Sawyer Howitt is not Your Average Teenager

Unlike most guys his age, Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur in his own right. At his hometown in Portland, Oregon, he is one of the most influential young adults. Sawyer also loves listening to music and taking photographs and is one of the players of Oregon Racquetball Club.

At his tender age, Sawyer Howitt understands the operational and financial aspects of business. He knows what it means to appreciate the depth of a brand, resonance and its connection to the consumer. Sawyer Howitt is enthusiastic and fast on any job that comes his way; whether it’s compiling complex spreadsheets or simple tasks like note taking during meetings. To him, all jobs are important.

Currently, he is second-year business and finance who takes his studies and the internship opportunities seriously. One of the internship opportunities he had was at Kure Juice Bars where he worked as a customer service representative.

Sawyer’s Connection to Meriwether Group

When not in school, Sawyer Howitt spends a huge chunk of his time working with his father at his company – Meriwether group. His dad is his chief mentor and has guided many entrepreneurs. on the journey. In fact, he has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal as the person to watch in Business in 2017.

Meriwether is a firm whose core business is providing consultancy in business acceleration and business development. The company’s primary objective is to create brands with a disruptive effect on the many sectors of the economy. The company is comprised of a team of experts and entrepreneurs from the largest corporates in the US.

The company’s business model is entrepreneurship- centric. It targets the sharpest entrepreneurs ad guides them through to business success. The company started in 2008 and to date has a workforce of over 50 employees. Sawyer Howitt takes on the role of project manager of the enterprise. He is trusted to oversee most of the projects that are taken up by the company.


Sawyers Howitt appeal does not end in education, sports, and business. The young man has directed some charitable activities which support causes like education and woman rights. In addition to this, he is involved in the mentorship of troubled youth and has led several international ethnic study groups.




A Look At How Meriwether Group Helps Entrepreneurs

Meriwether Group was founded by David Howitt in Portland, Oregon. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a graduate of Denison University and earned his law degree at Lewis & Clark Law School. He has passed on his passion for entrepreneurship to his son, Sawyer Howitt, who works at his company as a Project Manager.

The team at Meriwether Group is committed to helping other entrepreneurs succeed. One of the ways they do so is by acting as a business accelerator where they partner with the entrepreneur’s company and help them realize their vision. They bring in a blast of fresh energy that drives business growth and the passion of the employees as well as management. Meriwether Group also acts as capital partners and can provide both short term and long term financing options through financing companies they have formed arrangements with.

As a younger person at Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is learning about how to be an entrepreneur. He is also developing business skills needed in the area of interest, finance, such as developing complex spreadsheets. Sawyer Howitt is also interested in business development and is exploring ways to change how commerce works on both a small and large scale.

As a company that works with a large number of technology companies, Meriwether Group has a satellite office in San Francisco. They have also helped a wide range of other types of companies including Oregon Chai, Pendleton, Voodoo Doughnut, and ABC Carpet & Home.