Drew Madden, a Reputable Entrepreneur and Seasoned Healthcare IT Executive

Drew Madden is a highly experienced entrepreneur and seasoned Healthcare IT executive. Drew is also well versed with advising EMR projects, optimizing, implementing, and managing. For the record, Drew is mainly talented in combining project management, technical EMR, and consultancy operations to come up with successful implementation teams. Drew began his career at Cerner Corporation where he implemented Inpatient clinical solutions for over four years. In 2005, Drew joined Healthia Consulting. This company was later acquired by Ingenix Consulting in 2007.

Drew serves as the president of Nordic Consulting. He is particularly responsible for maintaining client relationships, recruitment, and business development. Drew maintains a close relationship with all Epic clients nationally and internationally. Drew has been afront on the company board and managerial team.

As a healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew is particularly committed to building strong partnerships, high-end teams, and attractive culture. He first joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and served as the president of the firm between 2011 and 2016. Under his leadership, Nordic emerged as the largest Global Epic consulting company. This tremendous levels of success enabled the company to win KLAS awards on the merit of impressive consulting services.

Drew is primarily passionate about Electronic Media Records. He has spent the better part of his career collaborating, troubleshooting, and optimizing on technical challenges present with EMR project. While serving at Nordic, the company experienced massive growth as the number of employee in the firm rose from 10 to 725. Client partners rose from 3 to 150, and the company’s revenue increased from $1 million to $130 million.

Mr.Drew Madden holds a bachelor of science in engineering, Industrial Engineering. While at Iowa College of Engineering, Mr. Madden majored in Medical Systems.

The former president at Nordic recently launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners which runs as an IT company. The subsidiary is critically focused in advisory and implementing services for different enterprise specialized HCIT and EHR platforms. Evergreen Healthcare Partners offers an array of healthcare IT expertise to various partners nationally. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is equally focused on empowering all team members to carefully shape their careers in close collaboration with various healthcare organizations

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