The Sick Boy Tune That The Chainsmokers Fans Are Going Crazy

The song topped several music charts, and this changed the music career for the duo.

A successful music career is measured in the number of records a musician has sold worldwide. The system relies on three categories in quantifying the number of albums, singles, or music videos an artist has sold.

The categories are gold, silver, and platinum. Each country or region has different minimum sale numbers for each category.

The Chainsmokers released another successful single “Roses” in 2016. This earned the group epic success because the album achieved multi-platinum in several countries. Since then, the duo has been on a success curve.

The Chainsmokers is renowned for their award-winning collaborations with Coldplay, Halsey, and Daya.

Achieving success is not as hard as maintaining it, especially in the music industry. The duo has followed up their past colossal success by releasing a new electronic dance hit titled “Sick Boy.”

The song is the first one in seven months, and it signals the onset of a new episode in the duo’s music career. As an artist, you have to grow and take your fans along with you.

The Chainsmokers have been releasing songs about love and fun, but the duo wants to take their music and their fans to the next phase.

Pall and Taggart now want their music to reflect societal issues. People have a tendency to judge persons on what they see instead of taking time to learn the true nature of individuals.

For music stars, it is even worse because more people including the media could highlight the wrong version of people. The Chainsmokers are reacting to this through their music.

Going forward, The Chainsmokers plan to work with other producers to bring a new wave of energy into their music and keep their fans dancing to the beats.

DJ Alex Pall

Alex Pall and the Chain Smokers are a funky dance band. Their music is very popular at night clubs and dance parties. Alex and his band members all have interests in up beat dance music. An extensive Interview with the Chain Smokers was done in summer 2016. It showcases the history of the band, how they met, and their huge success in the music world. The article is written in a professional mannerism, has stylish photos of the band, and is very vibrant with colors.

Mathias is an Interviewer who has chatted with all the band members. We learn about the history of the Chain Smokers. It is interesting to see how Alex and his band got started. He met Drew through his career manager. Andrew was a college student who had lots of passion for DJing. During the time that he met Alex, he was pursuing his musical passion. He was producing music in and out of college. Andrew’s fan base started growing in social media. He found out about the Chain Smokers band through a guy he knew. So, he made the move from upper New York to the State of Maine. He met the leader of the Chain Smokers and hit it off musically right away.

The Interviewer questioned Alex Pall about his journey in piecing the band together. He saw how skilled his first band member was in social media and producing music. Drew brought a lot of expertise and skills to their music group. Over time, the two of them developed as artists. Alex and Drew continue to find ways to connect with their many listeners. The Chain Smokers band has a large fan base. They think of new ideas to keep their fans happy musically. The band members write inspiring songs and design album covers. Alex talks about how well the band members work together on and off stage.

The RealReal Makes it Easier for People to Experience Luxury

In a world where people are looking for cheap deals, it seems like the premium items are becoming all but forgotten. Fortunately, there are some companies that are offering some high quality luxury items for people who can afford it. The name of this company is The RealReal. One of the best things about The RealReal is that they go a lot further than the other fashion retailers. The company does not try to offer something that is very cheap in order to attract the most customers. Instead, they offer something for people that are serious about buying clothes that last.

In some cases, people have to choose between fun designs and high quality. This is not because they have to save money. Instead, the real reason behind this is that they can’t find a business that offers them what they truly want. Fortunately, The RealReal closes this gap for people that have a few extra bucks to spend and want to find something with a fun design. The best thing about this is that people will have some of the best designs combined with the most durable material. This is one of the biggest dreams of people who have an interest in fashion.

When it comes to fashion, The RealReal offers everything that a person would want. The company offers something that people can be proud to buy. They don’t have to hang their head in shame because they have to settle for a company that is involved in shady practices with the intention of saving money. Instead, they can actually be proud that they are supporting companies that are bringing forth some of the highest quality items created in some of the most humane conditions. The RealReal is really helpful in making sure that people get the type of fashion that they want.

