Get Reliable Healthy Hair That Builds Your Confidence

There are thousands of women around the world that rely on a all natural hair care system that revitalizes and gives their hair resilience. Do you wrestle with your hard to manage hair? Are styling products costing you a fortune? Wen hair by Chaz provides an 95% organic hair solution that is infused with natural ingredients that are known to be highly active on the hair. Their cleansing conditioner has been very popular among women because it has a fast acting dirt removal technology. They unclog your pores to ensure that your hair is allowed to breathe, promoting growth.

Wen by Chaz Products

Wen hair by Chaz is packed with eleven essential vitamins that promise to nourish your hair from root to tip. They provide a rich glow to every strand of your hair with their amazingly, priced products. Most of their products are priced at under $40, reasonably priced for all budgets, You can get wonderful fragrances that include Mendarin Italian fig and sweet almond to relax you after a long day. Experience the highest industry standard of hair luxury for your locks. You won’t want to go back to your regular hair care regimen once you feel the effects of Wen by Chaz.

Hair Care Products

– Styling products

– Hair therapy system

– Styling creme

– 5 day hair care system

– Moisturizer

– Shampoo

– Deep cleansing conditioner

and much more…

Immerse you hair in a rich aromatherapy that consists of Winter Cranberry or Tea Tree Cleansing Oil. Wen by Chaz makes it easy to get their products to your front door with an easy online ordering process or you can get their products from select retailers which includes Sephora. You’re invited to revitalize your hair today with Wen by Chaz.

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OSI Group Performs Exceptionally in 2016

In August 2016, OSI acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food which is a company based in Netherlands dealing with the processing of meat for retail industries. Baho food operates in the Netherlands and Germany, and its five subsidiaries are Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren and Bakx Foods.

For over six decades, these firms have been marketing and selling convenience foods, various kinds of deli meats and snacks. Their customers are spread across 18 countries in Europe. The Managing Director of Baho Food John Balvers is set to retain his staff as they draw a plan on how they will succeed in business under OSI Group based in Aurora, Illinois.

Balvers stated that he was happy that Baho Food had joined hands with OSI Group. He mentioned the great relationship that OSI Group has with its customers and suppliers and added that their combined strengths would enable them to serve their customers better. OSI Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald said that Baho Food would help them access more of the market in Europe. He lauded Baho Food’s portfolio of products and brands as matching that of OSI Group. He said such a partnership would help them serve the ever-changing needs of the customers.


OSI Group ranked 58th on Forbes’ List of America’s Largest Private Companies in 2016. It is an improvement considering that the last time it ranked 136th (2011). The company grew rapidly and currently employs over 20,000 people. The main reason for the inclusion in the top 100 is their efforts which have enabled them to provide quality meat to major fast food venues like the McDonalds and KFC. Their earnings also increased for those five years, and Forbes stated that they had made $6.1 billion in sales. The statistics alone show that they deserved a spot on the top 100.

OSI Group also provides many career opportunities. The fact that it is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world means that it employs many people. The management is always looking for individuals who share the beliefs of the company and desire to make a difference. After one is engaged, the company offers support designed to make them grow and realize their full potential. It does not matter that you have been out of work for many years or are freshly out of college, the desire to succeed is what will land you a job at the company.

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Join A Leading Banking Institution To Save More Of Your Money Today

NexBank is a leading financial institution that offers online banking services, causing PRN News to name them as the largest growing bank in the industry. Thousands of customers have been able to save money, buy a new car, or invest in a new home. In fact, they have an impressive 569,000+ customers in the local area. Nexbank are based in Dallas, Texas, and is headed by CEO and founder, John Holt. Holt recently, spoke at a National Banking Convention and has promised to hire new executives that will contribute innovative ideas, allowing their customers to save money. Their mission is to improve their services and features for their customers and financial corporations nationwide.

Are you living below the national economic level and considered as low income in the Dallas area? NexBank has accepted an acquisition with Dallas based, Habitat For Humanity to make homeownership a reality for low income individuals. They have provided millions of dollars and the necessary resources towards the initiative of first time homeownership. More people are able to own a home with lower interest and monthly mortgage payments. NexBank is here to help you safeguard your financial investment. They also have a college savings program that gives you the opportunity to save with over 1,400+ college savings programs. They have merged with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank, that will presume business under their current name. Students and their parents can save on college tuition and eliminate most of their government student loan debt.

NexBank Program And Features

– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
– Free direct deposit
– Free checks
– Free online bill pay
and much more…

NexBank allows you to manage your money when you want, from any device including your smartphone. In fact, if you need assistance with your account their is a friendly customer service representative, standing by to answer your questions. You’re invited to visit their official website for more details today.

Devco Helps Develop In New Jersey

DEVCO works in New Jersey to help cities that are trying to make changes to the way that they are perceived. The city wants to have a new development ready for people to visit, and they know that the only way to get this done is to get a loan from Devco. The Press of Atlantic City knows a lot about this, and they have run stories showing that the company has been able to help a lot of cities in the state. The loans get paid back with the money from tax revenues, and then the city has this major engine of industry up and running.

