David Giertz Advice on Retirement Saving

David Giertz noted that most millennial start preparing for retirements when they are 22 years. Majority of this group get wrong information about the preparation process according to Mr. Giertz. Here, he outlines three ways the millennial should plan their retirement money.

  1. Keep Track of your Finances

Keep count of all your money and make sure you are both taking care of essential needs and also saving enough money. Pay off debts on time to avoid accrued rates. David Giertz encourages people to start saving early.

  1. Compound Interest

The financial advisor asks investors to take advantage of compound interest. Make it a habit to always deposit some cash into your retirement account to enjoy the compound interests throughout your saving. Upon retirement, you will be accessing your finances tax-free as it was taxed before depositing.

  1. Start a Side Job

The best way to raise money for the future is having other sources of income apart from your main occupation. The high cost of household commodities means that you will be saving little or nothing. David Giertz says that an entrepreneur needs to identify their area of passion and experience when looking for a business opportunity.

About David Giertz

Recently, Mr. David was the head of Nationwide Financial’s Sales and Distribution Company and grew it from $11B to $17.8B profit. The new returns exceeded the targeted revenue. He leads the distribution and wholesale strategy of Private-Sector Retirement Plans, Specialty Markets, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Annuities through, Independent Broker, Independent Dealers, banks, and wirehouses.

The certified business coach has trained more than 100 business leaders to encourage coaching culture. At the beginning of 2014, David was the leader of the Financial Institutions Bank. He expanded his channel in 2009, to involve Wirehouse distribution firm. It is during his leadership that income grew from $1.5B to $8B. In 1999, he joined Nationwide as a regional deputy president in Miami, FL. He managed to boost their revenue by 48%.

He has also worked at Citigroup, Millikin University and Girl Scouts of Broward County as a board member. David has been in the financial service field for over three decades. During his practice, the talented consultant has shown consistency in leveraging strategies, innovations, and processes to establish profitable growth.



Planning or hosting a party or event should never be hard. You can either decide to have a checklist which will help you in planning the party or use an event planning company like 23 Layers. However, we have some pointers that will make planning for your next event or party much easier:


  • Have several checklists:

Before planning the party make sure you have several checklists that will serve as the guideline for what you are meant to do.


  • Have a Theme:

Be creative and set a theme for the event or party that will coincide with it. This will set the tone for the party or event.


  • Have invitations:

An invitation creates the anticipation that is needed for a successful event or party. You can mail the invitation or email them for last minute events.


  • Set up a self-service bar:

Have a simple self-service bar so that your guests can mix their own drinks at their own pleasure. However, you can have a welcome drink at the entrance and sparkling water for everyone.


  • Have a Theme Drink:

Have a special cocktail for the party or event. Ensure that you have planned for one alcoholic drink for each guest hourly.


  • Simple Appetizers:

Have simple bites placed on trays to make it easier for the guests to mingle. You can prepare from scratch or buy ready-made ones.


  • Have a kid’s table:

Have a simple table set up for the children especially if it’s a family get-together.


  • Have a Simple Setting:

Have a simple table setting with a modern twist.


  • Don’t Strain Yourself:

As the party or event host, you set the tone. Therefore, give yourself ample time to prepare yourself for the event.


  • Have Tokens:Don’t forget to have simple tokens to serve as a memoir for the party.



23 Layers are one of the best corporate event planners in NYC and event planning companies in NYC. 23 Layers has talented and creative minds that will ensure that your event is an instant success. Their employees ensure that they incorporate both glamour and finesse while creating a perfect event.

Drew Madden, a Reputable Entrepreneur and Seasoned Healthcare IT Executive

Drew Madden is a highly experienced entrepreneur and seasoned Healthcare IT executive. Drew is also well versed with advising EMR projects, optimizing, implementing, and managing. For the record, Drew is mainly talented in combining project management, technical EMR, and consultancy operations to come up with successful implementation teams. Drew began his career at Cerner Corporation where he implemented Inpatient clinical solutions for over four years. In 2005, Drew joined Healthia Consulting. This company was later acquired by Ingenix Consulting in 2007.

Drew serves as the president of Nordic Consulting. He is particularly responsible for maintaining client relationships, recruitment, and business development. Drew maintains a close relationship with all Epic clients nationally and internationally. Drew has been afront on the company board and managerial team.

As a healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew is particularly committed to building strong partnerships, high-end teams, and attractive culture. He first joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and served as the president of the firm between 2011 and 2016. Under his leadership, Nordic emerged as the largest Global Epic consulting company. This tremendous levels of success enabled the company to win KLAS awards on the merit of impressive consulting services.

Drew is primarily passionate about Electronic Media Records. He has spent the better part of his career collaborating, troubleshooting, and optimizing on technical challenges present with EMR project. While serving at Nordic, the company experienced massive growth as the number of employee in the firm rose from 10 to 725. Client partners rose from 3 to 150, and the company’s revenue increased from $1 million to $130 million.

Mr.Drew Madden holds a bachelor of science in engineering, Industrial Engineering. While at Iowa College of Engineering, Mr. Madden majored in Medical Systems.

The former president at Nordic recently launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners which runs as an IT company. The subsidiary is critically focused in advisory and implementing services for different enterprise specialized HCIT and EHR platforms. Evergreen Healthcare Partners offers an array of healthcare IT expertise to various partners nationally. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is equally focused on empowering all team members to carefully shape their careers in close collaboration with various healthcare organizations

Knowing More About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is known to many as the founder of Think Reloaded. Others know him as the experienced banker who has worked for nearly 20 years in Private Banking in Switzerland. He rose in his career to become an executive board member of UBS, which is among the largest Private Banks in Switzerland.


It was in 2014 that Mike Baur founded Think Reloaded. This is a firm providing strategic advice to wealthy families as well as individuals. Due to this company, Mike Baur is considered as an important figure in the world of startups in Switzerland. He has even been featured in the Wall Street Journal. This was in December 2016.


It was in 2015 that Mike Baur co-founded the startup accelerator known as the Swiss Startup Factory. His MBA is from the University of Rochester New York. He also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. He is happily married. He has two kids.


He got the idea for the Swiss Startup Factory as he has been a startup investor himself. He has helped several startup pitches as well as startup presentations as they were simply too average. This was when he decided to create some kind of a business execution platform. In this way, he would like to enhance the quality of startups in Switzerland that are at an early level and take them to the next level.


Mike Baur does not believe in providing plain coaching as this is what several other startup incubators are doing. He believes in providing selected startup teams an execution that is tough as well as execution driven. He was already aware that Switzerland is offering several governmental support programs that are ideally for the startups. But he was still convinced that he had to do it himself.


He always knew that startup acceleration could be very intense. His schedule will always be jam-packed as his program for the day will be changing very fast. All this will depend on the needs of those startups with which he is dealing. He likes to get up early so that he is able to answer all the emails before starting his day. This allows him to focus his day on working with people. This would mean that he would not be sitting behind his computer screen all through the day working on his emails. He likes to interact with the people on a person-to-person basis. He is also well aware that working with startups can lead to a low-level of productivity. This is why he would like to focus only on the urgent issues in order to make it as productive as he possibly can.


He likes to work with a lean business model approach. He likes to test ideas that are quite early in the market. He knows that an idea may appear to be quite fantastic, but it may not be required by the market or even the potential customers. Hence building such a product would not be sensible. It would be a sheer waste of time, and money, and energy.



Talk Space Therapist Address Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental health issues are something that a lot of people would like to sweep under the rug. It’s simply too embarrassing or frustrating to talk about. For example, there are a wide variety of people that have to deal with a spouse, relative, or friend that has a borderline personality on a daily basis. This individual always seems to be in the middle of a crisis. The person with a borderline personality has an issue with respecting boundaries established by people. For example, the mother in law interfering with her newly married son’s life and threatening suicide if they tell her to stop.

