Planning or hosting a party or event should never be hard. You can either decide to have a checklist which will help you in planning the party or use an event planning company like 23 Layers. However, we have some pointers that will make planning for your next event or party much easier:


  • Have several checklists:

Before planning the party make sure you have several checklists that will serve as the guideline for what you are meant to do.


  • Have a Theme:

Be creative and set a theme for the event or party that will coincide with it. This will set the tone for the party or event.


  • Have invitations:

An invitation creates the anticipation that is needed for a successful event or party. You can mail the invitation or email them for last minute events.


  • Set up a self-service bar:

Have a simple self-service bar so that your guests can mix their own drinks at their own pleasure. However, you can have a welcome drink at the entrance and sparkling water for everyone.


  • Have a Theme Drink:

Have a special cocktail for the party or event. Ensure that you have planned for one alcoholic drink for each guest hourly.


  • Simple Appetizers:

Have simple bites placed on trays to make it easier for the guests to mingle. You can prepare from scratch or buy ready-made ones.


  • Have a kid’s table:

Have a simple table set up for the children especially if it’s a family get-together.


  • Have a Simple Setting:

Have a simple table setting with a modern twist.


  • Don’t Strain Yourself:

As the party or event host, you set the tone. Therefore, give yourself ample time to prepare yourself for the event.


  • Have Tokens:Don’t forget to have simple tokens to serve as a memoir for the party.



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