Malcolm CasSelle And A New Decentralized Marketplace

With the introduction of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), OPSkins is set to revolutionize the trade of digital assets on a global scale. As of late, OPSkins already provides one of the most secure and reliable ways for gamers to buy and sell digital assets across various markets around the world. The problem they face is that they are a centralized marketplace limited by the differences in payment processing, language and security requirements. With WAX, OPSkins aims to change that, while also providing gamers a way to set up exchanges without needing to worry about factors at play.

WAX operated through a blockchain, traditional for any given cryptocurrency and it allows for a much-needed decentralization of the platform. The blockchain henceforth provides for the creation of tokens that are indifferent to the originating currency. Therefore, gamers can use any currency they like as long as the game or asset the aim to buy or sell supports exchange functionality. With this capability in place, they will have access to a widget that allows for transactions to be carried out without forcing them to exit their game.

Functioning as a peer-to-peer marketplace, the WAX Platform has built-in support for multiple languages, leaving players to focus on the exchange of their items. As several world markets operate in many different countries, this is a benefit to any and all who use WAX.

With the blockchain, it also utilizes digital contracts. Traditionally, exchanges occurred without any level of trust. More often when a gamer buys or sells a digital asset, the item could be lost in the process or funds charged back. As a result, the transaction fails, and the user is left empty-handed. With a digital contract, it is a virtual guarantee that the operation will be carried out.

One of the men behind these innovations is Malcolm CasSelle who is the Chief Technology Officer of OPSkins and President of WAX. He brings years of experience dealing with startups and has held many different roles within them. A graduate of MIT and Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle studied Computer Science.

He started his first business back in 1995 and has seen many successful startups grow from ideas to reality. Though many have failed, he states that they have all been a learning experience for him.


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