Draw my Life by Wengie


This is a video that takes us through the life of Wengie who was born on January 9, 1986. According to her story, she had a hard time feeding during her tender age, and sometimes she just took a spoonful of rice and suck the flavor out of the rice for hours. This made her family afraid since they thought she could become malnourished, but Wengie got by just fine. She loved ice-cream which made her negotiate with her grandfather every Sunday to have him by it for her. She didn’t enjoy the care of her parents since they had both left for Australia leaving her under the care of a nanny and her grandparents. Wengie remembers the first time she went to Australia and the reaction she had after seeing her parents for the first time.

Learning Background

She was quite shy, and had a hard time interacting with teachers and other kids at school, that is why she used to have poor grades. However, Wengie made it to high school where she met a lover. She now had a little brother by the name Jim, and Wengie wanted to be his role model. During her final high school year, she spent most of her time at the library which is why she scored good grades securing her a slot in the University. Since her parents didn’t have a stable job, they advised her to apply for a scholarship, and she luckily succeeded. Wengie always wished to be a designer, but against her will, she pursued Accounting.

Career Life

After graduating, she got an accounting job but since her heart was not into it, she was performing poorly, and finally decided to quit at the age of 25.Wengie had to look for another job considering that she had moved out from her parents’ house. She got a job as a social media consultant and within no time she got twelve clients. She worked late and sometimes would get home at 12 am, and when she got to the house, Wengie would write blogs which she posted on her webpage. She later quit her consultant job and settled for a YouTube channel where she posts videos about her life encounters.

This video features the life of Wengie who is an Asian girl who was raised by her grandparents but later joined her parents where she studied. The video covers her early life, academic life, and career life. Currently, Wengie owns a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers.