated in a number of competition ranking top in most or basically among the best.

Michel Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo had some challenging yet victorious season during the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally. The long stretches had an uneven terrain with a deep fissure of land and rock grounds along with some steep mountainous regions. So when the duo ranked fifth in the overall Sertoes rally, this was celebrated more considering the toil they had gone through since setting off. Michel Terpins said their most second-day taxing, but from the day’s performance, everything looked quite promising and achievable.

Another win had preceded this during the 24th rally championship. They had boarded the T-Rex by the MEM Motor manufacturing group. Their scores ranked them among the best scooping the top ten position – seven to be precise. This too had been a demanding race; the race had been characterized by numerous depressions, soil erosion and meandering difficult roads. As Maykel Justo would say, it was fun though exacting on your energy.

About Michel Terpins

He is a renowned Brazilian rally driver who is signed in with the Bull Sertoes Rally Team under the Category T1 prototypes. Michel Terpins is the younger brother of Rodrigo Terpins (four years older), another talent to watch in rally competition. Rodrigo during the 22nd edition performed exemplary well; which was a 155km stretch from Goiania. He came in first at a timing of 2 hours.

Michel Terpins has been accorded honor in the rally championship year after year, although there are seasons he has been out as the 22nd edition when they experienced a car mechanical failure. However, this just a few occurrence success and good performance is the most notable feature of his professional racing career. His car No. 322 has an honorary seal of being carbon-free by the Green Initiative. This a movement for environmental conservation and preservation through planting trees and eliminating the emission of carbon.

Short Seller, Kerrisdale Capital LLC, Raises $100 Million for a Single-Stock Bet

Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised $100 million, in the bid to bet against a single stock in a transaction deemed to be one of a kind, a link close to the source told Reuters. Occasionally, hedge fund managers tend to raise money to focus on a specific investment thesis, like the recovery of energy firms in distress or securities backed by residential mortgages. However, Kerrisdale, a small firm based in New York, intends to use the fund to short stocks in a soon-to-be-determined company.

“We’ve raised $100 million of capital within a short period and taken a firm more than $10 billion, and we plan to get everyone on board regarding the insights we have about the deal,” wrote Adrangi, in an email to investors. Adrangi, together with Kerrisdale analyst, Shane Wilson are preparing a report, video and an online site to convince other relevant parties about their thesis, revealed the email. The company (TBD) is set to be revealed in mid-May due to the nature of the transaction, which is not yet ready for public release. Acquisition of stocks is underway, so the company maintains its position in the ye-to-be-mentioned firm.

Today, Kerrisdale manages $500 million, inclusive of the fund. Some of its short positions include Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen, as well as Satellite firm, Globalstar.

About Sahm Adrangi

He is the sole Founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and has partaken significantly in the growth of the firm since its inception in 2009. When he inaugurated it, the company was barely worth $ 1 million, but now, the firm boasts of a valuation of more than $ 150 million.

Adrangi is well known for his prowess in short selling and publishing releases regarding the firm’s view on ambiguous matters related to securities. For instance, under-followed longs plus overhyped shorts. His goal is to eliminate the misconception surrounding Kerrisdale’s core business prospects.

Before founding Kerrisdale, he served as an Analyst at Longacre Fund Management LLC for two years. Between 2005 – 2007, he also served as an analyst in the bankruptcy evaluation division at Chanin Capital Partners.

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NuoDB Offers Cloud Database Solutions For Businesses

NuoDB is a software company that provides cloud database solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Whether you are a small business looking for a cloud database solution or a large company looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure, NuoDB provides you with a solution that is efficient, effective and safe.

Cloud databases are quickly becoming more popular because of their benefits. One of these benefits is enhanced security from hackers and viruses. Another benefit is that they can be accessed even when an internet connection is not available. This provides businesses the ability to access key data and IT infrastructure even when there are outages to internet service.

NuoDB provides a cloud database solution that is scalable elastically. This means that a business can increase the size of its database or decrease the size of its database as needed to fulfill demands. The elasticity of the NuoDB cloud database eliminates the need for companies to invest in large amounts of data space which they may only use or need for a brief period of time.

Scalability and elasticity in cloud databases from NuoDB allows businesses to adjust their databases easily without having to spend significant amounts of money, time and manpower. The solution lets businesses tweak their database sizes to meet their demands instead of buying database sizes that they may never need or use.

OSI Group, a world leader in the processing and distribution of food products

OSI Group is an international privately-owned meat processing company that serves both the retail and foodservice sector with high-quality products. The headquarters of the company are in Aurora, Illinois. When most established supermarkets and restaurants think of purchasing inventory, their first option is always OSI Group. OSI Group is an important resource in the food industry. The company is currently in operation in 17 different countries under the governance of their CEO Sheldon Lavin and company President David McDonald.

