Jorge Moll Spearheading New Developments In The Medical Industry

Jorge Moll is a medical professional and entrepreneur who has always held a goal of advancing world-class medical care, research, and education, in his home country. Jorge’s daily routine comprises of many meetings which cover a wide array of topics. He talks with a lot of scientists, students, associates, entrepreneurs, and researchers serving a large range of companies. Jorge considers it essential to maintain an open dialogue of ideas.

Jorge Moll allows his ideas to flourish by keeping the good components while getting discarding the rest. He likes to pick ideas which he can easily change to action and allow for efficient collaboration.

Topics Jorge likes are artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, regenerative medicine, and gene therapy. Habits that help his productivity levels are practicing his skills as well as practicing transparency and openness. Jorge Moll believes that a person shouldn’t become too attached to an idea without being able to think of new ones.

Jorge believes popular medical publications and career pathways in many fields, along with academia, hinder the nation’s innovation. We should make goals that can address the larger challenges and grant us the insight to pursue long-term visions and goals.

Jorge Moll has an extensive track record in the medical profession and earned his MD in Neuroscience from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (LinkedIn). In addition, Jorge Moll also earned a Ph.D. in Pathophysiology at The University of São Paulo.

Jorge always wanted to serve people suffering from conditions that have an adverse effect on their life. Today, Jorge Moll is, in addition to being the Director of the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit, he is a board member and president at D’Or Institute of Education and Research.

Jorge has been published in various journals like Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Neuro Image, and Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and Psychological Science. Besides his work, Jorge is a man dedicated to his family and he lives in Rio de Janeiro.

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