According to Atty. Chris Paladino, Devco has a development team that works with every city to figure out what their project should look like. They will talk these things over with the people who work for the city, and they will talk these things over with the people who have the most influence. They work this out until it is time for them to get the building started, and they will help to hire the people that will do this work. In the end, everyone in the community will have much better place to work, or they will have a much better place to live.

Everyone in the city will benefit when they have a company like Devco come in and help them with loans. The loans that they get will pay for all the construction, and then there will be a lot of companies that want to come in at the same time. The plan is to be sure that people can get jobs where there were none in the past. They need to have confidence that they can enjoy their new home, and they should not have to move out of the area because now jobs are present.

Vintners’ Hall Welcomes Over 120 Members of The City of London’s Livery Companies In Style

On September 26, 2016, Vintners’ Hall welcomed over 120 leading members of The City of London’s Livery Companies. The Hall is home to The Worshipful Company of Vintners‘.

The UK Vintners’ event, which gathered many of the Wardens and Clerks of the Livery Companies, a group hosts events in the London city area with regularity, showed off the grandeur of the venue.

“The Livery Halls are the perfect place for an event, particularly one such as Vintners’ Hall, as it brings a sense of grandeur to any gathering,” stated Julie Fox, Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.

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The UK Vintners’ Hall gathering was catered by Searcys, who provide the Hall with catering and event management services. For this event, Searcys served up a menu consisting of high end food, including: smoked eel croquettes; rosemary and goats curd; foie gras, white chocolate and truffle buttons; salad of broad bean; and more.

The Worshipful Company of Distillers intends to host all of their key events at Vintners’ Hall this year.

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Kim Lyons, Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, comments that the most important factor in choosing The Hall “is their focus on flexibility and quality”.

One of the upcoming events involves more than 200 separate high end spirits, which will be tasted by some of the City’s most influential individuals in a tasting event.

Sales and Marketing Manager for Searcys at Vintners’ Hall, Patricia Paixao, had this to say about the reception: “The event was our most successful showcase to date.”

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Banking for Convenience

NexBank is making major moves in the industry by acquiring College Savings Bank located in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a big deal as the College Savings Bank specializes in hundreds of savings programs that are aimed at paying for a college education. There are not many terms to be discussed, but it is important to note that College Savings Bank will be able to keep its name and branding.

NexBank has been a player in the industry for many years and continues to be worth billions of dollars. They specialize in banking, mortgages, and investments that are sure to help anyone out looking to make more money for themselves and their family. They are also involved in services revolved around businesses, real estate, and other multi-million dollar ideals.

NexBank makes it convenient for its consumers to bank by providing online options and different solutions to deposit and withdrawal money. There are also many benefits offered that some other institutions may not offer, such as transferring between banks, accounts, and even linking accounts to pay bills online. Nexbank offers many savings options to help you save money while also putting money into your account, just for banking with them. The options are there to benefit you and the best way to receive these benefits is to try their services out for yourself.

Securus Technologies Enrolls Field Workers In International Certification Program

Securus Technologies has now adopted a training program for their field employees in which they earn an internationally-recognized certification. The training program is done through Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), an organization that has training programs in the telecommunications industry, and their certifications cover field work such as installing fiber optic systems, copper-wired mediums, and wireless systems. Eleven Securus field workers recently received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification and received praise from company vice president Danny de Hoyos. He spoke of how BICSI’s program was the perfect platform for building field worker skills and establishing even better rapport with customers.


Securus Technologies has built telecom infrastructures for many correctional facilities across the US. The company was founded in 1986 in Dallas, TX and is currently run by CEO Rick Smith and COO Robert Pickens. Securus services all communications from phones, email, and in-house kiosks and tablets. Securus acquired JPay about only a year ago, and this has allowed inmates to file paperwork electronically, deposit funds or receive them, purchase commissary items, view jobsites, and many other things. Securus allows families and inmates to prepay for phone minutes, setup a personal billing option, or even receive voicemail.



One way that Securus has made visiting even easier is through its video visitation. The video visitation service connects anyone who has a webcam and internet access to an incarcerated inmate, and there are no waiting periods to do so. The program has led to many inmates improving behavior, improving morale, and saved both correctional facilities and inmate families money. Securus also has one of the most sophisticated databases of information that is connected to various local law enforcement directories, and can provide investigators important information to investigations. Securus’s Investigator Pro software has biometric recognition algorithms for monitoring inmate mail and phone calls.