Heal and Soothe the Herbal Ingredients Supplement for Joint Pain

Heal and Soothe herbal supplement contains ingredients that are believed to assist with alleviating pain in the joints of the body. The natural ingredients are meant to be used as a systemic enzyme therapy. The natural ingredients in Heal and Soothe being used as systemic enzyme therapy helps the body’s enzymes to go through a biocatalyst reaction to alleviate pain within the body. Each of the ingredients within the product were handpicked to combat pain with systemic enzyme therapy.

Proteolytic systemic enzymes go throughout the entire body to fight off inflammation. It additionally cleanses the blood and helps scar tissue. This type of ingredient works in the cardio, immune, and respiratory system within the human body. Each of the ingredients in the Heal and Soothe herbal supplement creates a proteolytic systemic enzyme.

Bromelain comes from pineapple. It reduces inflammation and pain within the body by cutting off pain receptors to a point. It assists with cleansing the body’s waste and the blood.

Turmeric root and Papain are antioxidant filled ingredients. Both ingredients assist with cutting off the COX-2 and the 5-LOX enzymes.

Boswellia Extract is an ingredient that has long been used in Indian health remedies. It has anti-inflammation properties and assists with the circulatory system.

Rutin is within a variety of plants and fruits. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to it.

The Yucca root helps with the digestive and immunity within the body. The root is believed to have some anti-inflammation properties to it, but it is known to have definite anti-oxidant abilities.

Ginger root has long been seen as a helpful ingredient in Asian medicine. Ginger has been used to treat pain, nausea, and digestive issues.

Devil’s Claw is an ingredient that has been used in Africa as a natural pain reliever. It has been used to even treat arthritis pain. The capabilities of the natural ingredient have shown to have strong anti-inflammation reactions in the body.

Citrus Bioflavonoids is a compound that can act as a pain buffering agent in the body. It’s a skilled ingredient at masking pains throughout the joints in the body.

Each of these ingredients helps to alleviate and hold off pain in the joints of the body. Heal and Soothe will help to soothe the joints that are aching for you. Try it today by ordering a bottle from their website.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich, A Nationally Recognized Plastic Surgeon

Internationally recognized as an innovative leader in plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich, practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and UT Southwestern Medical Center. His many achievements include being the founding Chairman and Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. His main focus is in reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, education, aging, and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there. He went on to Baylor College of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. After working with The University of Michigan Medical Center, Oxford University, and Massachusetts General Hospital, at the Harvard Medical School, he made his way to UT Southwestern Medical Center as a Professor, where he has been working since 1986. He and his associates have contributed academically to the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery fields, which have included publications in breast surgery, facial fracture repair, medical education, injectable fillers, liposuction, rhinoplasty, nasal anatomy, and patient safety initiatives.

Having chaired beyond 100 worldwide symposia, he has also given more than 900 scientific presentations in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich was selected as editor-in-chief, in 2005, of the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery journal. He has also authored and co-authored over 300 medline-indexed publications, he has been the editor of four plastic surgery textbooks, and written or co-written 30 textbook chapters. His interests include working with various institutions that regulate, promote, and advance plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich has invented a new breast implant that he holds the patent to. He has also come up with educational tools that will bring technology to the many plastic surgeons he works with and educates.

His philanthropic contributions are just as impressive as his career. Dr. Rohrich has taught and performed plastic surgery in third world countries that need his help and his training, in the areas of reconstruction for severely burned patients and congenitally deformed children. Every year, through his foundation, the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Foundation, he supports a medical student who plans on practicing primary care in the state he is from, North Dakota. He also organized the East Dallas Mobile Health Unit to provide proper immunizations to their homeless people and underprivileged children. Dr. Rohrich and his wife, Dr. Dianne L. Gibby, co-chair an early childhood development program for underprivileged children, called the Dallas for Children Foundation.

