Lime Crime: A Cruelty-Free makeup brand out of LA

Lime Crime, started by Doe Deere in Los Angeles, California is a young, online makeup brand that sells brightly colored cosmetics to customers globally. Started in 2008, the company was initially created because its founder had a difficult time trying to find makeup products to match up with her one-of-a-kind fashion sense. Despite its young age, the brand boasts that it started the liquid lipstick trend that has since influenced others in the beauty aficionados.


Lime Crime produces a range of beauty products from lipsticks, lip glosses and highlighters. The latter is makeup that can be brushed on to the eyebrows, cheeks, or other parts of the face. They also sell hair color and nail polish and makeup brushes (called Aquarium brushes, complete with handles filled with glitter). The brushes can be used for many makeup application needs as they include eyebrow, shadow blender, pencil, angled brow, fan, lip, and powder brushes.


Lime Crime is very clear on its stance regarding use of animals in its products. Its beauty products and accessories are not tested on animals (cruelty-free), nor do they contain animal products(vegan). The makeup has been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program as well as PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


It should be noted that cruelty-free and vegan products are unique, unregulated terms. Products labelled as vegan have no animal products in them. Therefore, they are free from beeswax, collagen, albumen and other ingredients that one might find in cosmetics or health products labelled as natural. Cruelty-free cosmetics are those in which the final products have not been tested on any animals. However, intermediate products may have gone through animal testing. Additionally, due to the laws in which a particular product was made or developed, it may be required that a product be tested on animals. Since neither vegan nor cruelty-free are FDA regulated terms consumers should look for certain labels to ensure their product is free from animal products and cruelty. These include labels showing that the product has been certified by The Vegan Society, Vegan Action or PETA.





Cruelty-free vs. Vegan





The Products From Lime Crime Capture the Essence of Freedom of Expression

 When Doe Deere launched her line of cosmetic products, the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention proved to be true. Ms. Deere’s products came about as a direct result of her own need to express her moods. Today, her Lime Crime line of cosmetics has become synonymous with freedom of expression. In fact, the company’s original packaging depicted a unicorn as a way of symbolizing the brave spirit of those who would choose to use the line’s innovative colors. The company still produces a line of Unicorn lipsticks, which are still placed inside their classic lavender colored tube with a holographic unicorn silhouette on the front.


Taking a Bold Step Forward


The Unicorn lipsticks available from Lime Crime are in keeping with the company’s philosophy of creativity. These products are available in bold shades that are loaded with pigment. They go on smooth and dry to a soft dazzling shade. The color line for the Unicorn lipsticks ranges from a muted berry shade to a pink nude. The company also produces a line of Velvetine lip colors, which come in styles that have either a matte or metallic finish. The matte lip colors place a vibrant shade on the lips that remains true to its color all day. This line boasts a huge array of expressive shades that include bright red, plum, fuchsia, canary yellow, lime green, ice blue and orange.


The sparkling Unicorn lipsticks are not the only products from Lime Crime that enhance lips with a touch of shimmer. Their line of Metallic Velvetines dazzle the eye with their frosted appearance. These products come in shades of pink, lavender, yellow and red. The company also has a line of Perlee lip colors designed to enhance lips with a light metallic appearance. When it comes to freedom of expression the company’s line of Diamond Crusher lip colors reigns supreme. Designed to recreate the glitter effect of real diamond chips these colors capture the true essence of a fantasy world. The colors available in this line range from intoxicating indigo blue Black Unicorn shade to the sensuous ice pink Acid Fairy shade.