Greg Secker’s Interview with CEOCFO

Greg Secker is the founder and CEO of the world’s leading forex trading platforms, Learn to Trade. In addition to being an educator, Greg Secker is a philanthropist, international speaker, entrepreneur and master trader. He has made tons of wealth through his business and spends his time helping other people to learn the tricks of the game.

To get to where he is today, Greg Secker has lived by the philosophy “I am not a why guy. I am a why Guy.” He told the CEOCFO that during the times when people questioned his business moves, he would always ask why not. With this philosophy he has tried out most of his ideas and has been very successful.


Greg Secker is very successful in the finance industry even if he studied agriculture in school. Wondering how he got to the finance industry? Well, during his college days, Greg Secker used to sell computers. It was then that he got interested in computer programming and started coding. With time, he had become quite a geek and even got a chance to demonstrate his talent at a fair. It was during the fair that he made friends with an employee of Thomas Cook. Later on, the employee recommended him for a vacancy and he was considered.

Working at Thomas Cook, Greg Secker was asked to help build the first online trading platform. He would work with expert traders all day. In order to make the platform void of errors he had to learn everything about trading. And, that is how he came to know and love forex trading.

After working for Thomas Cook for several years, Greg Secker was admitted by Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. With the new job, he had a lot of time in his hands, which he used to start his own trading platform. Initially, he borrowed 5,000 Euros and by the end of the year, the money had multiplied 12 times. This gave him the courage to quit and start his own company , where he would not only trade but also train people how to trade.


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