Entrepreneurship & Success: Jose Hawilla

The urge to become an entrepreneur takes its roots in an individual when the person desires to live an independent life without any kind of external pressure on him.

Some Bottom line to ripen up into Entrepreneur are:

  • The belief of success must be much higher than that of the fear of failure.
  • One must be passionate about their work and not for the money from their heart and soul so that the extra effort could be invested into it without being getting deviated from the path.
  • To meet up with his own expectations one must have a strong and dedicated work virtue towards the goal and must be focused on the bull’s eye of their task.
  • Being creative and logical will be the key factor to take a giant leap in the business.
  • One must be Open minded which can help them to create the opportunities even with a small trace of Emerging idea in the mind.

All of us are not born entrepreneurs, some of them grind themselves and burn their midnight oil to become one of the best entrepreneurs. One such personality is Jose Hawilla.  Check out LinkedIn to see more.


Jose Hawilla was born on 11 July 1943 in Sao Jose do Rio Preto which is the state of the Sao Paulo is Brazilian Businessman and entrepreneur.

The career of Jose Hawilla was full of ups and downs and his career as the journalist ended in the year 1979 due to some kind of the category strike. But because of his strong determination and willpower he along with his three other mates he founded Traffic group which is the sports marketing company. On continuously working in the company he took it from basal to the apical spot. The success of the company could be analyzed from the fact that, in short span of time it brokered Nike’s sponsorship with the Brazilian national team.

Work experience:

  • Worked as the radio and the television reporter for 10 years.
  • He has the experience of producer, commentator, and the producer.
  • He has also worked in the preeminent networks of Brazil like Rede Records, Rede Globo, and Radio & TV Bandeirantes

In one of the interview, he said that in life he faced many apprehension and people taught that he was crippled but it his self-confidence and prodigy that helped him to gain reputation. And today he is the most persuasive man in Brazil and is the founder of the Traffic Group which is the multinational sports marketing company. You can visit

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The life story of Nick Vertucci.

The Nick Vertucci, Real estate academy, is a premier academy that was founded by real estate guru Nick Vertucci. The school has one of the highest recorded rates of success for students transitioning from school to market. He has developed a curriculum that is based on experience and real-world challenges and solutions. His dalliance with real estate can be traced back to 1999 when the tech bubble burst and wiped out his entire investments. Nick Vertucci had been self-employed in the tech industry, and he had started a computer shop that offered various services. For a man who sold computers and related services for a living, it was only natural to invest in stocks from this companies. He was initially doing very well and had been able to make substantial savings, and as a new father, he was able to provide for his family quite a comfortable life. He would be caught off guard by the tech burst and before he realized the mess that he was about to get into everything was gone. Left with a business that was running on fumes its collapse was imminent and as such he had to find an alternative. The market was, however, doing so badly that jobs were hard to find and when a friend suggested that they attend training on real estate he was not as enthusiastic. He was, however, later convinced and it turned out to be a life-changing decision. The knowledge that he would acquire from that training alone would change his perspective on real estate forever. Nick Vertucci was able to take it upon himself to learn as much as he could and is now a leader in real estate by all standards.He is currently training others and equipping them with the skills they need to cut it in the industry.

How Michael Hagele Approaches Being a Lawyer For Tech Firms

Michael Hagele is a California-based attorney who helps companies in the tech industry. He is an outside general counsel for these firms who do business in the biotechnology, defense, aerospace, and internet sectors. He is also a skilled investor who specializes in startup tech companies. Additionally, he has founded a number of businesses himself including those in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

As a lawyer, Michael Hagele has over 20 years of experience. He is skilled at negotiating contracts and licensing distribution and development agreements. He has also served as the outside general counsel for many promotional and marketing agreements that his clients in the tech industry need to be completed. He is also an expert when it comes to intellectual property rights, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate financing.
Michael Hagele has his own law practice.