The company envisions world dominance in the food sector. The roots of the company can be traced to 1909, when Otto Kolschowsky started a meat outlet in Oak Park, Illinois. He later expanded the business to Maywood. In 1928, the company’s name was changed to Otto & Sons. The company had established a name for itself as a supplier of quality meats. The company is known to have aided in growing McDonald’s since they were one of the four meat suppliers to all McDonald’s outlets from 1955. In 1975, the company became the exclusive meat supplier to McDonald’s. Very few companies can remain market leaders for the number of years OSI Group has. The secret behind their success according to David McDonald is their engagement with the local consumer base. The company also ensures that during the manufacturing of all their products, the finished items are responsive to the cultural needs of their customers. The company has invested heavily to ensure they meet all the needs of their customers.

The most recent OSI Group acquisitions were the purchase of controlling stake at Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch company that provided food products to 18 European countries. OSI Group aims at ramping up production to further increase sales. Apart from Baho Food, OSI also owns Flagship Europe, a European company that deals with producing frozen pies, poultry, and condiments. OSI Group’s operations that brought about the success of the company are to be emulated in the running of Flagship Europe to generate new business opportunities in the European continent. OSI Group also has business in Spain and Germany.

Apart from international expansions, OSI Group also extends market dominance locally. The company recently purchased a food processing plant in Chicago that was owned by Tyson Foods at $7.4 million. The plant was facing imminent closure due to high operational costs. For more info about us: click here.

All OSI Group business operations use the latest technologies to ensure the safety and quality of food are maintained. They use metal detectors and X-Ray equipment to ensure foreign objects are eliminated in the production process. The commitment to the production of high-quality foodstuffs has ensured OSI Group maintains its position as a market leader.

Lime Crime Gives You Killing Beauty

Lime Crime is the beloved company to many beauties who wear makeup. The company offers a kaleidoscopic spectrum that meets the woman’s needs, making her comfortable in any function. The Lime Crime products have been described as criminally covetable as many cannot resist the jewel stones kiss resistant lipsticks. Other than lipsticks, Lime Crime offers more products, which are discussed in the following section. The best quality about the products is that they are cruelty and vegan free.

New Lime Crime Palettes- Pocket Toys

One was considered the coolest kid in the 90s if they brought the Polly pocket toys, which were portable doll toys. Lime crime brings you the cool feeling back by launching pocket candy pallets. The eyeshadow palettes have ‘to die for’ colors that are a must-have for every woman. Considering the different moods and functions that a woman has to balance, each pallet combines bright and neutral shades to give you more options. One pallet goes for only $34 while the whole bundle costs $90 and gives you the entire dreamy collection.

Heiloom Diamond Crushers Lip Topper

You are a prized possession at Lime Crime; hence, you deserve a diamond treat. The pink product is sparkly pink. and it adds shimmer to any look. Moreover, it is smudge proof and lasts all day. Do not miss the luxury feeling of the cruelty-free producer at only $18.

Glint Poison Lipstick

The Glint Pretty Poison Lipstick is a gold metallic lip treat that can be worn alone. Due to its neutral color, the poison lipstick can be worn to official and outdoor meetings. The product also has a super smooth feel on your lips.

Lime Crime offers you more than your beauty needs demand. Consult the product page to choose from a wide range of products available.

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SahmAdrangi: The New Force in the Hedge Fund Management Industry

Kerrisdale Capital, an investment management company based in New York, through its investors has managed to raise nearly $100 million. The funds raised would go into sorting the stock of a company to be established soon. This move by SahmAdrangi’s firm is against the norm of many hedge fund managers who often use the capital raised from investors on specific investment areas like bailing out ailing companies or in the recovery of residential mortgaged-backed securities. Kerrisdale Capital Management has made history by becoming the first fund management firm to follow this path.According to the email sent to investors by SahmAdrangi, who is the founder and the current chief investment officer of the company, the capital was raised within a short period. In order to bring on board other investors, Adrangi and Shane Wilson, one of the best analysts of Kerrisdale, are drafting an in-depth report, website, and video based on the thesis.Currently, Kerrisdale Capital is in the process of acquiring stock in order to gain a firm footing in the upcoming company. The capital raised has increased the funds under Kerrisdale’s management close to $500 million.

Kerrisdale Capital was established in 2009, and since then, it has grown to outperform some of the biggest hedge fund managers. SahmAdrangi is the man behind this fast-rising investment management firm. Mr. Adrangi is also well known for exposing fraud in the New York stock exchanges. He was pushed to become an activist investor because of the money making opportunity he saw in exposing fraud that was perpetrated by Chinese companies. He exposed corporate fraud of companies that gained entry into North American without following the due processes. This earned Mr. Adrangi a substantial amount of money and he later decided to establish Kerrisdale Capital, which has continued to realize immense growth. SahmAdrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University and has previously worked for Longacre Fund Management as an analyst. Prior to this, he served in the Restructuring Investment Banking Group. Mr. Adrangi spent his early career times in the Finance Investment Banking Group of Deutsche Bank.