DJ Alex Pall

Alex Pall and the Chain Smokers are a funky dance band. Their music is very popular at night clubs and dance parties. Alex and his band members all have interests in up beat dance music. An extensive Interview with the Chain Smokers was done in summer 2016. It showcases the history of the band, how they met, and their huge success in the music world. The article is written in a professional mannerism, has stylish photos of the band, and is very vibrant with colors.

Mathias is an Interviewer who has chatted with all the band members. We learn about the history of the Chain Smokers. It is interesting to see how Alex and his band got started. He met Drew through his career manager. Andrew was a college student who had lots of passion for DJing. During the time that he met Alex, he was pursuing his musical passion. He was producing music in and out of college. Andrew’s fan base started growing in social media. He found out about the Chain Smokers band through a guy he knew. So, he made the move from upper New York to the State of Maine. He met the leader of the Chain Smokers and hit it off musically right away.

The Interviewer questioned Alex Pall about his journey in piecing the band together. He saw how skilled his first band member was in social media and producing music. Drew brought a lot of expertise and skills to their music group. Over time, the two of them developed as artists. Alex and Drew continue to find ways to connect with their many listeners. The Chain Smokers band has a large fan base. They think of new ideas to keep their fans happy musically. The band members write inspiring songs and design album covers. Alex talks about how well the band members work together on and off stage.

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