ClassDojo Is Building Bridges


Education helps lay the frame work for who our children will be as the transition into adulthood. It helps shape their goals and dreams, and also has a significant effect of the way they view themselves. Because education plays such an important role in a child’s development, parental involvement is of extreme importance. Most children place priority in making their parents proud. School is not an opportunity for growth, but a time for students to show themselves and their families what they know. In an ideal world, parents would have schedules that allow them to be hands on as it pertains to their child’s education, but that world is non existent and being present during the school day seems nearly impossible for most families.

When education enthusiast Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary stepped back to take a look at today’s classrooms, they saw much room for improvement. Of the many obstacles educators face, there seemed to be a fireproof barrier between parents and the classroom. Because of conflicting schedules and lifestyles, it is not always possible for parents to be as hands on as they may desire. Understanding the importance of partnerships between parents and the classroom, Don and Chaudhary began working on a plan to knock down that barrier.

Riding the wave of the recent technology boom, the young entrepreneurs built an interactive communication app for teachers and parents. Much like today’s mo popular social media sites, users have the option to upload, share and comment on school work and projects. Parents will now have access to their child’s classroom though the convenience of tablets and mobile phones. This not only opens the door for communication between parents and the classroom, but also gives students a chance to share their achievements with their parents. These accomplishments are often overlooked or simply forgotten about, and other achievements made throughout the school day can get lost in the shuffle of the evening rush. ClassDojo bridges the gap between parents and teachers, bringing them on step closer to the classroom.