Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Approach

Richard Dwayne Blair is an Investment advisor at his firm, Wealth Solutions located in Austin. Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm that operates in Austin. Richard attended University of Houston where he studies a bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management services. After his university education, he started his own firm with the goal of giving personalized investment advice. Dwayne wishes to make a positive change in each of his clients. He started his firm so that he could help those within his community reach their individual financial needs.


According to Richard Dwayne Blair everyone should have a plan so that they can achieve their financial goals. For one to come up with a financial plan to achieve their financial goals, Richard Dwayne Blair came up with a three pillar approach. He uses this approach to come up with a holistic plan for the individual.


In the first pillar of the approach, Richard identifies the client’s goals, risk tolerance as well as other future opportunities for growth. The information Richard gathers about the client helps him understand his clients and their individual expectations.


The second pillar ensures that Richard comes up with an effective strategy to achieve the clients goals. The strategy should not only help in reaching financial goals but should also consider the unique liquidity needs of the client. Dwayne usually actively manages the assets and relocating them if there is need so that he can capture maximum performance when the market is up and minimize his losses when the market us down. He then tracks his performance and compares it to the historical data, client’s expectations and model goals.


Richard’s third pillar is all about the client’s insurance needs. This pillar comes after he has gained a deeper understanding of the client and has come up with a strategy to help them reach their financial goals. Since storms in life are often unpredictable, it is important that one is adequately covered. With this in mind, Richard advises his clients on insurance including lifetime insurance.


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