OneLogin Provides Streamlined Security Features and Employee Specific Access

Under fierce new executive leadership and ranking among the highest rated small companies to work for, both in employee and client end-user satisfaction, OneLogin’s presence is expanding beyond the pages of Fortune Magazine. With an ever-evolving economy and dynamic generational employment challenges, one primary benefit OneLogin brings to the mix is its efficient manner for setting up or respectively deleting employee accounts when inevitable turnover occurs.

Located in the Bay Area, OneLogin is a company that offers streamlined corporate web access, appropriate, business-oriented app technology tools and secure, single sign-in technology for easily over 2,000 customers based worldwide. With OneLogin’s ability to tailor its technology to industry, the company is able to provide its identification and access management products to everything from space manufacturing to education and financial institutions alike. Additionally, the company’s ability to multi-factor authentication has substantially increased company security by providing IT with automated user verification prompts before system access is ever granted.

OneLogin’s trademark technology includes office desktop applications, or shortcuts, that allow employees efficient access to appropriate programs without having to navigate the entire computer directory as a whole. Apps can be customized for a department and provide exclusive access at a level appropriate to position, which alleviates potential breaches of propriety sensitive information. Having one login also allows every employee to search and find programs according to their comfort level. For example, keyword-rich descriptions give direct results to tools so that whichever term comes to mind, an individual can quickly find the app or program they are looking for.

Let’s face it, not all employees are computer savvy. Allowing the workforce access to just the tools they need to get their job done with one set of credentials equates to a significant increase in the bottom line for two reasons. First, productivity and second, maintaining secure company intellectual property. When cloud infrastructure and protective firewall utilization is employed, these two capabilities together ensure that passwords continue to be an effective part of data security, and moreover, that layers of safety are still in place without discouraging or hindering workers from getting their jobs done.

The Academy of Art University, Building Great Students

The Academy of Art University is a great place to attend if you are interesting in any type of art career. The Academy of Art University has received several regional accreditation for all of their degree programs. it doesn’t matter if you looking to pursue an associates, bachelors, or masters career, The Academy of Art University will help you to reach your goals. They have many different types or majors for you to choose from. the Academy of Art University also provides affordable on campus living to all students, no matter what class you’re in. You will be able to get financial help by receiving federal financial aid while attending the Academy of Art University, if you qualify.

The Academy of Art University is well known for preparing their students to be ready to pursue their fashion careers. The school was founded by Richard Stephens. He later passed the school down to his daughter, Elisa Stephens. Every since Elisa Stephens took over the school, she has been taking the students to fashion week that takes place in New York each year. Even though fashion week happens every year in New York, the students only attend biannually.

In 2017 the students made their biannual appearance at fashion week in New York. The students showed cased their unique fashion designs to the crowd. These fashion designs represented the different cultures that each individual student was from. The audience was amazed by the excellent work that the students had produced last year. The students had stolen the attention from all of the high end fashion designers at fashion week.

The Academy of Art University takes pride in proving their students with hands on learning techniques. Many different studies have shown that students who have hands on learning experiences are usually more prepared for the field of work.

The students of the Academy of Art University was recognized by the HuffPost, which is an international newspaper. The were also named the students to be the future of fashion. The Academy of Art University is very proud of the students and for what the future has to bring.

How Fabletics Emerged As A Market Leader

You can’t simply go into the fashion industry and expect to dominate the field without a strategy. Fortunately, Kate Hudson understood what she was doing before she decided she was going to make herself a fashion retailer. Fabletics was not an easy business to start, but once she got things up and running the success of her brand became more obvious. She has mastered the art of the reverse showroom technique and she uses it to great effectiveness for the Fabletics name. People have assumed online shopping would kill brick and mortar retail, but she’s found a way to give it a comeback.


Fabletics uses its website as a way to lure people to its stores in a way that few have thought of before. Athletic wear is something personal and you want to be able to try it before you finally decide to buy it. That’s why it’s so important that people come into the Fabletics stores and decide to buy there. It’s far easier to control the experience and market to people in an actual physical location than it is to try to convince them to buy online. This what Kate Hudson understands so much better than others.


While there are plenty of people out there who will buy something they see online, there are far more who will buy something once they actually get into a store and see what the store has to offer for themselves. This is what Fabletics offers and it’s why the store has gone beyond the internet and into our actual world. You can look at just about anything that Fabletics has to offer and see it in person. You can understand and perceive how Fabletics offers customized athletic wear for everyone no matter what you want and your level of fitness.


