Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Ready To Take Over As Chairman Of The 24th Largest Bank In The World

Chinese banks are still the largest corporations on the planet, but big Wall Street banks are gaining ground thanks to asset resurgence in 2017. J.P. Morgan is now the third largest bank in the world, and Wells Fargo is number four on the list. Bank of America and Citibank are still in the top ten, and Brazil’s Banco Itaú is not far behind. Itaú was the thirteenth largest bank in 2017 but Banco Bradesco had a very good year, and that Brazilian bank is now the 24th largest bank on the planet.

Banco Bradesco SA offers Brazilians banking and financial services and products, and for the last nine years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was running the show as CEO and president of the bank. Cappi’s banking expertise is one of the elements that has propelled Bradesco into the spotlight on Wall Street in 2017. Bradesco operates two banking segments: Pensions and Capitalization Bonds and Banking and Insurance. The pension and capitalization, plus the insurance segments offer clients personal, accident, health, automobile, life and other asset insurance. Bradesco is one of Brazil’s most respected banks thanks to Amador Aguiar, the founder and Lázaro Brandão, the banks long-time CEO and Chairman of the Board. Lázaro is Bradesco’s oldest employee, and he is one reason the bank’s expansion program is so successful. Lázaro is the man who made a small city bank one of the top banks in the world, but he didn’t achieve that feat alone. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi gets a lot of the credit, thanks to his unique and effective management style and his personable personality.


The Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi banking story is not a typical financial story. Cappi didn’t go to the University of Sao Paulo to be a banker. He needed a job after completing graduate studies in psychology, and Brandão’s staff gave him a job in 1969. Cappi was a trainee with no finance background and no accounting degree. But Lázaro knew that Luiz would fit the bank’s executive profile at some point, even though he wasn’t a typical banking trainee. And Luiz didn’t disappoint Lázaro. Hiring Luiz is one of Lázaro greatest accomplishment, according to Mr. Brandão. Even today, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see and feel the chemistry between the two men. Cappi’s ability to manage people and his innate business sense give Bradesco the right ingredients at the top of the Bradesco food chain. Luiz put an executive team together, and it is one of the most effective banking teams in the Brazilian banking industry.

Lázaro de Mello is on the last leg of his banking career. Luiz is taking over as Chairman of the Board. That title means Luiz is part of banking royalty because he is only the third chairman in the bank’s 74-year history. As chairman, CEO Luiz will have to find his replacement, and the plan is to promote one of the men on the current executive team. There are seven names on the CEO list, and all of them display professional banking talent. Luiz Cappi doesn’t play favorites, so anyone of the seven could get the job once the six board members cast their votes. But the word on the banking street is 52-year-old Marcelo de Araujo Noronha has a great chance because of his age. And Mauricio de Minas, the 58-year-old IT man, is another top candidate.

But the other five executives, Josué Pancini, Andre Cano, Domingos Abreu, Octavio Lazari, and Alex Glüher could all do the job. Luiz will announce his new CEO pick in February 2018 right before the annual shareholders meeting.

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