Talk Space Counseling

Borderline Personalities destroy relationships. The Talk Space application addresses that issue by providing counseling with a licensed therapist that is experienced with that issue. Today, over 500,000 people have sought advice to address mental health issues. Talk Space is a life saver for thousands because some people simply find it difficult to express themselves in an office setting. However, texting a therapist over their mobile device helps them relax and get over the anxiety attached to talking to a therapist about relationship issues that concern a borderline personality and more.

What Talk Space Is Like

Talk Space is a very convenient mobile application that pairs the user with a licensed therapist. The first step is to sign on to the application. The new user is asked a a few questions that are designed to match them with the right therapist to counsel them. An agent for Talk Space recommends a therapist. The user contacts the therapist through text messaging and the counseling sessions begin. Therapy is offered through texting only or a combination of video sessions and texting. Many state that text therapy actually worked for them and compare it favorably to traditional therapy sessions.

Imran Haque

With fifteen years of experience doctor Imran Haque is a highly respected and caring physician. He has qualifications of an MD from the University of Virginia and a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. He is fully licensed and has settled in Asheboro, NC. He now works at Horizon Internal Medicine were his skills are put to good use dealing with illnesses and medical exams. The doctor has already become a fixture in Asheboro with patients making regular visits to his office and facilities. For some, its not only his skill, but his charm that makes these visits to his office worth while.

Doctor Haque provides many services for patients including physical exams, diabetes management, Venus body contouring, laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing, and weight management services. Diabetes treatment options is one of his main focuses as an internist. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is to high. Although diabetes has no cure, steps can be taken to manage diabetes and stay healthy. It can be a debilitating disease if not properly managed. This is why doctor Haque has made this disease one of his focuses as a physician.

Doctor Haque offers many services which have made him popular as both a primary physician and for those interested in elective procedures such as laser hair removal or body contouring. Doctor Haque can provide many services in office as a primary physician and if necessary provide referrals to specialist when needed. Besides Horizon Internal Medicine, he is also affiliated with many hospitals in the area including Randolph Hospital. Doctor Haque is dedicated to providing quality care to his patients by doing thorough checkups and exams. This is why his office is the preferred choice for patients in North Carolina. With all this success, Doctor Haque will undoubtedly be a shining star in the medical community for some time.


Omar Boraie Reshapes Real Estate Industry Through Boraie Development

Real estate is not an easy business to venture in. Being that it is a business where most people turn to perfection, it requires a lot of commitment for an individual to succeed. For most real estate agents, it is mostly about the money. To others, with Omar Boraie being the perfect example here, it revolves around being there for the people. Omar Boraie is well known for his commitment to developing homes and commercial premises from scratch. His commitment has played a key role in ensuring that people live in better homes.

Background of service delivery

According to Patch, Omar owns Boraie Development. He has been leading this business to success all through. Being his main source of income and the major defining business for his life, Omar has been investing in the best architects, managers and investors across the world. What matters to this individual, is having a client base that will make plenty of referrals to his business. Boraie has been handling the company in a matter that suggests he is willing to work with people from different backgrounds. His aim and mission are appended to making sure that people enjoy living in better homes. Check out boraie.com to see more.


In addition to the scope of services Omar offers his clients, he has been perfect at giving back to the society. It is through this commitment that Omar Boraie has earned the trust of most of his clients. He believes that in business, it is not always about making profits. Omar Boraie has been passionate about helping people. That is why for New Brunswick, the town took a turn of new development through better property. Although it took him time, Omar did a great job at making sure that residents reside in better, comfortable, homes. The New Jersey Central Moms continue to praise the works of Sam Boraie because he is compassionate and friendly even when dealing with tough decisions.

