Nick Vertucci Teaches His Proven Methods To Make Money In Real Estate In His New Book

Nick Vertucci is a businessman who made his mark in the field of real estate. He recently released a book, exclusively on Amazon, he named, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book is partially a personal account of his life and career and also lists six fundamental building blocks that it takes to succeed in business. He goes into detail about how he lost everything early in his professional career and how he was able to thrive and make millions by buying and selling residential properties.

After losing everything, Nick Vertucci says that he learned some lessons. This included learning how to push back against the fears that were holding him back and how to alter his mindset to be more positive and proactive. The forward in his book was written by Kevin Harrington who was the very first “Shark” in the tv show “Shark Tank”. It has also been endorsed by Dean Cain who is an actor and producer in Hollywood. Right off the bat his book sold more than a thousand copies and that total has been building in the intervening time. His book can be bought in both a paperback version and one for the Amazon Kindle.

Nick Vertucci relates that his first company was in the computer technology arena. He lost everything when that industry crashed and so he then tried to make money in the real estate industry. He says that he made a boatload of mistakes and he entered a period of severe depression. He then found a mentor who helped him learn to succeed in that industry and who taught him to change his mindset about how he approached things. He learned how to build a mental foundation that was strong and paired with his real estate company he started to really achieve things.

In writing this book, Nick Vertucci hopes that he can help other fledgling entrepreneurs also achieve similar success as he has had. The book is 350 pages in length and it shows readers the concrete steps they need to take in order to build a business that is both strong and sustainable. As he has explained, everyone really enjoys a rags-to-riches story. However, he thinks what is even better is his story which involves going from poverty to wealth, back to poverty, and then achieving wealth once again in a new industry.

He credits being persistent and willing to learn new things as what has helped him achieve great things. Today he has a school which teaches people across North America the methods and mindset it takes to make money in real estate whether that involves flipping houses, being a landlord, or investing in commercial real estate.

PSI Pay Providing Alternative Banking Services

Although digital wallet accounts play similar roles like the physical wallets, many people all over the world still find it difficult to comprehend the need of a digital wallet. Digital wallets tend to provide a single appropriate place for keeping cash, credit, and debit cards as well as loyalty cards. These wallets promote security and at the same time enable the user to have one mobile phone in place of many cards and papers. However, digital wallets very depending on consumers practices from different parts of the world. The European wallet for instance holds bank balances and has the ability of carrying multiple currencies like euros and pounds.


The European-style wallet can be used in place of conventional bank accounts. Many consumers as well as small companies are currently using digital wallets to carry out all of their financial transactions. One has to be in an area where many retailers and service providers admit mobile payments in order to reap the benefits of alternative banking. EcoPayz and PSI Pay are good examples of the European-style wallet in the United Kingdom. PSI Pay is a banking solution that enables members to deposit and withdraw money from the banking network. It currently operates in 173 countries and deals with 44 currencies. The banking solution company is among the best banking alternative companies in the United Kingdom.


Recently, PSI Pay partnered with Kerv, a leading innovator in the alternative payments domain. The collaboration uses PSI Pay’s Master Card license that enables users of the contactless payment services offered by Kerv to pay money in 38 million sites globally. Kerv users will now have the ability of funding their accounts using the credit or debit card, PayPal, or ban transfer using either a manual or an automatic top up service. The users can also carry out online or in-app purchases using their virtual cards. The Kerv contactless payment has won several awards including the Temenos Innovation Jam. The new mode of payment developed by the two alternative payment companies is not only convenient but also revolutionary. It has been embraced by many customers all over the world.

Lori Senecal

Have you ever thought to yourself who is Lori Senecal and what has she done with her life? Have you ever looked into her and the work that she has done? If not that is okay because i am about to tell you about her..


