Talk Space Therapist Address Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental health issues are something that a lot of people would like to sweep under the rug. It’s simply too embarrassing or frustrating to talk about. For example, there are a wide variety of people that have to deal with a spouse, relative, or friend that has a borderline personality on a daily basis. This individual always seems to be in the middle of a crisis. The person with a borderline personality has an issue with respecting boundaries established by people. For example, the mother in law interfering with her newly married son’s life and threatening suicide if they tell her to stop.

Talk Space Counseling

Borderline Personalities destroy relationships. The Talk Space application addresses that issue by providing counseling with a licensed therapist that is experienced with that issue. Today, over 500,000 people have sought advice to address mental health issues. Talk Space is a life saver for thousands because some people simply find it difficult to express themselves in an office setting. However, texting a therapist over their mobile device helps them relax and get over the anxiety attached to talking to a therapist about relationship issues that concern a borderline personality and more.

What Talk Space Is Like

Talk Space is a very convenient mobile application that pairs the user with a licensed therapist. The first step is to sign on to the application. The new user is asked a a few questions that are designed to match them with the right therapist to counsel them. An agent for Talk Space recommends a therapist. The user contacts the therapist through text messaging and the counseling sessions begin. Therapy is offered through texting only or a combination of video sessions and texting. Many state that text therapy actually worked for them and compare it favorably to traditional therapy sessions.