Hagele used to be a general counsel for a few different internet companies and at each one he handled all of their legal affairs. He also once worked at Fenwick & West LLP which is a legal firm located in Silicon Valley. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Iowa and his law degree at the Berkeley campus of the University of California – School of Law.

When he was starting his own practice Hagele’s own experience convinced him that a sole practitioner of the law could be just as effective as a bigger law firm. He runs his operation with an eye on what the particular legal needs are of businesses in the tech sector of the economy. Hagele says that every day he performs different duties for his clients, ranging from intellectual property issues to reviewing documents like contracts and licensing agreements.

He says what helps him be an effective lawyer for his clients is taking off on a short mountain biking excursion each day in the afternoon. Michael Hagele says this clears his head and he often generates new ideas during these trips that are of value to his clients. He says he has long days, though, as some of the partners in his investing arrangements live overseas.

Duda Melzer Founder of RBS

Duda Melzer has had a successful career in various industries. After graduating from college, he started working in the financial sector. During this time, he assisted new business owners with lending programs for their companies. Duda Melzer enjoyed the work, but he wanted to advance quickly in his career.

In 2002, Duda Melzer Digital decided to attend Harvard Business School. He earned an MBA during his time there. He was also able to network with prominent business leaders from around the country. He developed several new business ideas for the future. When he was offered a position as CEO of RBS Group, he immediately accepted and went to work.

RBS Group Issues

Duda Melzer took over RBS Group at a tough time. The marketing industry went through massive changes a few years ago. As customers shifted from traditional marketing preferences to digital advertising, many companies went out of business. Duda Melzer started investing in new technology to take his company to a new level. For more details visit pauliceiadojazz

Although it was hard work, Duda Melzer was eventually able to improve both sales and profits at the company. RBS Group is now a leading company that is gaining market share each year.

Duda Melzer spends time helping people in the local community. He is passionate about helping young business students achieve their goals. You can visit their website

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Jeremy Goldstein Puts the Rumors to Rest, Shares His Compromise for Fixing EPS

What exactly is “Earnings per Share,” and why has it garnered so much flak in recent days? EPS is a method of employee compensation based on a pay-per-performance model. It encourages employees to focus on company success and helps to bring up stock prices significantly. It has been proven to bring companies closer to success and is universally praised for its advantages. But in some cases, EPS can quickly become a disadvantage. Jeremy Goldstein offers insight into those cases, as well as suggestions on how to prevent them.



Can EPS be Fixed?

The advantages of EPS can’t be overstated when it’s used correctly, but sometimes, executives and CEOs can take advantage of EPS for their own benefit at the cost of the company. This possibility has earned it a lot of flak from critics. While manipulation of metrics and the misleading of shareholders is by no means commonplace, it’s still a very real possibility and has been abused before. On top of issues already present with EPS regarding stability and value fluctuation, this has made EPS increasingly unappealing. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be salvaged, and, in many cases, it’s still of incredible benefit to the company.


So how can EPS be used without risking the company’s well-being? Jeremy Goldstein believes that the best way to do this is to hold the higher-ups accountable for abusing the system. When they can no longer safely use it to gain short-term cash for themselves, they will have to focus on long-term profitability and the continued success of the company. This encourages company growth, as well as a steady rise in the value of shares.



Jeremy Goldstein

Based in New York at his boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, Goldstein is an expert in compensation and business law. He has served a number of prestigious clients throughout the United States and is considered one of the country’s top lawyers by both the Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. His years of experience lend him the unique perspective necessary to solve the foremost problems in the world of business law.


In addition to his professional ventures, Goldstein has worked with a number of law journals such as the NYU Journal of Law and Business. His perspective on the most pressing legal issues of the modern day provides unrivaled insight into the world of business law. He has also donated significant sums to charities which are dedicated to the treatment of mental illness, foremost among them being Fountain House. Learn more: