Entrepreneurship & Success: Jose Hawilla

The urge to become an entrepreneur takes its roots in an individual when the person desires to live an independent life without any kind of external pressure on him.

Some Bottom line to ripen up into Entrepreneur are:

  • The belief of success must be much higher than that of the fear of failure.
  • One must be passionate about their work and not for the money from their heart and soul so that the extra effort could be invested into it without being getting deviated from the path.
  • To meet up with his own expectations one must have a strong and dedicated work virtue towards the goal and must be focused on the bull’s eye of their task.
  • Being creative and logical will be the key factor to take a giant leap in the business.
  • One must be Open minded which can help them to create the opportunities even with a small trace of Emerging idea in the mind.

All of us are not born entrepreneurs, some of them grind themselves and burn their midnight oil to become one of the best entrepreneurs. One such personality is Jose Hawilla.  Check out LinkedIn to see more.


Jose Hawilla was born on 11 July 1943 in Sao Jose do Rio Preto which is the state of the Sao Paulo is Brazilian Businessman and entrepreneur.

The career of Jose Hawilla was full of ups and downs and his career as the journalist ended in the year 1979 due to some kind of the category strike. But because of his strong determination and willpower he along with his three other mates he founded Traffic group which is the sports marketing company. On continuously working in the company he took it from basal to the apical spot. The success of the company could be analyzed from the fact that, in short span of time it brokered Nike’s sponsorship with the Brazilian national team.

Work experience:

  • Worked as the radio and the television reporter for 10 years.
  • He has the experience of producer, commentator, and the producer.
  • He has also worked in the preeminent networks of Brazil like Rede Records, Rede Globo, and Radio & TV Bandeirantes

In one of the interview, he said that in life he faced many apprehension and people taught that he was crippled but it his self-confidence and prodigy that helped him to gain reputation. And today he is the most persuasive man in Brazil and is the founder of the Traffic Group which is the multinational sports marketing company. You can visit meioemensagem.com

Click here: http://www.traffic.com.br/

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