Lori Senecal worked very hard her entire life to get where she is today and this is something that drove her to be the very best that she could be with the help of the people she works beside. She worked hard to make companies mean something to help them shape the entire company when they were working. She helped them put ideas into a plan and helped them take that plan to a whole new level. She likes to make sure that the company is growing to the most that it can be without getting off track. She believes that strong leadership should be one of the main things a company is looking for and believes that having a strong leadership is one of the most important things a company looks for. Overall she is a person that others in the industry should look up to because she is the prime example of what a person can do when they put their mind to it no matter the situation that they are in. She worked hard to get where she is today and that is something that has made her be one of the most experienced people in the industry. Check out Inspirery to know more.


When she was done with school she worked hard to make sure that all of the companies she worked with became a success which is something that was important to her. She always worked to bring the best out in the people and the environment that she worked in which was something that made her popular among the companies. Lori Senecal has lots of experience because of the top companies that she has worked with which turned her into a person that is full of knowledge. She is one of the many people that has worked with so many people and she is one of them. She also has tons of achievements that makes her be one of the most popular people in the industry.


Overall she is considered the most successful people in the industry that can help teach others to do the same thing she has done. You can visit




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SteelSeries teams up with Newswatch TV for gaming product reviews

Recently Newswatch TV established a relationship with SteelSeries with a goal of product promotion as well as product review and the PR involved with. SteelSeries is a brand of professional Gaming Gear. The products specifically chosen to be reviewed and promoted were headsets and game controllers. Tori Pogliese, A spokesperson for SteelSeries, had this about the collaboration between the two entities;”We started working with the NewsWatch team and it was an excellent experience to be able to work with a team who understand how PR really works, and deliver a message that you want delivered to your audience, where consumers can understand it in their own language. We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!”

I play World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and League of Legends . Having equipment that I can rely on performing well is an important reason for purchasing gaming specific gear. Having a keyboard, a mouse, a mouse pad, and a headset that collectively gives me an edge within that game is the reason I repeatedly purchase SteelSeries products. I can personally vouch for the SteelSeries Siberia headphones, they have amazing clarity and noise canceling. I don’t blindly purchase these products either, the reviews and the hype surrounding the product influence my decision greatly. Newswatch TV is able to communicate the things the gamers are interested in such as specs, how the product will impact their gaming experience, and price in a way the consumers of SteelSeries products understand.

NewsWatch TV is a US based TV series that primarily focuses on consumer news. Newswatch TV first aired in March of 1990. Since their beginning they have won multiple awards. In 2017 they won gold and platinum Marcom award for their nationwide 30 minute television show. Newswatch focuses on individual stories as well as consumer products and services reviews.

Jason Hope Believe Eternal Youth Is Not Far Away!

If you had the choice to live forever, would you? Technology expert and philanthropist, Jason Hope believes that that questions may be taken very seriously within the next few years. For eight years, Hope has supported the SENS Research Foundation. SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence). focuses its work on the study of anti-aging and rejuvenation biotechnologies.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation in order to support anti-aging research. Hope has made many successful predictions concerning anti-aging and thus, has gained respect worldwide as a leading futurist in the United States.

Hope states that rejuvenation biotechnologies concentrates on encouraging the medical profession to look at ways to prevent diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease so that people may live longer, disease-free lives. The current situation is the treat these diseases once they are diagnosed. By then, it’s a little too late.

One of the development in rejuvenation research that Hope is excited about are AGE-breakers. Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) are metabolic waist products that build up on our muscles and largely promotes the aging process. AGE-breakers focuses on treating these waste products so that the skin and blood vessels are not effected by these waste products.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He attended Arizona State University and earned a finance degree. He also received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey College pf Business. He and his wife are very active within their community in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has also contributed articles for several national magazines.

Hope remains passionate about anti-aging research and continues to support the work being done at SENS Research Foundation. Though some of the work may be controversial due to the need for the usage of stem cells, Hope believes this is where the researching is heading and someone needs to take charge and be the spokesman for what is happening in this very progressive field.

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Bioidentical Hormones; Dr. Jonathan Rand’s answer to aging

Everyone wants to enjoy good health in their old age. Apart from desiring to look youthful, people want to feel youthful and agile even in their old age. There are many synthetic products in the market that promise this. However, most of them fail to deliver the promises written on the package. This is because; these products focus on changing the outside rather than the inside. Therefore, the users end up looking younger but feeling old.

