Dr. Rod Rohrich, A Nationally Recognized Plastic Surgeon

Internationally recognized as an innovative leader in plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich, practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and UT Southwestern Medical Center. His many achievements include being the founding Chairman and Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. His main focus is in reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, education, aging, and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there. He went on to Baylor College of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. After working with The University of Michigan Medical Center, Oxford University, and Massachusetts General Hospital, at the Harvard Medical School, he made his way to UT Southwestern Medical Center as a Professor, where he has been working since 1986. He and his associates have contributed academically to the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery fields, which have included publications in breast surgery, facial fracture repair, medical education, injectable fillers, liposuction, rhinoplasty, nasal anatomy, and patient safety initiatives.

Having chaired beyond 100 worldwide symposia, he has also given more than 900 scientific presentations in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich was selected as editor-in-chief, in 2005, of the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery journal. He has also authored and co-authored over 300 medline-indexed publications, he has been the editor of four plastic surgery textbooks, and written or co-written 30 textbook chapters. His interests include working with various institutions that regulate, promote, and advance plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich has invented a new breast implant that he holds the patent to. He has also come up with educational tools that will bring technology to the many plastic surgeons he works with and educates.

His philanthropic contributions are just as impressive as his career. Dr. Rohrich has taught and performed plastic surgery in third world countries that need his help and his training, in the areas of reconstruction for severely burned patients and congenitally deformed children. Every year, through his foundation, the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Foundation, he supports a medical student who plans on practicing primary care in the state he is from, North Dakota. He also organized the East Dallas Mobile Health Unit to provide proper immunizations to their homeless people and underprivileged children. Dr. Rohrich and his wife, Dr. Dianne L. Gibby, co-chair an early childhood development program for underprivileged children, called the Dallas for Children Foundation.

Imran Haque

With fifteen years of experience doctor Imran Haque is a highly respected and caring physician. He has qualifications of an MD from the University of Virginia and a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. He is fully licensed and has settled in Asheboro, NC. He now works at Horizon Internal Medicine were his skills are put to good use dealing with illnesses and medical exams. The doctor has already become a fixture in Asheboro with patients making regular visits to his office and facilities. For some, its not only his skill, but his charm that makes these visits to his office worth while.

Doctor Haque provides many services for patients including physical exams, diabetes management, Venus body contouring, laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing, and weight management services. Diabetes treatment options is one of his main focuses as an internist. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is to high. Although diabetes has no cure, steps can be taken to manage diabetes and stay healthy. It can be a debilitating disease if not properly managed. This is why doctor Haque has made this disease one of his focuses as a physician.

Doctor Haque offers many services which have made him popular as both a primary physician and for those interested in elective procedures such as laser hair removal or body contouring. Doctor Haque can provide many services in office as a primary physician and if necessary provide referrals to specialist when needed. Besides Horizon Internal Medicine, he is also affiliated with many hospitals in the area including Randolph Hospital. Doctor Haque is dedicated to providing quality care to his patients by doing thorough checkups and exams. This is why his office is the preferred choice for patients in North Carolina. With all this success, Doctor Haque will undoubtedly be a shining star in the medical community for some time.