Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Specialist worthy of our Admiration

When it comes to quality health care, Dr. Jennifer Walden certainly fits the bill. Born in 1971, Dr. Jennifer Walden was raised and bred for greatness. To date, she is one of the best American plastic surgeons. Also, Walden happens to be the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, and the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. Through her two companies, Jennifer has been able to prove to the rest of the world just how skillful she is in plastic surgery. Thanks to her industriousness, Dr. Jennifer Walden got listed in 2014 as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s beauty surgeons.

For years, DR Jennifer has been specializing in aesthetic facial and breast surgery, two procedures that have helped her stand out as the best in the business. She is also proficient in procedures like microtia, laser skin resurfacing, botox, mastopexy, and rhytidectomy among many others. While working alone, she has been able to sharpen and hone all her skills.

Dr. Jennifer Walden started practicing right after school. As it stands out, Walden has a BA in Biology, an MD in Medicine, an integrated plastic surgery residency, and an aesthetic surgery fellowship. What began as a childhood dream, has now manifested into a tangible reality. Since 2004, Dr. Walden has been working for institutions like the Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital and the Jennifer L. Walden, MD.

It has taken a lot for Walden to reach where she is today, working hard to give people the best medical services they could ever find. In her medical company, Dr. Jennifer Walden treats all patients with honor and respect and that explains why consumers highly rate her. Walden has once again dominated in a field once thought only to favor men. Thanks to her zeal and passion, the world is now a better place.

USHEALTH Group – Best Innovative Solutions for Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company that offers many different types of plans that are specifically tailored to each client. Their subsidiaries of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance which has been dedicated to providing life insurance, accident and disability, along with many more types. One of the valued qualities of USHEALTH Group is the options available. Their wide varieties of choices allow families, individuals and businesses to choose the best plan specifically catered to their needs. Their company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, where they proudly serve approximately 15 million customers.


USHEALTH Group has insurance options for everyone. Customers who have a specific budget and know exactly what they can afford will find a great plan that is valuable and less worrisome. They can opt for a plan with a smaller deductible, which is less they have to come up with in the event that they would need to use their insurance. They also have plans for customers who have a more extended budget, and are willing to exceed their expectations with a multitude of choices. No matter which type of coverage they choose, each advisor will ensure that you understand exactly what your plan includes. They understand that health insurance and its regulations can be confusing and hard to understand. They enter into a highly extensive training program, which involves a lot of experience, so they can work with you to get you set up with the right plan that is suitable to meet all of your needs.


USHEALTH Group works under two truths of business conduct. They realize that not every case is going to be the same, and each plan will be different. By understanding that each client is unique, it gives them the benefit to approach the case with the ability to provide an insurance plan with ease and confidence. USHEALTH Group takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and quick claim processing. They have been named as one of the top 50 North American call center’s in 2013 and are privileged to announce their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Troy McQaugge Crowned the Most Innovative CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc., is the Gold Winner in the One Planet’s CEO of the Year Award. The prestigious award is a highly reputed award that honors business leaders across the world for their professional and business excellence. Business from all over including private and public the world big, small, for profit, nonprofit, and new startups are eligible to participate.


Troy McQaugge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. It didn’t take him long to make the first step towards accomplishing his successful career at the firm. Rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency was the first step towards success that Troy took immediately after joining USHEATH Group.


After successful restructuring the distribution agency, in 2014, Troy McQaugge was promoted to serve as the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, the organization has achieved significant milestones as well as strengthening its position in the highly competitive health insurance industry.


Troy expressed his gratitude for being honored with the celebrated industry award. He further dedicated the award to the entire team of USHEALTH Group suggesting that receiving the award is as a result of the company’s cumulative efforts. He further stated that winning the award is a manifestation of the company’s commitment towards ensuring affordable healthcare solution to their clients.


One Planet Awards


One Planet Awards is a coveted award that honors companies for their professional and business excellence. The categories honored by the award have been evolving. Currently, One Planet Award recognizes teams, new products, and services, executives, PR, corporate communications, marketing and enterprises from all over the globe.

For more information, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13954535.htm


Who is Troy McQaugge?


Troy McQaugge is a decorated entrepreneur and corporate executive. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The Panama City, Florida born entrepreneur resides in Coppell, Texas. Since joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, he has managed to turn things around achieving remarkable success. He is honored for his ability to turn USHEALTH Advisors into the largest captive sales company in the Under 65 health insurance market.


Troy McQaugge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. Before joining USHEALTH Group, Troy McQaugge has worked for several other firms. His career began in 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance. He later moved to UICI/Health Market in 1995 before joining USHEALTH Group in 2010. Troy has over 30 years of experience in the health insurance sales where he has spent a bigger part of his career. He is highly experienced in health insurance, leadership and term life insurance.

Dr Jim Tananbaum, a Force to Reckon With

Jim Tananbaum is a healthcare guru having been in the industry for more than 25 years. He is currently the chief executive officer and the founder of Foresite Capital that was founded in the year 2011 and is based in San Francisco. Foresite Capital comes in handy to many upcoming healthcare leaders by providing growth capital, both public and private entities. The company has $ 1.1 billion dollars in form of assets. This year (2017), Jim Tananbaum has been listed by the Forbes magazine in the Midas list as one of the 100 best tech venture investors for the third year in a row. The Midas list strives to recognize venture capitalists who go out of their way to create remarkable and extraordinary service for their entrepreneurs. He is an alumnus of Yale University, Harvard University and MIT. Visit Peloton Therapeutics for more details.

Dr. Jim has sat in many advisory boards in various universities. He is a founder of many healthcare firms and has subsequently presided over managerial positions in the firms. Dr Jim Tananbaum was a cofounder of GelTex pharmaceuticals that was later sold for $ 1.6 billion. GelTex pharmaceuticals has been credited for having brought useful drugs to the market. Currently, the drugs inject a total revenue of $ 1 billion. Notably, Jim has taken over board duties and advisory roles in many firms like Jazz pharmaceuticals, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Tarsa Therapeutics and Ameri group. He has been paramount to the success of these ventures.

Dr. Tananbaum spends quality time and finances trying to study the market trends and the companies he has invested in, thus making him a good role model to many investors out there. It is worth noting that Dr Jim Tananbaum has been the brain behind the formation of various franchises in the vast healthcare sector in the last 25 years. His zeal has enabled his growth through these years.

Notably, Dr Jim is a fan of contemporary art. His entrepreneurial skills is something to write home about, and many upcoming healthcare leaders should emulate Dr Jim Tananbaum and desire to make a change in the world.

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