Dr. Jonathan, a specialist in integrated medicine has come up with a therapy that enables the body to rejuvenate itself from the inside. His therapy involves nutrition, exercises and hormone supplements. His therapy focuses on making the body function as it did while its youth.

Many people understand the importance of nutrition and exercise in healthy living but few understand the place of hormones. As Dr. Jonathan Rand puts it, there are good and bad hormones in the body. An example of good hormone in the body is human growth hormone which helps in growth and an example of bad hormones is insulin which stores fat in the body. In youthful years, the good and bad hormones are balanced. However, as one grows old, the good hormones decline and the bad ones become dominant. This results in age related symptoms and sometimes diseases.

In his therapy, Dr. Jonathan Rand restores the good hormones using bio-identical ones. This restores the balance between the good and bad hormones. As a result, his clients enjoy the youthful health they once had. The hormonal balance also reduces symptoms related to old age like hot flashes, depression and fatigues.

Dr. Jonathan promotes the use of bio-identical hormones and not synthetic ones. According to research done by scientists, synthetic hormones have negative effects to the body. They are linked to deadly diseases such as cancer. For this reason, in his hormonal therapy, Dr. Jonathan only uses bio-identical hormones.

Fr Jonathan Rand is the president of Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange. Apart from his expertise in age management, his facility is known to give the best care to its patients.


Pancreatic Cancer, an unknown killer says Stansberry Research

Though people may have mainly heard of pancreatic cancer due to the deaths of stars such as Patrick Swayze, and Steve Jobs, pancreatic cancer only makes up about 3% of all U.S. cancer causes ( It is known as one of the rarest, but most deadly of the forms of cancers. While this is a rare form of cancer, it is rising, and it is hard to diagnose until late in the process. While cancers such as colon, lung, and abdominal seem to be falling in numbers, liver and pancreatic are going to soon be the second and third most common cancers. One reason scientists have come to is because of extra weight. Overweight people seem to have higher rates of pancreatic cancer. Extra weight can lead to a myriad of issues including inflammation, along with increase in insulin leading to diabetes. However, with the new scares involving this disease, pancreatic is a very preventable cancer, and a healthy diet and exercise can be important in targeting it. Some scientists argue that pancreatic cancer can be so deadly, because the bacteria in pancreatic tumors actually suppress the immune system. If you are already unhealthy, sick, and have an unhealthy lifestyle, is seems that this cancer can only be made worse.

The article concludes discussing the breakthroughs. The NCI (National Cancer Institute), is one example of an organization that is providing cutting edge research, and is always on the brink of a new form of assistance. It also mentions, that if one cannot afford treatment, clinical trials can be a popular form, as sometimes the medications are subsidized for the research. This article was written by “The Stansberry Institute.” The Stansberry Research Institute is a private American publishing group that specializes in investment research, it has monthly and bi-monthly newsletters. Along with investment research, Stansberry Research also produce a number of different subjects that specialize in data based research and information. The Newspaper has followers in over one hundred countries. Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 as an independent firm, and from there has grown into more of an advisory research center.


Shervin Pishevar Champions a New Global Model

The United States has long been recognized as the foremost superpower in the world, but in recent years, with the spread of the entrepreneurial spirit worldwide, countries such as China, have begun overtaking the United States in a number of prominent sectors. Shervin Pishevar believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, living and breathing startup companies, and has had an unprecedented run of success regarding such. During his college years, Shervin Pishevar studied molecular cellular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, but quickly realized that his skill set fits together better in the world of the entrepreneur. Since that time, he has incorporated a number of thriving companies into his portfolio, including Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Tumblr, and Uber. With a number of sectors important to the success of the United States currently in flux, Shervin Pishevar decided to discuss his personal viewpoints regarding them, and if he continues his streak of correct predictions, the United States is in for a dark period.

