Bioidentical Hormones; Dr. Jonathan Rand’s answer to aging

Everyone wants to enjoy good health in their old age. Apart from desiring to look youthful, people want to feel youthful and agile even in their old age. There are many synthetic products in the market that promise this. However, most of them fail to deliver the promises written on the package. This is because; these products focus on changing the outside rather than the inside. Therefore, the users end up looking younger but feeling old.

Dr. Jonathan, a specialist in integrated medicine has come up with a therapy that enables the body to rejuvenate itself from the inside. His therapy involves nutrition, exercises and hormone supplements. His therapy focuses on making the body function as it did while its youth.

Many people understand the importance of nutrition and exercise in healthy living but few understand the place of hormones. As Dr. Jonathan Rand puts it, there are good and bad hormones in the body. An example of good hormone in the body is human growth hormone which helps in growth and an example of bad hormones is insulin which stores fat in the body. In youthful years, the good and bad hormones are balanced. However, as one grows old, the good hormones decline and the bad ones become dominant. This results in age related symptoms and sometimes diseases.

In his therapy, Dr. Jonathan Rand restores the good hormones using bio-identical ones. This restores the balance between the good and bad hormones. As a result, his clients enjoy the youthful health they once had. The hormonal balance also reduces symptoms related to old age like hot flashes, depression and fatigues.

Dr. Jonathan promotes the use of bio-identical hormones and not synthetic ones. According to research done by scientists, synthetic hormones have negative effects to the body. They are linked to deadly diseases such as cancer. For this reason, in his hormonal therapy, Dr. Jonathan only uses bio-identical hormones.

Fr Jonathan Rand is the president of Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange. Apart from his expertise in age management, his facility is known to give the best care to its patients.