How Preston Smith Did So Well with What’s Become Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in Redwood City, California, in 2007 with help from business partner and fellow educator John Danner. The pair has wanted to please children from families with low incomes since Smith started teaching in poor areas of San Jose in 2001.

Mr. Smith knew he wanted to help Hispanic children living in San Jose alongside him, so he went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study their culture. He immediately traveled to San Jose to enroll his help in bringing top-notch educational facilities to deserving communities around the world.

Parents should tell their children that they are very proud of Rocketship Education becoming such a large network of public schools, rather than underperforming like many of those that have to adhere to the rules of local boards of school directors.

Teachers are evaluated with their inputs in mind, as they often take care of panel interviews that allow parents to see candidates up close and in person, rather than being handed down decisions from administrators that don’t value the opinions of each and every parent.

Some parents and educators, like Preston Smith, found charter schools with the help of concerned neighbors, friends, and peers.

Culturally responsible schools typically experience more success using a number of metrics. Students whose teachers are not of the same background as themselves are likely to block out things that teachers say and not value their opinion as much as others’.

Rocketship Education was founded with the vision of bringing quality educations to everyone, even if they were unfairly born to high-poverty areas that their parents are a part of.

Rocketship Education is consistently known as a leader in innovation in the world of education. Preston Smith often shared things about teaching, including lessons for educators, that he feels others should benefit from, hoping to better education even if they improve only by the smallest margins.