Nick Vertucci Teaches His Proven Methods To Make Money In Real Estate In His New Book

Nick Vertucci is a businessman who made his mark in the field of real estate. He recently released a book, exclusively on Amazon, he named, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book is partially a personal account of his life and career and also lists six fundamental building blocks that it takes to succeed in business. He goes into detail about how he lost everything early in his professional career and how he was able to thrive and make millions by buying and selling residential properties.

After losing everything, Nick Vertucci says that he learned some lessons. This included learning how to push back against the fears that were holding him back and how to alter his mindset to be more positive and proactive. The forward in his book was written by Kevin Harrington who was the very first “Shark” in the tv show “Shark Tank”. It has also been endorsed by Dean Cain who is an actor and producer in Hollywood. Right off the bat his book sold more than a thousand copies and that total has been building in the intervening time. His book can be bought in both a paperback version and one for the Amazon Kindle.

Nick Vertucci relates that his first company was in the computer technology arena. He lost everything when that industry crashed and so he then tried to make money in the real estate industry. He says that he made a boatload of mistakes and he entered a period of severe depression. He then found a mentor who helped him learn to succeed in that industry and who taught him to change his mindset about how he approached things. He learned how to build a mental foundation that was strong and paired with his real estate company he started to really achieve things.

In writing this book, Nick Vertucci hopes that he can help other fledgling entrepreneurs also achieve similar success as he has had. The book is 350 pages in length and it shows readers the concrete steps they need to take in order to build a business that is both strong and sustainable. As he has explained, everyone really enjoys a rags-to-riches story. However, he thinks what is even better is his story which involves going from poverty to wealth, back to poverty, and then achieving wealth once again in a new industry.

He credits being persistent and willing to learn new things as what has helped him achieve great things. Today he has a school which teaches people across North America the methods and mindset it takes to make money in real estate whether that involves flipping houses, being a landlord, or investing in commercial real estate.

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