Perry Mandera: A Chicago Business Icon With A Zeal For Philanthropy

Among Chicago’s wealthy businessmen, a few stand out among the rest for their commitment to helping their community and giving back. One name that always comes up in Chicago-area charity circles is Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera made his fortune in the transportation industry when he founded the Custom Companies in 1986. Since then, he has grown it into one of the leading transportation companies in the United States. The company includes both trucking and air freight, which expands the company’s operations internationally. After achieving success in his business, Mandera turned his attention to politics (Behance).

But Perry Mandera is known as much for his philanthropy as he is for his entrepreneurships. Much of his philanthropy has been focused on helping children, veterans, and cancer research. He has donated generously to the Jesse White Tumblers, a youth organization that uses sports as an alternative to drugs and crime for inner-city kids. He currently serves on the board of the Jesse White Tumblers, as well as many others. He also gives financial support to charities such as Toys For Tots, MADD, Girl Scouts of America, and the National MS Society.

Mandera does much more than just donate money and sit on the board of different charities. He also uses his business to help those in need. For example, Custom Companies has used its transportation resources to provide thousands of winter coats for children and disaster relief. During Hurricane Katrina, his trucks provided much-needed transportation services to help the victims.

Perry Mandera has been a pillar of the Chicago business community for over thirty years. And his involvement in the community by generously helping others is what sets him apart from many other business executives in the area. He continues to make inroads in the business community today. He has involved himself in other business ventures, expanding beyond the transportation industry that he started in.

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