According to whitesharkmedia.com, Media Shark Media was founded in 2010. It is a leader in the digital marketing, as an agency that provides web marketing solutions customized for medium and small sized businesses. It has over 144 full-time employees with revenue collection ranging from $3million to $5 million. It has a capacity of over 600 active clients with its client retention ranging from 8 to 10%.

Alexander Nygart the chief executive officer at Media Shark Media says that the original aim was to take over the small to medium-sized businesses markets in the Latin America and the US. This was by offering exceptional service and product that was unmatched. They combined domestic and offshore presence with fully and talented bilingual worker base. They share their experiences with the valued clients making them benefit from their demonstrated concepts instead of having to start from scratch.

White Shark Media recognition and awards

The company is currently in the 786th position on Inc. Magazine that recognizes the top 5000 rapidly expanding firms in America. It has been awarded, in 2014, the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership. White Shark Media has been recognized by Microsoft and participates in a particular Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program that expands their marketing capabilities to their clients.

Testimonies and the future of White Shark Media

Clients attribute the growth of their businesses to the White Shark Media customer success team and they recommend other businesses to engage them.

They recently relaunched their Partnership Programs offering customers with a turn-key white label PPC solution as an up to date growth acceleration initiative. The PPC solution comprises of all the requirements for reseller success like partner portals, sales enablement tools, white labeled agency and client dashboard and others. They will work with developing businesses to budget their businesses and make revenue stream earned from the exceedingly powerful and rapidly growing U.S Hispanic population.

OSI Industries Inc. Helps Improve International Growth

Who Is OSI Industries Inc. In The Food Processing Network

Do you eat from your local restaurant, grocer, or deli? If so, the chances are you’ve been feed an all-natural OSI Industries Inc. diet. There food processing network adheres to the strict rules of the food industry set by the federal government. These guidelines are to ensure the safety of the general public and must be followed by all food processing facilities. However, OSI president, David McDonald says, they were one of the first to answer to a stabilized food network throughout their food professing facilities worldwide.

Recent News About OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Industries Inc. says, they are proud of their recent partnership with Dutch convenience food chain Baho. They will be responsible for deli meats and other snacks in the retail food chain. The value of the meat and poultry deal with Baho was not disclosed to the general public. They’re fully prepared to handle the revolving needs of their customers. Baho foods has served the Netherlands and Germany for over 60 years. OSI Industries Inc. has five subsidiaries in Europe. The deal has been successful for all parties involved and help the growth of business in Europe tremendously.

Key Leadership At OSI Industries

CEO of OSI, Sheldon Lavin says, his focus is continuing to process reliable food products his clients can depend on. Ironically, he is a strong believer of giving back to the communities he serves and is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa and earned his degree in business. He also works alongside their president, David McDonald who is responsible for most of the daily operations at OSI Industries Inc. However, they have done a great job of working together to improve their international expansion efforts.

Are you interested in a global work opportunity? OSI offers a diverse work environment which allows their employees to feel good about putting in work each day to improve the safety of the general public and feed thousands of families. They encourage you to visit their website for a listing of their current job opportunities and you can also schedule a tour of their Aurora, Illinois headquarters. Their top officials are trying to create a development strategy to help them continue to grow their assets. You’re only steps away from landing the career opportunity of a lifetime, finding out what’s in your food, or meeting the team of professionals behind OSI by visiting their website today.

For more info: www.careersinfood.com/osi-group-company-1088.htm