It was a triumphant return to Twitter, where Shervin Pishevar utilized an entire 24 hour period to dish on a number of topics, one of the most important being, the fall of the US financial system as it is known today. In recent years, there has been a rise amongst stateless digital currencies, and with Bitcoin becoming one of the hottest topics of discussion, Shervin Pishevar’s prediction that the traditional governing and financial institutions are on the verge of failure, may not be very far fetched. Over the course of several months, Bitcoin experienced a meteoric rise, resulting in its price jumping to nearly 20k, but subsequent plummet caused panic among investors. The next two years will prove to be instrumental in Bitcoin’s success based on Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter rant, and it will begin to reverse the losses that it has recently seen, returning to a steady investment. With the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Mr. Pishevar believes that a “once in a 1000 year shift,” is approaching, which will bring about the old system down, making room for a new and improved model.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Approach

Richard Dwayne Blair is an Investment advisor at his firm, Wealth Solutions located in Austin. Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm that operates in Austin. Richard attended University of Houston where he studies a bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management services. After his university education, he started his own firm with the goal of giving personalized investment advice. Dwayne wishes to make a positive change in each of his clients. He started his firm so that he could help those within his community reach their individual financial needs.


According to Richard Dwayne Blair everyone should have a plan so that they can achieve their financial goals. For one to come up with a financial plan to achieve their financial goals, Richard Dwayne Blair came up with a three pillar approach. He uses this approach to come up with a holistic plan for the individual.


In the first pillar of the approach, Richard identifies the client’s goals, risk tolerance as well as other future opportunities for growth. The information Richard gathers about the client helps him understand his clients and their individual expectations.


The second pillar ensures that Richard comes up with an effective strategy to achieve the clients goals. The strategy should not only help in reaching financial goals but should also consider the unique liquidity needs of the client. Dwayne usually actively manages the assets and relocating them if there is need so that he can capture maximum performance when the market is up and minimize his losses when the market us down. He then tracks his performance and compares it to the historical data, client’s expectations and model goals.


Richard’s third pillar is all about the client’s insurance needs. This pillar comes after he has gained a deeper understanding of the client and has come up with a strategy to help them reach their financial goals. Since storms in life are often unpredictable, it is important that one is adequately covered. With this in mind, Richard advises his clients on insurance including lifetime insurance.


A New Era At Bradesco? Details Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the 4th and current president of Bradesco has cleared the air as to future plans of the financial services giant. Bradesco was founded in 1943 in Marilia, by Amador Agular.

Graduating from the University Of Sao Paulo (USP), with a degree in philosophy, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi initial position with Bradesco was a bank clerk back in 1969, in his and Bradesco home town of Marilia. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a bank clerk for two years, before moving to Sao Paulo in 1971, and was promoted to be the Director of Marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as the Director of Marketing, understood the importance of having a good reputation in the public eye, and this can best be achieved by having a good relationship with the media.

Since its inception, Bradesco has grown to become an international banking institution and second largest bank in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been president of Bradesco since 2009, and now at the age of 67 he will be stepping down. Lazaro Brandao the former president of Bradesco and current Chairman of the Board of Directors raised the age limit from 65 years to 67 years, because of all the changes the bank is undergoing at this point in time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Bradesco realized the requirement of announcing the next president 30 days prior to the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting scheduled for March 12th 2018. Also a short three years prior, Bradesco acquired HSBC. These factors all compounded to bring us to where we are now at this transition or changing of the guards.

Octavio de Lazari Junior has been confirmed to be the 5th president of Bradesco, and will be made official during the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting. Octavio de Lazari Junior attended the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Osasco and earned a graduates degree in economics, he also has a specialization in Financial Strategies and Marketing from the Fundacao Instituto de Administracao.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco also shared the plans of the 91 year economist Lazaro Brandao, and Chairman of the Board of Directors will be retiring. Lazaro Brandao retirement will leave a vacancy as Chairman, a position Luiz Carlos Trabuco will assume as chairman. Octavio de Lazari Junior becoming the new president, means there was need for a new vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco stated. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues, who has been with the company since the age of 13 will become the new vice president.