Break Into Wine Industry As Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard

The global wine market did $303 billion worth of business in 2016 alone. Market forecasters are also predicting the expansion of the wine industry going forward. The middle classes of India and China are demanding better products, including wine. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see the wine industry pass the trillion dollar mark in the near future.

Wine is a growth industry, and it is the perfect industry to start a career. It only has room to grow. But in order to break into this incredibly competitive environment, you need education and experience. If you add a little bit of passion on top of that education and experience, the sky is the limit for you in this industry.

There is a perfect position waiting for you at Traveling Vineyard. This online company offers a position called a wine guide. The wine guide is the frontline of sales for the company. Working as a wine guide gives you an incredibly high standard of living because you get to set your own schedule while driving up an endless amount of sales.

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Wine guides are encouraged to start with their own inner circle of friends. Simply make an excuse for a party together some of your friends over. Use the education that Traveling Vineyard gives you to host a wine tasting. You get to pour some of the best wines on planet Earth for your friends. You then get to guide them through the entire wine experience from the look to the aroma to the flavor. It is here that you are getting hands-on education in the wine industry.

Simply relieve your friends some ordering information for the wines of the tasted of the end of the night. Every single order that comes out of your wine tasting makes you money through a commission. You can host as many parties as you would like while making as much money as you can. And all the experience gathered from selling wines to groups of friends and parties is invaluable for a future in the wine industry. After all, that wine won’t sell itself.

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