Great Tips From Upwork for Completing Your Todo List

I discovered a great blog from UpWork, featuring ten useful tips for breezing through your to-do list with less stress.

If you’re not familiar with UpWork, they’re an international platform for digital freelance work — one of the world’s largest. About three million jobs are posted on UpWork each year.

Let’s get back to that blog. The first tip tells you how to free your mind, by giving you the power to forget, and thus to relax. What’s the secret? Write, don’t remember. If you don’t write, you have to remember — that’s stressful.

Another tip: Get tomorrow’s to-do list written down the night before. That way, you’ll start doing real work immediately in the morning, when you’re most productive.

UpWork advises keeping all your to-do lists and calendars in one place. They strongly recommend the ClickUp app.

Break tasks down by time required, and break sub-tasks down further yet by the time needed per component. Again, ClickUp shines in this regard.

Tip five is to prioritize your to-do list. Don’t finish your day only to realize you did the trivial and ignored the urgent.

The sixth tip suggests re-evaluating your to-do list, especially those items that keep getting put off. If you put off a task repeatedly without consequence, drop it.

Delegate to remove stress. If something’s worth a comment on your to-do list, assign that comment to someone. UpWork recommends the UpClick app.

Tip eight is to break down larger tasks into smaller subtasks. Then they won’t look so formidable.

UpWork recommends doing similar tasks in batches when possible. If you’re going to get on the phone and interrupt another workflow, do those calls one after the other so that you can get back in a state of flow.

The last tip given is a great one — plan your tasks by the amount of mental effort required. If you have a couple of hours during the day when you can unfailingly get into a flow state, schedule your difficult tasks for that block of time.

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