Adrangi on Eastman Kodak’s Stock Share Rise

Sahm Adrangi is currently the chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital, an investment and advice-giving corporation. With his headquarters in New York City, there are a plethora of organizations and businesses consistently seeking Kerrisdale’s, and most importantly, Sahm Adrangi’s services.

At only 33 years old, Adrangi exemplifies the passion of the American Dream and how one’s dedication and hard work can pay off. Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the prestigious Ivy League, Yale University. His previous employment has been with companies such as Longacre Fund Management, Chanin Capital Partners, and Deutsche Bank. During his tenure with Longacre Fund Management, Adrangi helped garner over $1.2 billion in investment assets. Moreover, his role at Chanin helped the company through a bankruptcy restructuring and gave crucial advise to various organizations on the subject. Even before Chanin, Adrangi worked with Deutsche Bank, where he helped the company with debt and yield high bonds.

Sahm Adrangi has a value investing type of personality and is a generalist in terms of personal expertise. Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital are fundamentally rooted in long-term investing and promote their ideas with event-driven situations. More recently, Adrangi and his company issued a negative report on the Eastman Kodak Company.

Adrangi states that Eastman Kodak Company inaccurately displays its stock price as if it is in the growth process. The company’s acquisition of a new image company is only a strategy to block the actuality of the company’s growth. This partnership will not help the company with its declining revenue and low cash flows. From its initial purchase of the image company, Eastman Kodak’s stock has risen 187%. Currently, Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi only seek to benefit if the company declines in its share price.

To discuss its full report on the Eastman Kodak Company, Kerrisdale will be hosting a conference call.

The Academy of Art University, Building Great Students

The Academy of Art University is a great place to attend if you are interesting in any type of art career. The Academy of Art University has received several regional accreditation for all of their degree programs. it doesn’t matter if you looking to pursue an associates, bachelors, or masters career, The Academy of Art University will help you to reach your goals. They have many different types or majors for you to choose from. the Academy of Art University also provides affordable on campus living to all students, no matter what class you’re in. You will be able to get financial help by receiving federal financial aid while attending the Academy of Art University, if you qualify.

The Academy of Art University is well known for preparing their students to be ready to pursue their fashion careers. The school was founded by Richard Stephens. He later passed the school down to his daughter, Elisa Stephens. Every since Elisa Stephens took over the school, she has been taking the students to fashion week that takes place in New York each year. Even though fashion week happens every year in New York, the students only attend biannually.

In 2017 the students made their biannual appearance at fashion week in New York. The students showed cased their unique fashion designs to the crowd. These fashion designs represented the different cultures that each individual student was from. The audience was amazed by the excellent work that the students had produced last year. The students had stolen the attention from all of the high end fashion designers at fashion week.

The Academy of Art University takes pride in proving their students with hands on learning techniques. Many different studies have shown that students who have hands on learning experiences are usually more prepared for the field of work.

The students of the Academy of Art University was recognized by the HuffPost, which is an international newspaper. The were also named the students to be the future of fashion. The Academy of Art University is very proud of the students and for what the future has to bring.

David Giertz Advice on Retirement Saving

David Giertz noted that most millennial start preparing for retirements when they are 22 years. Majority of this group get wrong information about the preparation process according to Mr. Giertz. Here, he outlines three ways the millennial should plan their retirement money.

  1. Keep Track of your Finances

Keep count of all your money and make sure you are both taking care of essential needs and also saving enough money. Pay off debts on time to avoid accrued rates. David Giertz encourages people to start saving early.

  1. Compound Interest

The financial advisor asks investors to take advantage of compound interest. Make it a habit to always deposit some cash into your retirement account to enjoy the compound interests throughout your saving. Upon retirement, you will be accessing your finances tax-free as it was taxed before depositing.

  1. Start a Side Job

The best way to raise money for the future is having other sources of income apart from your main occupation. The high cost of household commodities means that you will be saving little or nothing. David Giertz says that an entrepreneur needs to identify their area of passion and experience when looking for a business opportunity.

About David Giertz

Recently, Mr. David was the head of Nationwide Financial’s Sales and Distribution Company and grew it from $11B to $17.8B profit. The new returns exceeded the targeted revenue. He leads the distribution and wholesale strategy of Private-Sector Retirement Plans, Specialty Markets, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Annuities through, Independent Broker, Independent Dealers, banks, and wirehouses.

The certified business coach has trained more than 100 business leaders to encourage coaching culture. At the beginning of 2014, David was the leader of the Financial Institutions Bank. He expanded his channel in 2009, to involve Wirehouse distribution firm. It is during his leadership that income grew from $1.5B to $8B. In 1999, he joined Nationwide as a regional deputy president in Miami, FL. He managed to boost their revenue by 48%.

He has also worked at Citigroup, Millikin University and Girl Scouts of Broward County as a board member. David has been in the financial service field for over three decades. During his practice, the talented consultant has shown consistency in leveraging strategies, innovations, and processes to establish profitable growth.