The idea for Fabletics has proven that people are absolutely in love with things that remind them of what they enjoy fashion and that give them something they believe is perfect for them. Kate Hudson is a business woman and she doesn’t allow anything to get in the way of her success or her company. We’ve seen that in cinema and we’re finally seeing it for ourselves with Fabletics. Companies around the world are looking for ways to combat online giants and their intrusion into markets. We may have just found the perfect way to stop them with Hudson’s brilliance.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Susan McGalla Broke Barriers For Women’s Leadership

Women around the world have taken a stand and are emerging as leaders. Businesses are starting to take notice. That’s because gender-diversity increases the chances of a business outperforming competitors by 15 percent. That number shoots up to 35 percent when businesses are ethnically diverse. Despite statistics backing this up, there are still companies that haven’t truly opened the door for diversity.

That is why Susan McGalla has been at the forefront of women’s leadership. When she first worked for American Eagle Outfitters, every executive in the company were males. At the time of her departure, McGalla was the company’s president.She moved on to become the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Now, McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development of the National Football League (NFL) team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla’s career dates back to 1986. She held a number of positions at Joseph Home Company until 1994. McGalla was appointed to the Board of Directors under HFF, Inc 15 years later. In Jan. 2011, she became the chief executive officer of Wet Seal. Her departure from the company led her to become her own boss.

Throughout her professional life, McGalla hasn’t expected things to be handed to her. She grew up with two brothers and a dad who was a football coach. McGalla didn’t have the opportunity to take shortcuts, which is why she never had a sense of entitlement. Instead, she worked her way up through the ranks and has become a renowned consultant that clients can trust.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Ready To Take Over As Chairman Of The 24th Largest Bank In The World

Chinese banks are still the largest corporations on the planet, but big Wall Street banks are gaining ground thanks to asset resurgence in 2017. J.P. Morgan is now the third largest bank in the world, and Wells Fargo is number four on the list. Bank of America and Citibank are still in the top ten, and Brazil’s Banco Itaú is not far behind. Itaú was the thirteenth largest bank in 2017 but Banco Bradesco had a very good year, and that Brazilian bank is now the 24th largest bank on the planet.

Banco Bradesco SA offers Brazilians banking and financial services and products, and for the last nine years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was running the show as CEO and president of the bank. Cappi’s banking expertise is one of the elements that has propelled Bradesco into the spotlight on Wall Street in 2017. Bradesco operates two banking segments: Pensions and Capitalization Bonds and Banking and Insurance. The pension and capitalization, plus the insurance segments offer clients personal, accident, health, automobile, life and other asset insurance. Bradesco is one of Brazil’s most respected banks thanks to Amador Aguiar, the founder and Lázaro Brandão, the banks long-time CEO and Chairman of the Board. Lázaro is Bradesco’s oldest employee, and he is one reason the bank’s expansion program is so successful. Lázaro is the man who made a small city bank one of the top banks in the world, but he didn’t achieve that feat alone. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi gets a lot of the credit, thanks to his unique and effective management style and his personable personality.


The Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi banking story is not a typical financial story. Cappi didn’t go to the University of Sao Paulo to be a banker. He needed a job after completing graduate studies in psychology, and Brandão’s staff gave him a job in 1969. Cappi was a trainee with no finance background and no accounting degree. But Lázaro knew that Luiz would fit the bank’s executive profile at some point, even though he wasn’t a typical banking trainee. And Luiz didn’t disappoint Lázaro. Hiring Luiz is one of Lázaro greatest accomplishment, according to Mr. Brandão. Even today, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see and feel the chemistry between the two men. Cappi’s ability to manage people and his innate business sense give Bradesco the right ingredients at the top of the Bradesco food chain. Luiz put an executive team together, and it is one of the most effective banking teams in the Brazilian banking industry.

Lázaro de Mello is on the last leg of his banking career. Luiz is taking over as Chairman of the Board. That title means Luiz is part of banking royalty because he is only the third chairman in the bank’s 74-year history. As chairman, CEO Luiz will have to find his replacement, and the plan is to promote one of the men on the current executive team. There are seven names on the CEO list, and all of them display professional banking talent. Luiz Cappi doesn’t play favorites, so anyone of the seven could get the job once the six board members cast their votes. But the word on the banking street is 52-year-old Marcelo de Araujo Noronha has a great chance because of his age. And Mauricio de Minas, the 58-year-old IT man, is another top candidate.

But the other five executives, Josué Pancini, Andre Cano, Domingos Abreu, Octavio Lazari, and Alex Glüher could all do the job. Luiz will announce his new CEO pick in February 2018 right before the annual shareholders meeting.

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Putting Edtech Resources Into Practice

While 2017 has been a good year for education technology startups, edtech entrepreneurs are watching the 2018 market with guarded confidence.

Edtech can be defined as a connection between administrators, teachers, students and parents that takes in everything from reading to elementary school students, utilizing computers to teach math to submitting homework online.

One of the obstacles with edtech companies is the belief they know which products will be a success in the classroom without input from the teachers or school administration.

The founders of ClassDojo credit their success with listening to the challenges of teachers and students when creating their user friendly app that can be valuable whether it is used in school or at home.

The company’s co-founder and chief executive officer Sam Chaudhary and co-founder and chief technology officer Liam Don launched ClassDojo in 2011 in San Francisco.

Teachers can make the most of the classroom communication app to make a schedule of daily activities available to parents and send photos or videos to parents that demonstrate a student’s work.

The app, which operates on devices that include computers, tablets and phones, can also be used to buy content like yearbooks and lunches or supplies. The communication platform is used in more than 180 countries and in 90 percent of K-8 schools in the US.

What’s more, this year startups such as Nearpod announced $21 million in funding while investors also closed a $2.8 million investment in Classcraft, according to a story at

With almost all schools currently online, teachers need the continued support for new products as they put the products into operation in their classrooms.

One company, Schoology achieves this by assisting teachers in making customized instructions available to their students.

And with competition currently more intense with so many products available in the market, edtech accelerators work to assist entrepreneurs build up their products and act as testing grounds for them.

Chicago-based LEAP Innovations, for example, works with both educators and edtech pioneers to direct and extend personalized learning technologies.

Making learning fun for both educators and students should ease the way for edtech entrepreneurs to make the most of the market.

Why Paul Mampilly Suggests Not Investing In Bitcoin Right Now

Paul Mampilly at one point was sharing his market knowledge with the upper echelon of Wall Street investors, but now he’s including everyone in his advice that he’s offering in his newsletters. Mampilly’s newsletters cover stocks and tell readers how they can research the right ones and manage their own investments. Among the latest stocks he’s covering are cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and though he readily admits he likes what Bitcoin can do, he is not buying it right now.

Mampilly said that Bitcoin was one stock he missed in all his analyses and predictions for 2016 and over a year ago he would have recommended his followers buy it, but he’s seen some troubling developments happen in the last year. When an investment becomes very popular, it often ends up becoming overpriced which is good for a short-term surge, but it usually means a crash will follow not long after. Bitcoin has already begun to see some decline in its value, and while Mampilly estimates there will be some rallies, it will ultimately decline as much as 80% or greater.

Paul Mampilly became an expert investor the traditional way through a college education and going through the training programs at the big banks, but he said if he could go back and do it all over again he would have read on his own how to buy small stocks and trade them. Nonetheless, he did land some big positions at Deutsche Bank, ING and Banker’s Trust during which clients’ money saw great annual returns. His continued improvement as an advisor would then land him a Managing Director position at Kinetics International Fund. During his tenure here, he grew the firm’s total AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion and Barron’s touted Kinetics International as being the world’s best upcoming hedge fund with investment returns as high as 43%. In 2008, Mampilly joined the Templeton Foundation’s competition where he won the Grand Prize for a $50 million investment that became $88 million in one year.

Mampilly’s desire to bring his investment knowledge from Wall Street to Main Street led him to retire at only age 42, but he loved setting his own schedule with publishing newsletters. His feature newsletter, “Profits Unlimited” became one of Banyan Hill’s fastest growing newsletters reaching 60,000 subscribers almost overnight. Stocks that Mampilly found in their early stages and won big on include Netflix, Sarepta Therapeutics and Facebook.

Profits Unlimited’s “$7 Tech Stock” and the “Strange Industry Expected to Surge 8,000%”

José Auriemo Neto – Largest Individual Donor to the Elections!

José Auriemo Neto, a businessman in the luxury real estate sector, such as ‘Shopping Cidade Jardim’ in São Paulo, is the largest individual donor in the 2012 elections so far. Construction entrepreneur, José Auriemo Neto, recently gave $3 Million in campaign donations.

Zeco Auriemo, as it is known, donated $2.85 million, according to the second installment of accounts released by the TSE, referring to the period up to the beginning of September 2012. Of this amount, 1.85 million reais went to the National Directory of the PT and 1 million reais to the State Directory of the PSDB of São Paulo. Countless individuals have benefited from Mr. Neto’s generosity, it has been referred to as the hidden gift.

José Auriemo Neto, is president of JHSF, the developer responsible for luxury projects, especially in São Paulo. The largest of these is the Jardim Cidade complex, which includes the mall and residential and commercial towers connected to it. The donations of Auriemo draw attention because they are performed primarily as individuals and the sheer volume and generosity of the donations.

In the overall ranking of private donors, which also includes companies, Auriemo ranks 15th, behind Construtora Odebrecht, which donated 2.9 million reais. JHSF is behind its owner, with donations worth 1.4 million reais (700,000 reais for the National Directorate of the PT, 200,000 reais for the PMDB and 500,000 reais for the PSDB Financial Committee in São Paulo).

José Auriemo is isolated at the top of the ranking of the largest individual donors. Hid donations are 3.5 times bigger than the second place, Guerino Ferrarin, father of candidate for mayor of Lucas do Rio Verde (MT). Without the generosity of Auriemo these great projects would not have been completed!


According to, Media Shark Media was founded in 2010. It is a leader in the digital marketing, as an agency that provides web marketing solutions customized for medium and small sized businesses. It has over 144 full-time employees with revenue collection ranging from $3million to $5 million. It has a capacity of over 600 active clients with its client retention ranging from 8 to 10%.

Alexander Nygart the chief executive officer at Media Shark Media says that the original aim was to take over the small to medium-sized businesses markets in the Latin America and the US. This was by offering exceptional service and product that was unmatched. They combined domestic and offshore presence with fully and talented bilingual worker base. They share their experiences with the valued clients making them benefit from their demonstrated concepts instead of having to start from scratch.

White Shark Media recognition and awards

The company is currently in the 786th position on Inc. Magazine that recognizes the top 5000 rapidly expanding firms in America. It has been awarded, in 2014, the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership. White Shark Media has been recognized by Microsoft and participates in a particular Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program that expands their marketing capabilities to their clients.

Testimonies and the future of White Shark Media

Clients attribute the growth of their businesses to the White Shark Media customer success team and they recommend other businesses to engage them.

They recently relaunched their Partnership Programs offering customers with a turn-key white label PPC solution as an up to date growth acceleration initiative. The PPC solution comprises of all the requirements for reseller success like partner portals, sales enablement tools, white labeled agency and client dashboard and others. They will work with developing businesses to budget their businesses and make revenue stream earned from the exceedingly powerful and rapidly growing U.S Hispanic population.

OSI Industries Inc. Helps Improve International Growth

Who Is OSI Industries Inc. In The Food Processing Network

Do you eat from your local restaurant, grocer, or deli? If so, the chances are you’ve been feed an all-natural OSI Industries Inc. diet. There food processing network adheres to the strict rules of the food industry set by the federal government. These guidelines are to ensure the safety of the general public and must be followed by all food processing facilities. However, OSI president, David McDonald says, they were one of the first to answer to a stabilized food network throughout their food professing facilities worldwide.

Recent News About OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Industries Inc. says, they are proud of their recent partnership with Dutch convenience food chain Baho. They will be responsible for deli meats and other snacks in the retail food chain. The value of the meat and poultry deal with Baho was not disclosed to the general public. They’re fully prepared to handle the revolving needs of their customers. Baho foods has served the Netherlands and Germany for over 60 years. OSI Industries Inc. has five subsidiaries in Europe. The deal has been successful for all parties involved and help the growth of business in Europe tremendously.

Key Leadership At OSI Industries

CEO of OSI, Sheldon Lavin says, his focus is continuing to process reliable food products his clients can depend on. Ironically, he is a strong believer of giving back to the communities he serves and is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa and earned his degree in business. He also works alongside their president, David McDonald who is responsible for most of the daily operations at OSI Industries Inc. However, they have done a great job of working together to improve their international expansion efforts.

Are you interested in a global work opportunity? OSI offers a diverse work environment which allows their employees to feel good about putting in work each day to improve the safety of the general public and feed thousands of families. They encourage you to visit their website for a listing of their current job opportunities and you can also schedule a tour of their Aurora, Illinois headquarters. Their top officials are trying to create a development strategy to help them continue to grow their assets. You’re only steps away from landing the career opportunity of a lifetime, finding out what’s in your food, or meeting the team of professionals behind OSI by visiting their website today.

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