Leveraging Network Marketing Success to Drive Business and Charity

Talk Fusion is a business marketing communications provider famous for its groundbreaking video platforms. The company is based in Florida and provides innovative video communications platforms and digital marketing services. The CEO and Founder, Bob Reina started it in 2007. Talk Fusion was the first company to provide seamless full package video marketing solutions to businesses. The solutions help businesses accelerate their sales pipelines and positively influence lives.


Besides overseeing a rapidly growing company, Bob Reina is also an exceptional motivational speaker and author. Recently in April, he contributed two articles to HuffPost titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” He brings years of marketing and technology experience to the table.


In a news article posted recently, Bob Reina points out that a brand should be ready to innovate and evolve to achieve success regardless of its history. The partnership comes at an opportune time when HuffPost just rebranded from The Huffington Post and updated its mission statement. The new-look HuffPost is now focused on being the voice of the unheard and looking to foster discussions on culture and fulfillment.


Bob Reina, who has been publishing on the news platform since 2016 focuses on technology trends, marketing, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Bob Reina is set to leverage the success of Talk Fusion to enjoy a stronger relationship with HuffPost that opens the door to over two hundred million readers.


Video has become king as the media-marketing platform of choice. The Talk Fusion platform allows business to engage their associates through live video conferencing platforms that are scalable to any device. Additionally, a video chat app enables video calls between heterogeneous devices. This improves communications enabling quicker decision times. Video marketing solutions increase above-the-line visibility and enable businesses to extend their reach.


The service offering includes video-based chat, newsletters and email, sign-up forms, live meetings, and video conferencing. The firm has gained tremendous success utilizing innovative network marketing strategies to achieve a worldwide reach. It enjoys an affiliate network of independent associates in over 140 countries. It fosters a strong culture of giving with Bob Reina setting the pace and encouraging associates to make meaningful contributions that change people’s lives in their local communities.