Makari Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

Are you someone who’s dissatisfied with your skin’s texture and tone? Are you the kind of person who’s interested in skin lightening products that helps to achieve a more radiant look? Makari De Suisseis one of the premier brands of natural skin cleansing and lightning. Located in New York City, this company is setting high standards in the skincare industry. Whether you’re male or female, you’re sure to find the right product that helps you reach your end goals.
The company has made an impact and is now establishing itself among the best skincare companies with a line of exclusive products. Many people of color who suffer from dark circles and uneven skin tones find the products highly beneficial with consistent use. We all live different lifestyles, but those lifestyles can cause tremendous damage to your skin. Makari products are made from natural ingredients such as carrot oil, caviar, and argan oils unlike the competitors who tend to use chemicals. Makari products can clear up skin that’s been damaged from acne or stretch marks as well. The sky is the limit and no other brand provides such satisfying results from it’s users.
Beware of fly-by-night brands that are only out to make a quick buck. Makari De Suisse is a reputable company out of New York and has a huge customer base and following. Twitter and Facebook is a testament to the brands loyal followers and it’s a place where you can receive important information and alerts. Case In Point: Currently there are discounts and sales on products as we speak and all you have to do is click the link. That’s it! You’ll be on your way for cleaner, healthier skin in no time.

Makari De Suisse stands out from the rest easily. The products are manufactured in Switzerland and goes through strict scrutiny before being sold on the market. The brand specializes in extracts and has over 60 different products including:

Extreme Carrot & Argan Gel
Toning Serums
All Natural Lotion & Soaps
Extreme Carrot Skin Kits
Enriched Caviar Soaps
Drying (Pimple) Treatments
Clarifying Cream
Masks (Peel-Off)

As you can see the options are endless. Makari Skin Care is the wave of the future and the best in the business.

Important things to Know about Spread Betting in NFL

It’s hard to imagine that a lot of people out there are making a decent living out of spread betting in the NFL. It’s even considered a profession in modern day with household names like Teddy Covers and Jessy Schule. But what really goes on in the world of Football betting?

The Spread

The spread is also known as a line, and it defines the margin of victory required to win money in a bet. For example, if there is a +14 margin on the Denver Broncos as the underdogs, it means the Denver will have to lose by 14 points or less for the bettors to win their money. The opposite means money is lost. Professional football betting experts will tell you to shop around for lines before placing your bet. It’s important to first do meticulous research on the different betting lines available out there, a good website to shop for lines is Covers offer some of the best odds in football betting compared to other bookmaker sites.

Never Outshine the Master

This is the first of the 48 laws of power. If you want to get ahead in NFL betting, don’t try and use what you learn from experts like Covers to get better or win like them. A lot of the grievances you will hear about Covers are from people who tried to copy Cover’s betting styles. The other portion is the individuals who choose to bet with their hearts instead of their heads. Teddy Covers advises that you should always treat your bets like investments; just as you don’t go into stalks based on how you feel alone, it’s the same with professional football betting. Always trust your guts at the end of the day, and make informed decisions. All the while, you should ensure you are betting at your own pace, don’t just place several bets all at once because Jessy Schule was doing the same.

There is a lot that goes on in NFL football betting, but if we could round everything off, it certainly boils down to how you manage your spreads. Understanding how spreads work is key to becoming a professional football bettor, and even turn this side venture into a living. However, never copy what the experts do; learn to trust your guts more than you trust anyone and you will be on the safe side.

Brian Bonar is Not Afraid To Try Something Different

People like new things, fresh ideas, and new concepts. However, sometimes new things do not work well in certain situations. This is why many people tend to use traditional business concepts and ideas.

One of the business sectors where sticking with what has worked is very common is the restaurant business. Many owners and managers in the restaurant business tend to play it safe instead of trying new things.

For restaurant owners and managers who prefer to try something unique and different, there are plenty of restaurants that have taken this route. One of these restaurants is Bellamy in San Diego.

The Bellamy restaurant has a French style concept that is based on true French food, French wine, and French look. The French concept has been very popular for Bellamy. The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the San Diego area.

It takes talented people to make a concept such as a French restaurant work in California. One of the main people behind the success and popularity of the Bellamy restaurant is the chef Patrick Ponasty.

Raised in France, Patrick Ponasty is considered one of the best chefs in the world. With the ability to prepare great food dishes and invent amazing food menus, Patrick Ponasty has been able to take his understanding of the French culture and restaurants in France to develop a French concept at Bellamy that is second to none.

When people come to Bellamy, people get a first class French dining experience. Patrick Ponasty is at the core of this dining experience. As the chef, Patrick Ponasty is able to make a huge impact on the Bellamy restaurant. However, there are others who are also important to the popularity of the Bellamy restaurant. One of these people is the owner Brian Bonar.

Known as a great restaurant owner, Brian has a solid grasp and understanding of the restaurant business. He understands what is necessary to make a restaurant successful and how to actually do it.

As a restaurant owner, Brian Bonar owns several popular restaurants in the San Diego area. He is not afraid to try new or different things in his restaurants. In some ways, the popularity of his restaurants is based on the uniqueness of each restaurant.

Bonar is a respected businessman in the San Diego area. Part of his success as a restaurant owner has been and continues to be his willingness to try new and different things at his restaurants to provide people with a unique dining experience.