Avaaz Civil Organization of The Future

Avaaz is a US based Civic Organization which derives its name from Persian word Avaaz meaning voice or song.The organization was launched in January 2007 and co-founded by Res Publica. The organozation aims to resolve issues such as animal rights,human rights,climate change,conflict,poverty and corruption through bringing people-powered politics to decision making.

Avaaz has no clear ideology but aims to bring into realization the world we want .Although it is only 5 years old it has an online activist network of around 44,928,679 members.Remarkably it also has campaigns in 17 different languages on 6 core continents.

Through its petitions platform it supports the starting and winning of campaigns.It also gives members a decision whether or not to join a campaign instead of straining for consensus.The organization mainly takes action through petitions,funding media campaigns.Also direct actions such as sending emails,calling and lobbying.

As it is fully member funded and rejects funding from cooperates and governments, it is not easily swayed or influenced by them.

Avaaz has continually made efforts for a better world.So far it has helped in the establishment of a no fly zone over Libya which assisted to bring military intervention in Libya.In 2009 it set up Proxy servers in Iran to help Iranian presidential protesters send videos.It has also given support to the Syrian Civil uprising which preceded the Syrian Civil war in various capacities.

Though some of its methods have been criticized it is widely praised for bringing many people globally together and uniting them for a common cause.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz