Lime Crime Gives You Killing Beauty

Lime Crime is the beloved company to many beauties who wear makeup. The company offers a kaleidoscopic spectrum that meets the woman’s needs, making her comfortable in any function. The Lime Crime products have been described as criminally covetable as many cannot resist the jewel stones kiss resistant lipsticks. Other than lipsticks, Lime Crime offers more products, which are discussed in the following section. The best quality about the products is that they are cruelty and vegan free.

New Lime Crime Palettes- Pocket Toys

One was considered the coolest kid in the 90s if they brought the Polly pocket toys, which were portable doll toys. Lime crime brings you the cool feeling back by launching pocket candy pallets. The eyeshadow palettes have ‘to die for’ colors that are a must-have for every woman. Considering the different moods and functions that a woman has to balance, each pallet combines bright and neutral shades to give you more options. One pallet goes for only $34 while the whole bundle costs $90 and gives you the entire dreamy collection.

Heiloom Diamond Crushers Lip Topper

You are a prized possession at Lime Crime; hence, you deserve a diamond treat. The pink product is sparkly pink. and it adds shimmer to any look. Moreover, it is smudge proof and lasts all day. Do not miss the luxury feeling of the cruelty-free producer at only $18.

Glint Poison Lipstick

The Glint Pretty Poison Lipstick is a gold metallic lip treat that can be worn alone. Due to its neutral color, the poison lipstick can be worn to official and outdoor meetings. The product also has a super smooth feel on your lips.

Lime Crime offers you more than your beauty needs demand. Consult the product page to choose from a wide range of products available.

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