Project handling by Omar Boraie

When Omar Boraie sought to develop New Brunswick, he was hardly confident of the fact that he could achieve the best out of it. He however, focused on making the people’s dreams come true. In many ways, he has succeeded. Boraie arrived at developing New Brunswick because he was passionate about developing the city into his dreams. What is more, he managed to provide better homes for the people. Through Boraie Development, Omar has managed to concentrate on unmatched projects. Central Jersey Working Moms appreciate Omar’s efforts. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

Reference: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506

The One Way To Determine Value

Bridging The Financial Gap With Impeccable Service

Who can you trust with your financial future?

If this question brings serious conviction, then welcome to the club.

Money is an important matter. It’s not a matter of philosophy or ideology.

Money is a topic of business and economics. Somebody in this world has a thing that another person wants or would pay for. Each time “things” like these get purchased by currency, an economy begins to move.

The part you play is based on the earnings you make and the money you spend. The amounts don’t matter as much as the acts they enable. You need money when living in today’s society. If you don’t trust yourself regarding your financial well-being, then you may want to start with a reliable bank.

Banks are a source of protection to our money. Basic service comes at no cost.

The cost you pay by leaving money under a bed is more than if you simply spent it. Getting protection on your assets is a great science. It can’t be overlooked and shouldn’t be. To get everything you dreamed possible with banking services, consider talent, customer service and an impactful history.

Each of these components can be found at NextBank.

Why Professionals Are The Key To Your Success

The key to our success at NextBank are the professionals we have.

These professionals mean a great deal to us. They are impeccable to your financial future. The staff at NextBank each become members after first understanding the intricate financial laws. Proper education is a great start, and our representatives are equipped to help you begin.

Whether managing a new mortgage or seeking a business loan, you’re next visit with us should be soon. There are needs your money has at this moment. You’re leaving yourself open to risk if you’re not protected. NextBank is a safe option and secures a future for yours. We are not concerned with just you opening an account.

We’re concerned with the financial legacy that you’ll leave behind.

We will also help you do it.

Time Conserving Meals Fit For Athletes


With there being a shortage of time, ready-made meals delivered to your home are becoming more and more popular. From my understanding athletes have extensive workouts and training. These ready-made meals are convenient, quick, and full of nutrition fit for an athlete, or any looking to enjoy healthy meals with not a lot of time on their hands to shop for, prepare, and cook them.



One company that provides nutritious, balanced meals at a reasonable price is homechef.com. There you can spend less than $50 a week on meals. Home Chef delivers coast to coast. Meals are $9.95 per serving. Fruit trays and smoothies are $4.95 each and as long as you’ve spent at least $45 for the week your shipping is free. They also have vegetarian meals for vegan athletes. You can get up to 30% off your first order. Not only do they offer nutritional meals fit or an athlete, but the containers they provide them in are fully recyclable as well.



Here you can choose from 20 different meals. Although you are following simple recipes to create loving nutritional meals yourself, Plated.com gives you back the time you would have spent searching different websites for a new recipe to eat for dinner, searching for and standing in line to pay for those ingredients and the gas or power it takes to make it there and back from the store. Here you will have the option to prepare the meal yourself once delivered if you prefer not having to go through the hassle of finding meals and shopping at the grocery store for the ingredients but would prefer to cook your own meals then plated.com would be perfect for you.



If you are like most athletes and health craze people, then you love the idea of drinking your nutritional meals while either doing your morning workout, driving to the gym or after a hard training session. This is the quickest way for your body to absorb nutrition. Nutrisystem for men offers free shakes and nutrient bars, all detailed on Pure Healthy Living. Here is where you have the option to either order meals that are already prepared for you and ready for you to eat upon arrival after warming up, or you can order meals that come prepared with all the ingredients ready for you to prepare and cook upon arrival. They offer free FedEx shipping on every order. You will also be able to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies ordering your athlete meal from nutrisystem.com.


Time is limited these days and there is no shame in wanting to spend more time doing what progresses, you as an athlete rather than spending time driving to store, searching for ingredients and preparing those ingredients yourself. Athlete approved ready-made meals are convenient and each meal is packed with nutrients and protein to keep your body in good condition while you train.