Fabletics: A Winning ECommerce Success Story

The world of fashion has evolved hugely in the past decade or so, as shopping for clothing has moved from shopping in physical stores and onto online sites.

Today the e-commerce fashion world is highly competitive, which means that new startup companies must work even harder to find a place in this glamorous yet hard-charging business arena.


Today, e-commerce fashion companies that want to stay competitive must do more than just deliver great, high-quality fashion at good prices. This is even more true as today Amazon has a 20 percent share of the online market. All of this is driving up competition and making new companies work triple time to get an edge. New companies are expected to deliver quality customer experiences, last mile service and unique branding in order to get into this market and become profitable. It isn’t easy, but some companies are doing it and thriving.


Fabletics Makes a Name For Itself


Fabletics is the activewear line launched by actress Kate Hudson and her partners three years ago. Since then, this fashionable yet affordably priced activewear company has grown and is now valued at $250 million. That’s an impressive figure for any company, but especially for a young startup in a highly competitive industry.


What’s behind this company’s success? The wearability of the Fabletics line is one major attraction. These workout clothes are beautifully designed, so they can be worn in a gym or at a track, but they’re pretty enough to double as outfits for work or social events. Add to this the company’s unique VIP subscription membership, and that’s a formula for real success.


The monthly Fabletics subscription is a service that takes in information about the customer’s workout regime, and applies it to choosing a set of workout clothes that are sent out monthly. Kate Hudson selects the clothes herself, and Hudson’s acute fashion sense is proving to be a major asset.


A Great Spokeswoman


Kate Hudson’s presence as a spokesperson for the clothing line is a major asset as well. With her active lifestyle and athletic looks, Hudson symbolizes the type of customer Fabletics is appealing to. Customers are responding to her and the high quality of the clothing line, as well as its affordable pricing.



There’s no doubt that this ingenious startup has come a long way in the past three years, but this company is showing no signs of slowing down. Be on the lookout for more great fashion from Fabletics coming your way soon.