Doe Deere Talks Lime Crime And Being A Unique Brand

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime and she is showing major extraversion with her daring hair and eye colors. It is obvious that her makeup brand is made for extroverts as well. Loyal Instagram users should be very familiar with Lime Crime by now. The glitter and bold color combinations give this line a charming vibe. Doe Deere spared a few minutes with Stylist to dish on the opening of the Feelunique X Lime Crime boutique in London.


About The Brand

Doe says to her the whole idea of having a cult brand or product simply means it is unique. It means a lot to her to be able to stand out in such a crowded market like cosmetics. Doe is proud she has been able to produce a brand that is 100% vegan and has no animal testing history. Lime Crime also does charity work where animals are related, so it was important to her to stay true to her personal values. Doe admits to everyone having made mistakes as entrepreneurs but she says what matters most is the lessons that are learned and growth. Lime Crime has grown well for the experiences it has undertaken as a company.


Beauty Trends And Advice For New Entrepreneurs

The beauty trends we should be looking out for this year include all shades of purple. A new shade has just launched from Lime Crime this week. Doe advises young entrepreneurs to analyze the market and look for spaces to fit in. The big idea could come from you. Listen to your gut and then go for it. Doe says Lime Crime has a team of talented people who work to get the products perfect and they are true to themselves, if they don’t think a product will do well, they don’t create it. Doe says all of the glitter and unicorn looks are popular today because social media has paved the way for self-expression. Being different is celebrated today and the idea of uniqueness is what Lime Crime brings. Lime Crime looks at its makeup palettes as stories. Each one focuses on a specific look and yet has enough neutrals so you can wear the shades daily. Doe says anyone trying to add more color to their routine should wear it at home first to build confidence. Once you get used to it you can then share it with the world.


Lime Crime Is Innovative And Also Listens To Customers

The idea for the Pocket Candy Palette came from toys. Lime Crime believes that packaging is equally as important as the product inside. The housing helps sell the quality product. The name was a team brainstorming effort based on the design, shape, and contents of the product. Lime Crime looks forward to social media comments about its products. The company listens to customer feedback and comes up with a joint solution that includes the company’s idea and the customer. Lime Crime shares new products well before they hit the market to get the customers excited about them and ready to try them.


Hair Dye And Makeup

Branching out into hair dye was an idea that was authentic to Doe because she had been dyeing her hair for so long. The brand is about self-expression and it doesn’t matter if it’s through makeup or hair. For Doe, individuality means not being sorry or afraid of being yourself. If Doe could talk to her younger self she would tell her to embrace both makeup and hair color and to not be afraid. Learn more:

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